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The Ageless Wisdom


Our spiritual heritage and our principal source of spiritual teachings are the comprehensive writings given by the Tibetan Master, [gs Djwhal Khul], through his amanuensis [gs Alice Bailey].  The Morya Federation offers an expansive curriculum of [gs Meditation], Study and [gs Service] suggested by the Tibetan Master in His book, Letters on Occult Meditation in the section entitled Future Schools of Meditation.

In general, the body of teachings that constitute the foundation for the Morya Federation Curriculum is known as The Ageless Wisdom.

The Ageless Wisdom refers to certain ancient (in fact, ageless) Teachings regarding the nature of our cosmos, how it emanated from an energetic Unity known as the “One Life”, the laws by which it operates, and humanity’s evolutionary role in planetary, solar-systemic and cosmic evolution.

Sensing the pressing opportunity arising at this critical period in the history of humanity, a number of experienced students of the [gs Trans-Himalayan Wisdom] have combined forces, creating the Morya Federation. It offers sincere and self-disciplining students of the Ageless Wisdom the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Master [gs Djwhal Khul]’s voluminous writings and to relate them to the great works of other spiritually inspired authors such as [gs Helena Blavatsky] (HPB), author of The Secret Doctrine; Helena Roerich, amanuensis for the Agni Yoga Books inspired by Master [gs Morya], and, other significant authors in the field of philosophical [gs esotericism].



Besides Master Djwhal Khul, there are two Masters whose teachings are also fundamental to the Ageless Wisdom; they are Masters Morya and [gs Koot Humi].   The Morya Federation owes its name to Master Morya, who is the “Head of all Esoteric Schools”.


What is an Esoteric School?

The words esoteric and occult signify ” that which is hidden “; they indicate that which lies behind the outer seeming revealed by the senses and point to the causes behind appearances and effects; they are concerned with the subtle world of energies and forces which all outer forms veil and hide.

Esoteric education is focused upon enabling individuals to shift their consciousness out of the tangible world of daily living into the energy fields of the subtle worlds and to sense that which lies behind them – the [gs soul] in its own world, and, even more significantly, the [gs Spirit] (or Monad) of the human being in a still higher dimension. Thus, our focus is upon the spiritual essence of the human being and how that essence may be expressed positively and redemptively in the familiar worlds of the human personality—the so-called “three lower worlds:”

As an esoteric school, the Morya Federation facilitates the study of the Ageless Wisdom; it incorporates [gs meditation] as a key spiritual practice to develop the intuition and to establish a connection with our soul and with still higher spiritual dimensions. Further, the Morya Federation encourages practical application of the gained esoteric knowledge and intuitive realizations in service to humanity and to the other kingdoms of nature.

At the heart of the Ageless Wisdom are Ten Propositions.  They extend the short definition above by describing the core tenets of spiritual esotericism and give us a glimpse of its depth and breath.


Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith

The Ten Propositions

There are ten fundamental propositions upon which the Ageless Wisdom teaching is founded.

One: There is one Life, which expresses Itself primarily through seven basic qualities or aspects, and secondarily through the myriad diversity of forms.

Two:  These seven radiant qualities are the seven Rays, the seven Lives, Who give Their life to the forms, and give the form world its meaning, its laws, and its urge to evolution.

Three: Life, quality and appearance, or spirit, soul and body constitute all that exists. They are existence itself, with its capacity for growth, for activity, for manifestation of beauty, and for full conformity to the Plan. This Plan is rooted in the consciousness of the seven ray Lives.

Four: These seven Lives, Whose nature is consciousness and Whose expression is sentiency and specific quality, produce cyclically the manifested world; They work together in the closest union and harmony, and cooperate intelligently with the Plan of which They are the custodians. They are the seven Builders, Who produce the radiant temple of the Lord, under the guidance of the Mind of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Five: Each ray Life is predominantly expressing Itself through one of the seven sacred planets, but the life of all the seven flows through every planet, including the Earth, and thus qualifies every form. On each planet is a small replica of the general scheme, and every planet conforms to the intent and purpose of the whole.

