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Meditation Quest


Meditation Quest focuses on learning meditation techniques and establishing a meditation rhythm that contributes to spiritual living and the development of the right use of the mind for expression of the Soul. The sub-pages in this tab provide  information about Meditation Quest –  course overview,  description of meditations and study materials, and course requirements.




 In Tibet, there is a type of structure called a ‘Gompa’– a combination spiritual study center and meditation hall that can be found in almost every lamasery.

Meditation Quest Overview (English)

Meditation Quest Description (English)

Meditation Quest Requirements (English)

Video/Audio Meditation Quest Meditations

18 MQ Meditations for download

Video/Audio New Moon/Full Moon Meditations

Full Moons for download

Meditation Quest (other languages)

Khóa Thiền Cơ Bản

Busca Meditativa

La quete spirituelle par la meditation

Búsqueda por Medio de la Meditación


Our other streams of education

Great Quest is our intermediate program 

Great Quest Overview (English)

Great Quest Description (English)

Great Quest Requirements (English)

Great Quest (other languages)

Khóa Great Quest

We also offer Great Quest in Portuguese and French, but students take Meditation Quest first.

Quest Universal, the most advanced program

Quest Universal Overview (English)

Quest Universal Description (English)

Quest Universal Requirements (English)

We offer some Quest Universal programs in Vietnamese, but students enter this program by first taking Meditation Quest and Great Quest.