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Leoni Hodgson


We thank Leoni Hodgson for giving us access to the articles which she has published.

Leoni Hodgson, PMAFA, MSE (Psych), PhD Esotericism

Leoni’s teachings affirm the notion that all true religions and spiritual pathways lead to the One Source; that all human beings of any colour, race, religion, and creed; are “children of God” and integral parts of the One Divine Life.  She promotes the use of Goodwill and the sharing of Esoteric Truths and Wisdom to bring this inner fact into the Light.



Leoni - Buddha

 Buddhism, and the No-Soul Doctrine


There are many who do not identify specifically with the Buddhist religion,but nonetheless hold Gautama Buddha and his world mission, in the highest regard. His teachings, specifically the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, his effect for good upon the human consciousness – all these elevate Gautama Buddha to the status of being one of the greatest spiritual Messengers the world has ever known. 

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 Autism image

 Autism – an Esoteric Perspective


Autism is on the increase, and the world’s medical experts are unable to conclusively point to any particular factor as being the cause. They are baffled. For a period, vaccination was regarded as the villain, then environmental factors; now genetics is under suspicion. It is the author’s contention that the latter – “genetics”, will prove more fruitful. An area that will probably not be seriously investigated as a contributing cause for ages, if ever, is the spiritual aspect of man as it interacts with its outer nature on the physical plane. This topic moves us into the realm of Eastern Spirituality or esotericism which deals with those hidden energies and causes that are behind the appearance of a human being on the physical plane. Author Hodgson, who has studied Eastern Spirituality, Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Astrology, looks at the problem of autism from this angle.  

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five cities


2009 Five Cities – Five World Chakras


Individual man has an energy field or web that underlies his physical body. Within the web there are seven main force centres through which energy is received from the outer world, distributed through the body and then eliminated. Similarly, humanity has an etheric web and on five of its force centres, cities have been constructed. Alice Bailey in her book “Destiny of the Nations” named the cities, but did not relate them to any particular chakras. Since then students have been trying to match the cities with the chakras. This is another attempt. 

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