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Michael Robbins
Michael Robbins


Invitation from Michael Robbins, Founder of the Morya Federation, at the time of its inauguration.






Dear Students of the and Servers of Humanity,

It is with great joy and a sense of keen spiritual expectation that we inform you of the Morya Federation of Schools of Meditation. Morya Federation is an international, Internet-based esoteric school.

The Federation’s main course of study is the comprehensive curriculum given by the Tibetan Master, , in a chapter on the Future Schools, in His book, Letters on Occult Meditation. He predicts the future appearance of fourteen schools of (seven preparatory and seven advanced schools) in certain specific countries. These schools will offer humanity a notable portion of the illumination which is seeking to bestow during the . While these schools of meditation cannot yet be established precisely according to Master DK’s lofty standards and specifications, a significant beginning can be made in the attempt to approach the program of meditation He suggests.

It is clear to those who ponder what the has said in Letters on Occult Meditation that in such future schools, not only must meditation be deep, skillful and prolonged, but study must be profound, and to humanity expressed wisely and with a loving-heart. Thus, are the three aspects of divinity expressed in the ideal school program.

Sensing the pressing opportunity arising at this critical period in the history of humanity, a number of experienced students of the have combined forces, creating the Morya Federation to offer sincere and self-disciplining students of the Ageless Wisdom the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Master DK’s voluminous writings and to relate them to the great works of other theosophically inspired authors such as (HPB), author of The Secret Doctrine; Helena Roerich, amanuensis for the Agni Yoga Books inspired by Master , and, other significant authors in the field of philosophical esotericism. As well, we welcome newer students who may not have a background in this line of teaching but who are drawn to a synthetic program of esoteric study and meditation. The goal—to help create soul-illumined servers of humanity—servers inspired by love, will and spiritual intelligence.


The Morya Federation and Emerging Esoteric Colleges and Academies

The keynotes of the Morya Federation are depth, comprehensiveness and synthesis (both in meditation and study) and our practical emphasis is upon service to our fellow human beings. The Morya Federation is called a “Federation”, because a number of emerging and existent esoteric schools and colleges are affiliated with it, and it with them. Among these, the Christ College of Himalayan Wisdom in New Zealand; the Northern Light Mystery School in Finland; the DK Academy of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom (growing out of the DK College and serving students in Northern and Central Europe); the KH-College-UK, to emerge in Great Britain; the KH-College-Americas to emerge in North and South America and Canada; and the KH-College-Australia.


Master Morya as the Head of All Esoteric Schools and Organizations

The time for the development of these esoteric seed-schools (bridging towards the full expression of the destined preparatory and advanced schools) is now at hand. The inauguration of the Morya Federation represents an international, spiritual impulsion meant to feed, inspire and promote emerging regional esoteric schools. Eventually, there will be fourteen schools in all. Master Morya is the Head of all esoteric schools and organizations and is the Chohan in Who is responsible for gradually bringing the Light of the One Fundamental School of Occultism to humanity—as humanity is able to assimilate that liberated Light (the Light of “unfettered enlightenment”).


Beginning the Morya Federation Program at the December Solstice.

The Morya Federation opens its doors to students at the December Solstice. At the Winter Solstice in the North, the Sun is always in zero degrees of Capricorn.


Demanding Work Is Necessary for Group Approach to the Inner Ashram

The school work will necessarily be demanding (but will have its spiritual compensations). As Master DK tells us with characteristic understatement: “The of Discipleship is not an easy one but its compensations are adequate”. There really can be no escape from a strenuous program—but, hopefully, a joyful one! The Morya Federation is, minimally, a school for training. It is not a school for those who seek to avoid the hard work of training the to become an instrument of the . Such well-meaning people, the enthusiastic but inconstant aspirants of the world, are emotionally focussed and too dependent on how they ‘feel’, thus guaranteeing instability. In fact, the true future preparatory schools of meditation, which the Morya Federation and affiliated schools seek to anticipate, will be fundamentally for those students who are treading the Path of Probationary Initiation (and later, when the advanced schools are truly established, the Path of Initiation itself—the Path leading to the third degree).