Six: Humanity … is an expression of the life of God, and every human being has come forth along one line or other of the seven ray forces. The nature of his soul is qualified or determined by the ray Life which breathed him forth, and his form nature is coloured by the ray Life which – in its cyclic appearance on the physical plane at any particular time – sets the quality of the race life and of the forms in the kingdoms of nature.

Seven: The Monad is the Life, lived in unison with the seven ray Lives. One Monad, seven rays and myriads of forms – this is the structure behind the manifested worlds.

The Laws which govern the emergence of the quality or soul, through the medium of forms, are simply the mental purpose and life direction of the ray Lords, Whose purpose is immutable, Whose vision is perfect, and Whose justice is supreme.

The mode or method of development for humanity is self-expression and self-realization. When this process is consummated the self expressed is the One Self or the ray Life, and the realization achieved is the revelation of God as the quality of the manifested world and as the Life behind appearance and quality. The seven ray Lives, or the seven soul types, are seen as the expression of one Life, and diversity is lost in the vision of the One and in identification with the One.

The method employed to bring about this realization is experience, beginning with individualization and ending with initiation, thus producing the perfect blending and expression of life-quality-appearance.

This is a brief statement of the Plan. Of this the Hierarchy of Masters is the custodian, and with Them lies the responsibility of carrying out the next stage of that Plan.


"Master DK" by Francis Donald
“Master DK” by Francis Donald



A Message from Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Master

As we trace our spiritual heritage from the Great Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, we realize how unique it is. However, it is up to the readers of these Teachings, which includes our students, to determine the veracity of the Ageless Wisdom and its applicability to current world problems.  We make no claims.  Each individual must personally determine whether the Ageless Wisdom contains the Light, Love and Spiritual Power they are seeking for their spiritual fulfillment.

To illustrate this most important point, here is a letter from the Tibetan (Master Djwhal Khul), published as a preface to the Alice A. Bailey books.  You will find here a most lucid description of the attitude we must adopt vis-à-vis His Teachings:

From the Tibetan Teacher:

Suffice it to say, that I am a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, and this tells you but little, for all are disciples from the humblest aspirant up to, and beyond, the Christ Himself. I live in a physical body like other men, on the borders of Tibet, and at times (from the exoteric standpoint) preside over a large group of Tibetan lamas, when my other duties permit. It is this fact that has caused it to be reported that I am an abbot of this particular lamasery. Those associated with me in the work of the Hierarchy (and all true disciples are associated in this work) know me by still another name and office. A.A.B. knows who I am and recognises me by two of my names.

I am a brother of yours, who has travelled a little longer upon the Path than has the average student, and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost. I am not an old man, as age counts among the teachers, yet I am not young or inexperienced. My work is to teach and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever I can find a response, and I have been doing this for many years. I seek also to help the Master M. and the Master K.H. whenever opportunity offers, for I have been long connected with Them and with Their work. In all the above, I have told you much; yet at the same time I have told you nothing which would lead you to offer me that blind obedience and the foolish devotion which the emotional aspirant offers to the Guru and Master Whom he is as yet unable to contact. Nor will he make that desired contact until he has transmuted emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanity—not to the Master.

The books that I have written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. They may, or may not, be correct, true and useful. It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by the exercise of the intuition. Neither I nor A.A.B. is the least interested in having them acclaimed as inspired writings, or in having anyone speak of them (with bated breath) as being the work of one of the Masters. If they present truth in such a way that it follows sequentially upon that already offered in the world teachings, if the information given raises the aspiration and the will-to-serve from the plane of the emotions to that of the mind (the plane whereon the Masters can be found) then they will have served their purpose. If the teaching conveyed calls forth a response from the illumined mind of the worker in the world, and brings a flashing forth of his intuition, then let that teaching be accepted. But not otherwise. If the statements meet with eventual corroboration, or are deemed true under the test of the Law of Correspondences, then that is well and good. But should this not be so, let not the student accept what is said.