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Student Comments


Our students experience their association with the Morya Federation in their own unique way.  We invite you to have a glimpse of this through the eyes of some of our students.


From Ahni Atkins, North Carolina, U.S.A.

As a Morya Quest student I do a monthly course of study and a daily meditation program.  Both have helped me enormously on my spiritual journey.  The program has challenged me to think and has enabled me to grow in a number of ways.  I especially like the webinars on various topics that supplement course materials, deepen my understanding, and enable me to ask questions of people who have studied the material for decades.  The tutors have the utmost integrity and have been supportive and encouraging.  This has made all the difference in the world for me because I have tried to study the material twice in the past, but found it too difficult.  As a seeker of knowledge, I could not have found a better program. 


From a student living in Ohio, U.S.A.

I had been meditating for a number of years, but had reached a point where I had gained what I could from the prior meditation systems, and they were no longer leading me onward.  I knew I needed help with moving further along the path of spiritual unfoldment, and wondered “what is next” for me.  I received an invitation to an online guided group meditation with the Morya Federation; the meditation was extremely powerful and lucid, and I knew that their course of study might be the answer.  I applied, was quickly accepted, and started immediately.  It is everything I needed and far more than I knew I needed.  If you are serious about progressing with your spiritual evolution, the Morya Federation’s course of study may be the next step for you as well.  It is not for those motivated by idle curiosity, it is not for those who want a dogma to follow, and it is not for those who simply wish to see themselves as more spiritual than others.  It is for those earnest seekers of Truth who are willing to see through the illusions and distortions that seem to be reality and to know, first by study and meditation, and eventually and increasingly by direct perception, the underlying Reality.  It is for those who feel drawn to understand the nature of consciousness, and who are willing to follow this search for understanding beyond conventional beliefs.  It is for those willing to see that the self is not the physical body, not the emotions, and not the mind.  Last but not least, the Morya Federation’s course of study is for those who are willing to increasingly live in accord with their expanding realizations, putting into practice what they learn.


From Larry Harrington, Canada

My experience as a student with Morya Federation has been uplifting, challenging, yet ever positive.  It is not a rigid environment for study, learning and sharing.

The ‘‘, as presented, has been a source of confirmation in my inherent sense that we are far more complex and complete than common belief and media speculation would allow us to contemplate.  We are made from the ‘stuff’ of the universe and therefore not limited to a narrow physical existence.

I am approaching the end of my third year of study and have learned more around ‘what’s it all about’ than the previous 30 years.  My limitations, goals and capability are now in clearer view.


From Luka Kovač, Domžale, Slovenia

At first I was reluctant to join the Morya Federation program due to work taking most of my time. However Michael Robbins persuaded me to fill that awfully long and annoying application form, and so I embarked on an adventure I am definitely grateful for.   

Morya Federation Quest Universal curriculum is no child’s play. It is demanding and challenging. If you will want to profit by it and reap all of its fruits, it will take all your inner resources, knowledge, experience and specks of wisdom we all have gathered, and more. But such is the nature of spiritual growth and development. Times are challenging and such are also the requirements for all who are following the calling of their hearts and enter fully upon the of service and wider usefulness. Morya Federation program embraces this fact and spares not its student the depths of esoteric knowledge. It is a place where exploration of oneself is given a new quite dimension. What has inspired me was, that the teaching is presented from a wider angle than just personal spiritual growth and development. The curriculum drives the students to explore their role in a wider sense, as parts of a spiritual , dedicated to and improvement not only of one self, but of his surroundings. This I believe is a quality only a few schools emphasize. 

The other thing that stands out in Morya Federation is the kindness and helpfulness of its staff, not to mention their knowledge and expertise on their respective fields. If you have questions, you will receive an answer. This is a tremendous help for all seekers and students who are endeavoring to tread this path. Students of the Morya Federation are able to lean upon the experience and knowledge of a group of dedicated servers. Again not many places exist where you can find such easy access to profound knowledge. 

