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MQ — Overview




Meditation Quest Overview

The Meditation Quest focuses on learning meditation techniques and establishing a meditation rhythm that contributes to spiritual living and the development of the right use of the mind for expression of the Soul.

All meditations are designed for beginners as well as practiced meditators.  Therefore, whether we are beginners on the path of meditation or have been walking it for quite some time, the principles do not change.  Each meditation will focus on a principle of meditation and, as we progress, the meditations will increase in time and complexity.


Who is Meditation Quest for?

Meditation Quest can be a stand-alone program of meditation lasting up to 18 months for some students, or a temporary placement for students who join the Morya Federation in the middle of the academic year and are awaiting the beginning of the next Great Quest or Quest Universal program, always beginning at the December Solstice.


What will you get out of the Meditation Quest Program?

At this stage upon the Path of Spirituality, the most important development required of us in order to evolve spiritually is the development, control and training of the mind. The mind is said to be the “slayer of the real” when it is controlled by the lower nature; but it is also the “revealer of the real”—the instrument of illumination and liberation when controlled by the Higher Self.


Meditation Quest is being developed in other languages:

For several years we have had some foreign language teams translating Meditation Quest; our heartfelt thanks to their dedication and hard work in making it possible to expand our outreach and share the Ageless Wisdom with more students.

In December 2015 the Vietnamese-speaking Meditation Quest began accepting students: Khóa Thiền Cơ Bản

In December 2016 the Portuguese-speaking Meditation Quest began accepting students:  Busca Meditativa

In November 2018 the French-speaking Meditation Quest began accepting students: La quete spirituelle par la meditation

In March 2019 the Spanish-speaking Meditation Quest began accepting students:   Búsqueda por Medio de la Meditación

Meditation Quest Description (English)

Meditation Quest Requirements (English)

Our other streams of education

Great Quest is our intermediate program 

Great Quest Overview (English)

Great Quest Description (English)

Great Quest Requirements (English)

Great Quest (other languages)

Khóa Great Quest

We also offer Great Quest in Portuguese and French, but students take Meditation Quest first.

Quest Universal, the most advanced program

Quest Universal Overview (English)

Quest Universal Description (English)

Quest Universal Requirements (English)

We offer some Quest Universal programs in Vietnamese, but students enter this program by first taking Meditation Quest and Great Quest.