It is not possible to offer this type of advanced training until a Master stands behind every such school, but progress can now be made in training students to be ready to enter such schools when they appear—whether that entry occurs in this incarnation or, even more likely, in the next and succeeding ones. The true esoteric schools supervised by Hierarchy will not be “built in a day”, but neither were the great universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford or Cambridge. One day, these hierarchically-sanctioned esoteric schools will rival and surpass their more conventional counterparts.


The Duration and Rhythm of the Morya Federation Curriculum

The Morya Federation Curriculum, will attempt to approximate the curriculum presented by Master DK in Letter on Occult Meditation. Most of the wide range of subjects there detailed (LOM 325-331) will each find place over the intended five-year period of study. While the archetypal model of the school is structured as a five year program, some students (equipped with more extensive experience and the will to push forward) may complete the program in less time while some may prefer to take longer—perhaps up to ten years if that much time is required for the necessary absorption and expression of light, love and spiritual will. Advancement occurs through the fulfillment of meditative, academic and service requirements along with evidence of a subtle improvement in the quality of consciousness. While Morya Federation works from a fixed schedule based upon the natural rhythms and cycles, there is also room for individual flexibility and self-pacing.


Working Under the Spirit of Synthesis

The spirit of synthesis animates all we do in the Morya Federation and students will be expected to study a number of diverse courses simultaneously. This will feed the gathering sense of wholeness and interrelatedness leading, eventually, to the development of “pure reason”, the true intuition. Our approach will not, however, be entirely simultaneous, nor entirely linear. A mixture of Saturnian and Uranian virtues will be sought—sequential activity within a field of perceived simultaneity. Though the program will be challenging, you need not fear being overburdened. You can be assured that the Faculty and Mentors (those who work more closely with you spiritually and psychologically) will be on the look-out for any difficulties you may be experiencing and will always be ready to offer you a helping hand.


The Duration of Courses and the Rhythm of Work

Longer courses will last six months and shorter ones, two months. Just as Master DK recommended, the first six months, from the December Solstice to the June Solstice, will be a vigorous approach to the accumulation of new knowledge. We call this the “Light Half of the Year” or the LHY. (We realize that for those in the Southern Hemisphere it is reversed, but the Trans-Himalayan Esoteric Tradition designates the North Pole as allied to the head center of the “planetary atom”. This is significant. We follow the northern rhythm because the One Fundamental School of Occultism in Shamballa from which this Teaching emanates, is intimately related to the planetary head center.)

During the DHY (“Dark Half of the Year”, from the June Solstice to the December Solstice), all knowledge that has been accumulated during the LHY is systematized, perfected and assimilated so that the students’ creativity may be released through the production of books, essays, articles and through a variety of other creative or artistic modalities expressive of the knowledge absorbed. There are many ways to express assimilated knowledge and the Morya Federation Faculty encourages not only the traditional written forms of expression but artistic, ceremonial and other creative forms as well.


Following in the Footsteps of the Masters:


A Step Forward for the Group

Compared to our own spiritual achievement, the achievement of the Masters is very great. Yet, even They, had to begin somewhere. They, too, were subject to the same limitations which we now experience, yet they emerged into the full flower of Their spiritual potential—and this They did through great labor! No one ever became a Master by “meandering feebly down the years”, protecting the right to personality-leisure and, thus, guaranteeing futility. The God of Opportunity is none other than Saturn, and we all know what this Great Deity brings—hard labor as the root cause of noteworthy achievement. So, if we wish one day to be like the Masters of the Wisdom, we have to study as They have studied, meditate as They have meditated and, above all, serve as They have served. The opportunity is here for a significant step forward as a group. Hopefully, those who feel the magnetic ‘call’ will rise to the challenge. As Master Morya has repeatedly stated: “It is a joy to do the Master’s Work!”


Reaffirming the Goal

In all simplicity, the goal of all this meditation and study is to produce the esoterically well-rounded, server of humanity possessed of an illumined mind and a loving heart and animated by an undeflectable spiritual will—to become an individual who can skillfully apply all he or she has learnt to the upliftment of the human race.


Entry into the Morya Federation School of Meditation


The Application and Initial Requirements

Entry into the school is only possible for those who have meditatively, thoughtfully and satisfactorily completed an extensive, soul-searching Application. At the beginning of every worthy spiritual enterprise, a period of deep reflection about the road ahead is required, and the Application we have prepared will offer this opportunity, if prospective student members of the Federation approach it in the right spirit.

The Application is long and thorough. It must be if it is to offer you, as a potential applicant, the opportunity to reflect deeply upon many important aspects of your psychological and spiritual life. The Application (and an in-person or telephone interview, when possible) is the MF Faculty’s way of assessing whether you are ready for the training program. If you are not ready at first, your responses to the Application will suggest what additional preparatory work might be recommended. So, if you follow through and request an Application, face it optimistically in the light, love and strength of your own soul. Filling out the Application is the first test of the spiritual hardiness and fiery aspiration which a true Candidate for the Mysteries must display when knocking at the Door of the Temple.

After careful consideration of this introductory letter, if you feel drawn or ‘called’ to become a student in the synthetic program offered, please download and complete the application. Once you have submitted your Application, it will be carefully considered by the Admissions Committee; an in-person, telephone or Skype interview will be arranged if possible; and you will receive notification concerning your admission about two weeks after your Application has been received.


What You May Do

Please consider the contents of this letter carefully. Meditate upon it. Think imaginatively and yet realistically of your life-purpose and of your present circumstances, and then decide whether you (in the company of other spiritually-minded Brothers and Sisters) would like to take a step closer to the center of your own life through deep, comprehensive, synthetic esoteric meditation and study expressed in definite service. If this is the case, please email us to receive the Morya Federation Application and get ready to go through a demanding yet, almost certainly, illuminating meditative and reflective process. As you fill out your Application, you will be thinking in depth about your life-as-lived in this incarnation (and perhaps in former incarnations). You will be looking back and, more importantly, looking forward to the fulfillment of your higher spiritual possibilities. You will be making an important spiritual decision, and some of you will move forward towards definite commitment (which will require a self-devised oath to your own soul, the Master and the Hierarchy that you will persist in the program of meditation, study and service you have undertaken—except for illness or true incapacity).


Not for the Faint of Heart

This approach to , spiritual occultism is not for the spiritually faint of heart. We are reminded of the advertisement put forth by the intrepid explorer Ernest Shackleton as he attempted to gather adventurers for his Antarctic expedition:

As you read the following, think in esoteric terms and also realize that (as regards esoteric groups in today’s world) the majority of students are women rather than men, for it is women, says Master Morya, who are bringing in the New Age.

“Men Wanted: For hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.”

There is something inspiring about Shackleton’s call, is there not? It does not speak to our often timid personality but rather to our , to that part of ourselves which can never fail.

Friends of the Ageless Wisdom and Humanity, we look forward to hearing from you. We are on the verge of a purposeful experiment—the attempt to approach the as a group even as we approach humanity in service—again, as a group. We do not know what the future will hold, even those of us who have spent most of our life studying astrology! We only know, humanity is in a crisis situation and needs all the spiritual help it can get.

The Avatar, the World Teacher, the , is on His way. His descent will break down all the bad old ways, and many old forms will be destroyed. With the need for intelligent and cooperative acceptance by humanity of that descent, we must help, That long-awaited and blessed descent will summon evil from its lairs. “Perfection calls imperfection to the surface.” During this trying time, humanity will need to be guided by strong hands in the dark—the hands of servers who are carrying the Light, who know the meaning of liberating destruction and that “joy commeth in the morning”.

