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Our Founder’s Message

Michael Robbins
Michael Robbins





Dear Friends of the [gs Ageless Wisdom] and of Humanity,


A warm welcome to you, as you explore the Morya Federation Website! I would like to share a few ideas which inspire me. I will get right to the point by offering my individual perspective on the “Great Work” and the momentous times through which we are now living.

Two great processes are now occurring on our planet. The [gs Spiritual Hierarchy] of our planet is in process of externalizing after millions of years of working behind the scenes for the upliftment of humanity. Even more important, the Great Lord, known in the West as the [gs Christ], and in the East as the Lord Maitreya, Krishna and the Bodhisattva, is in process of reappearing. He has never really left humanity since His appearance in the Holy Land some two thousand years ago, but He now intends to emerge, once again, into visibility. As the prophecy says, “every eye shall see Him”. These two processes will make possible the redemption and salvation of humanity and the initiation of our planet, Earth, (so that it becomes a sacred planet).

The Ageless Wisdom does exist, and this Teaching (especially at this time) is meant to help intelligent, spiritually oriented individuals and groups to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Christ in the Externalization and Reappearance processes. Humanity simply must learn about what is really happening—so few know,  understand or care. However, those who are deeply versed in the Ageless Wisdom Teaching can carry the word of these deeply significant spiritual happenings to all who can be reached, so that they, too, can cooperate with the Hierarchy and the Christ at this unique time of planetary history—a  time of great opportunity (and yet of great peril) to the human race.

The Morya Federation (the name of which is inspired by the name of Master Morya—who is the Head of all esoteric schools and organizations), and which promotes especially the Teachings of the Masters [gs Djwhal Khul] (DK), [gs Koot Humi] (KH) and Master [gs Morya] (M), offers a deep and comprehensive education in the Ageless Wisdom. Our approach is based upon the foundational triangle of Meditation, Study and Service: meditation to contact and absorb high spiritual energies; study to ensure that the mind deeply understands the principles of the Ageless Wisdom and its modes of application to the evolution of humanity and the planet; and selfless service so that all that is contacted and learned may be practically applied for the benefit of the human race and the welfare of all kingdoms of nature on our planet.

To meditate upon the Ageless Wisdom; to study the Ageless Wisdom and to apply all that is learned about the Ageless Wisdom in service to our fellow human beings—this is the great opportunity which is being offered to humanity at this time, and in this process the Morya Federation (in affiliation with all true spiritual/esoteric schools at work in the world) now seeks to cooperate. Those who join our educational process (for one, two, three, four, five, seven, or, perhaps, even fourteen years) are engaging in a Great Quest for Universal Understanding. The Morya Federation Curriculum will call for all we have of intelligence, spiritual love and spiritual will; it will not be easy and is not intended to be easy—but no significant accomplishments emerge from the path of ease. Master Morya, in His wonderful Agni Yoga Teachings has promised us all the joy of “endless labor”!

The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet (representing the God of our planet—the Planetary Logos) is drawing ever-closer to humanity—bringing its great Light, its eternal Love and its peaceful, silent Will. The Christ is returning (really, reappearing) to fulfill His Mission as World Teacher in the [gs Age of Aquarius]. He will need, as willing co-operators, those who understand. He will need those who are willing to put first things first and assist him in uplifting a humanity which, in many respects, has gone astray through materialistic living. He will need those who are willing to sacrifice all the spiritual ‘treasures’ they have accumulated over many lives or incarnations, for the sake of redeeming the human race. He will need you—if you can respond to the Vision which He presents—a Vision leading to an enlightened humanity, filled will spiritual love and spiritual power; a Vision of a planet which will become a sacred, lighted sphere within the life-expression of our Solar Logos—the God of our solar system.

Please take a good look at the information you will find on this Morya Federation Website.  In particular, become familiar with the descriptions and requirements of our three esoteric study programs, so you may determine which one is best suited to your interests and needs.  Think carefully about the opportunity presented to you and calling upon you to develop your fullest spiritual potential.  Should you wish to become a student of the Morya Federation, you can download the application forms located in the “Applications” tab in the top menu.

We do live at a unique time of human history—a time foreseen for millions of years, ever since the establishment of the Spiritual Hierarchy on our planet – according to the Ageless Wisdom, some eighteen and half millions years ago. That which was foreseen, with its amazing potentials and dangers, is happening now, and you can become a conscious part of this process—if you will, and if your aspiration for illumination, loving expression and selfless service is sufficiently strong.

We hope that you will choose to join the students and faculty of the Morya Federation on the Spiritual Path, which leads from the Path of Aspiration, to the Path of Discipleship and eventually to the Path of Initiation. We tread these Paths so that we may cooperate more fully with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and with the Great Lord, the Christ, Who is the World Saviour—for all human beings and not just for those of any particular religion.

Friends—perhaps some of the terms I have used, as I describe a few key ideas that inspire me, may be new to you. I speak in the language of the Ageless Wisdom Tradition with which you will become deeply familiar as you pursue the Path to the Great Illumination. Just venture further into our Morya Federation Website and you will learn all about our many offerings, beginning with clear, foundational introductions to the Ageless Wisdom and progressing, eventually, to the profundities of this Ancient Universal Teaching which will demand of you, if you persistently move forward, a high level of spiritual responsibility and commitment.

Please think carefully; assess your opportunity; and decide whether this is the time for you to forge ahead spiritually, so that you may develop the full powers of your soul and Spirit. That is what you are—a soul and Spirit. Is it not time to live the life of soul and Spirit consciously? Seize the day!

In Light, Love and Power,

Michael Robbins, Ph.D., Ph.D.E.

Director: Morya Federation

President: University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute