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The Morya Federation is a school of whose central meeting place is an Internet Campus. Campus is a hub website where students find course schedules, prescribed course work and learning materials, plus forums where students post learnings and papers. It is the centre of our community of learners who are embarked on this most life-changing adventure — the Spiritual Quest.

The campus website is technically state-of-the-art, but we complement this capability by providing our students with a personal touch.  Indeed, students receive personal contact and support through our mentors and advisors, who are faculty members assigned to specific students and who act as liaisons between the student and the School.  This personal touch greatly enhances the quality of our students’ learning experience and accelerates learning.

We accommodate many types of students, such as those who prefer to:

  • Participate in comprehensive esoteric study programs
  • Learn how to meditate by taking part in a structured course
  • Attend internet group meditations at the time of Full Moon Spiritual Festivals
  • Learn by watching internet-based courses live or pre-recorded.

We seek to attract students at all levels of knowledge; additionally, we accommodate individuals who have very little time to devote to esoteric education, all the way to those who are able to devote a significant amount of time.

Our curriculum is is almost entirely based on the “” written by .

The Morya Federation is the Internet Expression of the , a non-profit, tax-exempt, Educational, 501 C-3 Organization.   We are supported financially by the voluntary contributions of our students and benefactors. There is no established fee and our students decide for themselves what they are able to give.

Please visit the remaining tabs within this ABOUT US section, plus the extensive information we provide about our educational offerings under the PROGRAMS tab.


The Director of Morya Federation is Michael David Robbins

Michael Robbins
Michael Robbins


Michael Robbins, Ph.D in Psychology, Ph.D.E. in Esoteric Philosophy. As founder and president of the Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays, Michael has persistently sounded and sustained the note of “teaching and spreading the knowledge of the ” by sponsoring annual  Seven Rays Institute/University of the Seven Rays Spiritual Conferences, and this since 1987.  As a long standing teacher of the Ageless Wisdom through the study of Esoteric Psychology, Esoteric Astrology, the Science of the Seven Rays and Esoteric Cosmology, he has inspired students worldwide, a number of whom have gone on to form their own spiritual centers and organizations for the propagation of the Ageless Wisdom.

Michael is author of Tapestry of the Gods (a two-volume psycho/rayological treatise on the Seven Rays), Infinitization of Selfhood (a philosophical treatise on the nature of Identity), and On the Monad, an e-book exploration into the nature of Spirit. Since 1985, he has, with the technical collaboration of his colleague Rick Good, created three Ray Inventories—the Personal Identity Profile (PIP I and PIP II), and the new comprehensive TARA Test— the Transpersonal Astro-Rayological Analysis; these psychological inventories are used to help people determine their ray chart or formula and its relation to their astrological chart (pipiii introduction). Michael has written extensively on esoteric astrology recently completing over 300 hours of video programming called “Esoteric Astrology Adventures”.  He continues to record deeply knowledgeable commentaries on various books by Alice A. Bailey. With the collaboration of his colleague Harold Moses, Michael has composed and authored sixteen musical, ceremonial ritual dramas and monthly Solar Fire Festivals that facilitate the invocation and expression of energies of the twelve Zodiacal Signs for the monthly spiritual festivals of the emerging New World Religion. Michael’s video and audio commentaries, books, articles and music can be found on the Makara Website–www.makara.us.

He resides partly in Phoenix, Arizona, and also in Helsinki, Finland, with his wife, Tuija, who is an author, meditation leader, esoteric ceremonialist, teacher of the Ageless Wisdom and vice-president of the University of the Seven Rays. Both together and independently they have taught the Ageless Wisdom in many parts of the world and now complement their international in-person teaching work by offering many regular broadcasts and meditation-service webinars based on the Ageless Wisdom.

Esotericism and occultism deal with the unseen side of all that is tangible, with the world of energies that lie behind the phenomenal world; hence the words esoteric or occult, which refer to that which is hidden. Esotericism and occultism present a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the Universe and of man's place within it.

The means of contacting one’s higher consciousness, which is one's soul, and of eventually becoming at-one with it. It is the act of abstracting oneself from the outer world and centering within.  It is a technique whereby we focus the mind so it becomes the receiver and reflector of higher consciousness.  It enables us to receive spiritual impression and thus to contribute to the welfare and upliftment of mankind.

The "blue books" are a series of books written by Alice A. Bailey and published by Lucis Trust, and are the spiritual teachings underlying the esoteric education programs of the Morya Federation.   Alice Bailey was a prolific writer, working under the inspiration of the Tibetan Master, also known as Djwhal Khul, and they wrote eighteen “blue books” together;  she wrote several more on her own.

The spiritual teachings underlying the esoteric education programs of the Morya Federation originate in books written by Alice A. Bailey  (1880-1949).  She was a prolific writer, working under the inspiration of the Tibetan Master, also known as Djwhal Khul, who lived in Tibet and with whom she sustained a telepathic relationship for thirty years, and during which time they wrote eighteen “blue books” together.

The University of the Seven Rays (USR) and the Seven Ray Institute (SRI) serve as vehicles for the presentation of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, with special emphasis on the writings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul.  The Seven Ray Institute is a non-profit educational institute incorporated in New Jersey, while the University of the Seven Rays is a non-profit educational corporation of Arizona. The Morya Federation is an affiliate of the University of the Seven Rays.

The Inner Teaching of Divine Truth as reflected, over millions of years, in the esoteric teachings of many of the world’s greatest religions and philosophical systems.  Since the Ageless Wisdom is by definition truly ageless, a strong argument can be made that it has always existed, and is a reflection of Cosmic Truth.  It holds the truths that are the foundation of all religions and that still  today, are at the heart of humanity’s spiritual evolution.