You may wonder whether you are equal to the task or whether you really desire to make such an effort to approach the Great Light. At such a time, one must meditatively find the Inner Sage, the One Who is already Wise and Who seeks expression through the personality of humanity and through the personality of every one of us. We are far stronger than we know, and far more capable than we realize outwardly. The joy of achievement belongs to those who dare to do what they did not think they could do, and persist until they succeed.

The ‘liberated Light’, the “unfettered Enlightenment” of the One Fundamental School of Occultism in Shamballa is seeking ways to descend in order to illumine the benighted consciousness of the human race. Schools are needed, light-bearing disciples are needed, vessels for the Greatest Light are needed. See then, if your heart and mind respond to this ‘Call for Light’ and see if your will is of sufficient strength to hold you steady as you persist in the labor required of those who would penetrate into the Light of Hierarchy and yet, because of their love of humanity, revolve upon the pedestal of light, determined to serve.

“He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world of men; he passes on the lighted way to the great Centre of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way.

“He faces towards the dark and then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light, and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them, the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors—twixt the light and dark—blazes the light of Hierarchy.” (DINA I 15)


In Light, Love and Power,

Directors and Faculty of The Morya Federation
 Schools of Esoteric Meditation, Study and Service



The Inner Teaching of Divine Truth as reflected, over millions of years, in the esoteric teachings of many of the world’s greatest religions and philosophical systems.  Since the Ageless Wisdom is by definition truly ageless, a strong argument can be made that it has always existed, and is a reflection of Cosmic Truth.  It holds the truths that are the foundation of all religions and that still  today, are at the heart of humanity’s spiritual evolution.

Esotericism and occultism deal with the unseen side of all that is tangible, with the world of energies that lie behind the phenomenal world; hence the words esoteric or occult, which refer to that which is hidden. Esotericism and occultism present a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the Universe and of man's place within it.

Djwhal Khul has described himself as a Tibetan master who resides as the abbot of a lamasery in Northern India on the border with Tibet.  He has been the source of the teachings brought forth with Alice A. Bailey, whose “blue books” constitute the foundation of the esoteric study offered by the Morya Federation.  His spiritual mission is to teach and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom (the secret teaching which form the ageless divine wisdom), and the Morya Federation is dedicated to furthering this work.

The means of contacting one’s higher consciousness, which is one's soul, and of eventually becoming at-one with it. It is the act of abstracting oneself from the outer world and centering within.  It is a technique whereby we focus the mind so it becomes the receiver and reflector of higher consciousness.  It enables us to receive spiritual impression and thus to contribute to the welfare and upliftment of mankind.

It is the heart center of our planet and the expression of Love-Wisdom. Like any major organization, this center is formed by spiritual beings of various departments and ranks who constitute the inner, spiritual government of the world. Its function is to guide evolutionary processes, including the evolution of mankind. As Custodians of the divine Plan, members of the Hierarchy are responsible for its implementation. It is presided over by the Christ, who is the Master of Masters.

Astrologically we are currently living the Age of Pisces because the spring equinox occurs right now in the astrological sign Pisces, but gradually our sun at the spring equinox is moving towards the sign Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is truly dawning, and humanity will be subjected to those energies and forces which will break down the barriers of separation and which will blend and fuse the consciousness of all men. This unity will be distinctive of a civilization characterized by Brotherhood.

A spiritual being who has taken the fifth initiation and has "mastered" five components of the human constitution – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual love, and spiritual will.  Having mastered themselves and the laws of nature, masters constitute the inner government of our planet and are the Custodians of the divine Plan.  The divine Plan is the blueprint for our spiritual evolution, which Masters formulate and carry out.

Service is motivated by consciousness to give of the self to others.  It is an expression of love, given freely to the family, the group, or humanity in general.  Service is the result of soul impulse, is a technique of group development, and shows our ability to understand and cooperate with the Divine Plan.

The Trans-Himalayan Wisdom is that embodiment of the Universal Ageless Wisdom which finds expression especially in the esoteric fraternities of northern India and Tibet. While it is not limited by the geographical location of some of its foremost historical exponents (Sages and Masters of the Wisdom), it is colored especially by the esoteric traditions of the Veda, Brahmanism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Again, it must be stated that the Trans-Himalayan presentation of the Ageless Wisdom does not contain the entirety of the Ageless Wisdom, but presents that Wisdom in a particularly pure, logical and philosophically coherent form.

In 1875 Helena Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, and William Quan Judge co-founded The Theosophical Society. Blavatsky combined Eastern religious traditions with Western esoteric teachings to create a synthesis she called the Perennial Religion. She developed this in Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888), her major works and exposition of her Theosophy.  Theosophy refers to a system of esoteric philosophy whose goal is to explore the origin of divinity, humanity, the world, and the purpose and origin of the universe. The Morya Federation curriculum explores shared concepts with The Theosophical Society and the books of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

Master Morya is understood to be a Chohan, a 6th degree initiate of Indian Rajput origin and is the head of the spiritual center (Ashram) whose quality is that of Will and Power.  Master Morya is head of esoteric schools hence our name, the Morya Federation.

It is the center where the Will of God is known.  It is the center of Will who’s transmitted Purpose results in the divine Plan that governs the evolution of to all lives within our planet.

The spiritual path is usually separated into three phases: path of aspiration, path of discipleship, path of initiation. These are the paths that each person ultimately travels as he consciously is evolving, from stepping onto the spiritual path through the path of aspiration and discipleship, and leading eventually to being an evolved, radiant and magnetic human being on the path of initiation.

Discipleship denotes a stage of the path of spiritual evolution, where an individual has made a connection with the Soul and who has pledged his life to fostering the spiritual advancement of others.  He takes responsibility to facilitate the emergence of right human relations and Brotherhood, in service of the Plan, which is the blueprint for the evolution and betterment of all lives upon the planet Earth.

The personality is the part of us that people see and the ‘me’ that we most often identify as; it is made up of three fields: the physical, emotional, and mental. These three fields/bodies are working in an aligned, coordinated fashion so that we can think, feel and act effectively in the world. The personality tends to be self-centered, self-willed, self-expressive and has its own agenda for self-aggrandizement.

Our Soul is called by several different names, including the Causal Body and the Egoic Lotus. Soul is our higher self and our goal is to connect with it through meditation and selfless service to others, in order to realize our highest potential as human beings. Our Soul is magnetic and draws/pulls our lower worldly self upwards towards the spiritual, away from the material world. As a center of higher consciousness, it provides a sense of relatedness, inclusiveness, expansion and freedom. It is a center of illumination that uplifts our lower self and leads us upon our spiritual journey.

The term "synthetic" as used in the Morya Federation connotes a synthesis has happened that has created a new, integrated entity that is more than the sum of its parts.  For example, the Personality is a synthetic vehicle that is created by the integration of the  physical, astral, and mental bodies.

Spirit is the spark of our essence, and an extension of the One Life within our being.  It is a spark of the greater Life that has “descended” into the human kingdom in order to experience our world. The three qualities of Spirit are Being, Purpose, and Will.

A spiritual center composed of individuals (initiates and disciples) who are drawn together on soul levels for instruction and group service. At the heart of an ashram is a high degree initiate (a Master), who attracts, instructs and guides its members. There are seven main ashrams, each one being responsible for manifesting its part of the divine Plan.

The name Christ designates both a high office within the group of very spiritually evolved beings who are designated as the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the holder of that august position.  The Christ is the head of this group of spiritual beings who form the center of planetary Love and the inner government of our planet. The Christ is also known as the World Teacher, or the Bodhisattva. He seeks closer contact with Humanity and is destined to reappear in our world and continue the mission he started over 2,000 years ago when he collaborated with Jesus of Nazareth. One of his many goals is to establish a new world religion that embodies the spirit of love, brotherhood and service to humanity, and that encompasses the sacred tenants that underlie all faiths.