I have been a student of Morya Federation for a year and if there exists a prototype of a future school of esoteric learning, Morya Federation comes close to it. It was and remains a pleasure to attend it, it has given me much. Perhaps the most important about the school is the fact that it is evolving. It is like an organism, steadily improving itself to better serve its purpose. I can only warmly invite you to join us so we can thrive, explore and serve together.


From Ray, United Kingdom

I have been a student with the Morya Federation for some two years now and have found the experience to be one of growth through meditation and application of the various study papers.

Soul growth and enlightenment of the ways that the soul helps one to live their life aright is most important in a spiritual student’s quest for wisdom, the direction that the Path takes that we have to follow, and most importantly, the service we offer to our underprivileged brother: these are the precepts of the Morya Federation and they help us and advise us by pointing the way and offering us unmitigating service to us and thereby to humanity.

There are opportunities to get involved in Webinars in real time that help and assist one’s learning process and to ask questions of the facilitators.

The monthly full moon meditation is an important occasion whereby groups of students and faculty take part together in a webinar at the most propitious time for better contact with the higher realms.

The opportunity for soul growth is great and here one can find that progress is attained with the help and assistance of the Federation through the guidance they offer. If you are a seeker after Truth and are willing to work hard at perfecting your own , then you will find that movement along the Path is secured.


From Lam Kiet, Vietnam

I have been a member of the for nearly forty years. I read a lot of books by Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater, Geoffrey Hodson and many other authors on Theosophy. And one day I discovered the books Initiation: Human and Solar, Letters on Occult Meditation, and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice A. Bailey. These books are truly revelatory and my intuition told me that they really are truth. I plunged into reading these books, but except for Initiation: Human and Solar and Letters on Occult Meditation, I really comprehended very little of the Cosmic Fire. Understanding these books is in truth a challenge to me. Until one day, I found the website www.makara.us with many writings, compilations, and commentaries of Michael D. Robbins. They are very valuable and unique—at that time, and perhaps even now—in helping students of the have a clear understanding of them. Then I enrolled in the Morya Federation Esoteric School of Meditation. This school is really an online, international . Here, we students from all over the World get much assistance from the advisors and mentors of the School, those who are ready to help us in studying, meditating, and servicing in brotherhood. May the School grow and help bring Light to others all around the World!


From a student from sub-Saharan Africa  

IF you are reading these statements it may be because you are at a stage in your life where you would welcome changes.   IF that is all you want Morya may not be able to help you as much as you may have expected.  IF you also want to try and remove the veil which prevent your spark or flame from shining brighter so that it can further illuminate others, you will be surrounded by teachers, friends, brothers, mentors who will support you all along your journey. Well, if you can make enough space within and without your life to honor the commitment you plan to take, then a joyful spirit is all you need. Do not be discouraged by all the conditional IFs; the courses being in English, a working command of this language  is the only point where you cannot just pretend to do ‘as if’ it were fine.(‘As if’ is a technique of spiritual development where one is require to act as if s/he had acquired a particular skill although it is not yet the case).


From Tania Belfort, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

I initiated my private quest to understand life, mind, and mission many years ago as a Theosophist.  Prior to this I had spent many years studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism.  One of my dreams, however, was to be able to comprehend the Blue Books and expand my level of consciousness and increase my awareness of the . To pursue such a high and complex path of occultism, one needs the orientation of mentors and other students studying the same material, and this is what I found entering the Morya Federation. The curriculum revealed the challenges I would have to face but as I trod the path I encountered many rewards and revelations which motivated me to proceed with the required study, meditation periods and also the service.

Another great concern of my soul was to unite the Eastern and Western traditions and I found an opportunity to do so with Master D.K. and the Alice Bailey teachings.  What seemed to be such a demanding endeavor was quickly compensated with the compassionate and kind orientation of the faculty, who shared with me each step of the various modules, guaranteeing correct understanding and enriching the teachings with their understanding of D.K.’s Dharma as well as with their wisdom.  I began to experience Peace as I developed a comprehension of esoteric astrology, revealing my soul’s purpose and what was expected of me in this present life. As more questions were answered for me, I dedicated more time towards the upgrade of the consciousness of all humanity, providing me excellent opportunities to participate in group level meditations and service.  Following my colleagues’ progress and the teachers’ replies through interactions with the campus activities also became a joyful daily activity.

I am approaching the end of my fourth year with the conviction that I belong to a very special spiritual family. What else to say but to express my heart full of love, gratitude and devotion to the Morya Federation.



The spiritual teachings underlying the esoteric education programs of the Morya Federation originate in books written by Alice A. Bailey  (1880-1949).  She was a prolific writer, working under the inspiration of the Tibetan Master, also known as Djwhal Khul, who lived in Tibet and with whom she sustained a telepathic relationship for thirty years, and during which time they wrote eighteen “blue books” together.

Esotericism and occultism deal with the unseen side of all that is tangible, with the world of energies that lie behind the phenomenal world; hence the words esoteric or occult, which refer to that which is hidden. Esotericism and occultism present a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the Universe and of man's place within it.

The Inner Teaching of Divine Truth as reflected, over millions of years, in the esoteric teachings of many of the world’s greatest religions and philosophical systems.  Since the Ageless Wisdom is by definition truly ageless, a strong argument can be made that it has always existed, and is a reflection of Cosmic Truth.  It holds the truths that are the foundation of all religions and that still  today, are at the heart of humanity’s spiritual evolution.

The spiritual path is usually separated into three phases: path of aspiration, path of discipleship, path of initiation. These are the paths that each person ultimately travels as he consciously is evolving, from stepping onto the spiritual path through the path of aspiration and discipleship, and leading eventually to being an evolved, radiant and magnetic human being on the path of initiation.

The term "synthetic" as used in the Morya Federation connotes a synthesis has happened that has created a new, integrated entity that is more than the sum of its parts.  For example, the Personality is a synthetic vehicle that is created by the integration of the  physical, astral, and mental bodies.

A genderless term that refers to that very close bonding that occurs between people who share the same thought or philosophy. In esoteric text, it refers to a soul-to-soul relationship formed between those who serve the Plan and whose relationship is based on inclusive love and trust.

Service is motivated by consciousness to give of the self to others.  It is an expression of love, given freely to the family, the group, or humanity in general.  Service is the result of soul impulse, is a technique of group development, and shows our ability to understand and cooperate with the Divine Plan.

The personality is the part of us that people see and the ‘me’ that we most often identify as; it is made up of three fields: the physical, emotional, and mental. These three fields/bodies are working in an aligned, coordinated fashion so that we can think, feel and act effectively in the world. The personality tends to be self-centered, self-willed, self-expressive and has its own agenda for self-aggrandizement.

Theosophy refers to a system of esoteric philosophy whose goal is to explore the origin of divinity, humanity, the world, and the purpose and origin of the universe. A central teaching of Theosophy is the existence of a universal community of advanced spiritual beings throughout the world, an integrated ‘planetary spiritual lineage’, who work together for world enlightenment. In 1875 Helena Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, and William Quan Judge co-founded The Theosophical Society. The Morya Federation curriculum explores shared concepts with The Theosophical Society and the books of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

The "blue books" are a series of books written by Alice A. Bailey and published by Lucis Trust, and are the spiritual teachings underlying the esoteric education programs of the Morya Federation.   Alice Bailey was a prolific writer, working under the inspiration of the Tibetan Master, also known as Djwhal Khul, and they wrote eighteen “blue books” together;  she wrote several more on her own.

A spiritual center composed of individuals (initiates and disciples) who are drawn together on soul levels for instruction and group service. At the heart of an ashram is a high degree initiate (a Master), who attracts, instructs and guides its members. There are seven main ashrams, each one being responsible for manifesting its part of the divine Plan.

A microcosm is a small universe, like a human being. It is usually contrasted with a macrocosm, a large body of manifestation, like a universe, in which the microcosms live. It presents the small picture (the microcosm) and the big picture (the macrocosm).