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Initiation and Differing Grades of Light



The world is in transformation as increasing numbers of Initiates make the grade and eventually the planet becomes occultly sacred via the planetary light bearer humanity. The third Initiation is named, amongst others as the ‘transfiguration’ [the fourth the great renunciation] as the personality becomes spiritualised and thus transfigured, egoically and also monadically speaking.


Some great points about the atomic light released upon fission may be considered. There is correspondence  as the light released from these two are relevant to different levels of consciousness i.e. from the soul of the mineral kingdom [and incidentally the spiritual forcing of this kingdom by humanity] and that of the human causal body and Monad. The scientific release of atomic energy in 1945 was according to DK the greatest spiritual event ever to take place for humanity, and there are numerous reasons for this.


Monadic light, is first released as the inner threefold tier permit the escape of the intense “blinding light” of the monad corresponding to Anupâdaka and the ‘plane of the flaming sun’.


The sharing and distribution of light from higher planes present opportunity for humanity to ‘absorb and progress’ and so share light and thus partake in the planetary forcing process of group initiation relative to their differing grades of light. JPC.




Teachings on Initiation 1



Discipleship in the New Age II – Teachings on Initiation – Part I



Part I

Prior to profiting by more information and thus piling up increased responsibility, there is a vital need for the majority of aspirants and disciples to assume a different attitude towards the opportunity to prepare for initiation with which they are all faced. JC: Following will be brief response or repetition on certain points on this important subject of Initiation. Thus the work is covered and thought out. Firstly, a different attitude is required of the majority of aspirants and disciples. The more advanced among them are conscious of impending possibilities. The significance of the proffered training has made its just appeal. Others are so immersed in the tests and difficulties incidental to the clarification of the vision prior to the processes of initiation, that they have neither the time nor the strength to do more than live through the time of trial and, at the same time, to serve as best they can. JC: DK recognises the trials and effort needed to sustain the work and recognise the tests and trials and to continue to serve. Both the vision and their service suffer from their failure to develop that divine indifference which is the hallmark of the true initiate. Added to all this is the world situation with its inevitable all-enveloping psychic atmosphere, its attendant strains and its constant wearing anxiety, plus the hold which war sufferers have on all hearts and sympathies. JC: Again, world conditions at any time have their effects on disciples and their vision of forward progression and sometimes service suffers.Most aspirants and disciples believe that they are bearing enough and are tried to the limit of their capacity. This is not the case. The deeper sources of strength in them have not yet been evoked, and the tension under which they should act and live from day to day is only as yet a feeble one – it is not all-exacting. Ponder on this last phrase. JC: In reality though we are not tested or loaded to our greater capacity thus we are in reality expected to be able to cope with the work here spoken of. Is that the case? I think so.

The objective demands being made upon all disciples and therefore upon all of you, are not simply to enable you to live through the present period as successfully – emotionally, mentally and spiritually – as possible. JC: We are not simply enabled to live life in the outer three worlds with ease or even difficulty but more is required or even demanded though certainly expected of us.It goes far deeper than that, or should. Apart from the demands upon your spiritual resources (incident to the particular initiation which it is desired that you take) there is also the demand upon all [244] disciples to participate in the effort of humanity, as a whole, to take the first initiation with all the physical relinquishments, and the agony that ever precedes the birth of the Christ in the heart of the individual – only this time it is the hearts of all humanity. Preparatory to this first initiation, there has always to be – individually and now collectively for the first time – the denial of the lower self and the fervid acceptance by the personality of the loss of all the material factors which have held the soul a prisoner in the womb of time. JC: In one sense we see the vast and rapid growth in materialism which might even be seen as the battle against the White lodge aims to enable humanity as a whole to take the first initiation with the incident relinquishments and agony that goes with that.

Hence, my brothers, the wide extent of the material destruction to be seen on every hand, the depths of physical poverty into which all men have been and are being plunged, the detachment from the priority of things which is being enforced, and the necessity for rebuilding human life on sounder values than the physical. In all this disciples and initiates are today sharing and (when understanding is present and right orientation) the help which those can give who have already undergone the first initiation, is great. JC: From the view of hierarchy it seems that the majority or at least a great many will have taken the first initiation by lets think, the end of WW2. DK did suggest tht the release of the atomic bomb was a great spiritual event for humanity. To this you are called, and upon your understanding response to the collective need will depend the rapidity with which you will be enabled to achieve the next expansion of consciousness or initiation which may be, for you as an individual, possible. JC: Initiates are called to assist those many first degree initiates newly made. Our next step ahead is dependant on our recognition of the collective need of those babes in Christ. This in all probability we here are doing in our various ways. You have, therefore, to consider your individual response to the demands of your own soul and your collective response to the collective need. It is the initiate in you, the Christ in you, which is now called to this collective service and the radiation today of the Christ spirit, actively present in the hearts of all disciples is the one thing which can salvage mankind, enable humanity to move forward on – to the Path of Discipleship and thus evoke that new spirit which can and will build the new world. JC: Our collective response to the collective need of the worlds disciples is required as a collective service and radiation of the Christ spirit which will evoke and build the new world. Thus the responsibility is great and our progress is there dependant or at least its rapidity.

I would like to deal somewhat with the theme anent the attitude of the accepted disciple towards his Master and towards the general subject of initiation, and then consider the immediate steps ahead which the disciple must take, where he is and with what equipment he has. This is the first and necessary step. Disciples must clarify their position and must continue to learn from their Master, in spite of [245] the crises of initiation. Unless they act upon the proffered instruction and have confidence in his occult intention, all that the Master may say or do is of small usefulness. It serves only to increase grave responsibility with its attendant liabilities; knowledge and the pressure of spiritual energy become a danger if not used. This is a basic and important statement. JC: This is clear, any disciple that has contact with their Master at whatever time or period in their live has to act accordingly to his words and not act as either lose cannons or individual authorities either concentrating on themselves and their interpretations of inner work thus not becoming self consumed. The Master will work according to the guidelines outlined here and service radiation and recognition of humanity and its disciples and their activation and expansion into a fuller Christ radiation is required. This is in line with the guidelines for the occult schools and their work.

There are, my brothers, two major prerequisites which are needed by all of you in connection with group integration, and they follow upon what you have had earlier when I sought to help you to integrate with your brothers. I gave you, as you will recall, as part of your group meditation the following simple integrating formula:

“I am one with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs.

May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them.

May the strength which is in me lift and aid them.

May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them.”

JC: Group integration is asked for so that group work can be accomplished.Love, strength and encouraging thoughts are important.

Of the two prerequisites to which I now allude as needed by all of you, one of them refers to your integration into my group of “practicing chelas,” and the other relates to your capacity to contact me at will – a thing as yet only permitted to three of you at this time, and this because they seldom avail themselves of the privilege. JC: Many initiates will not trouble their Master though some do so rarely and those that might just over do it are not permitted contact. Our first task is therefore to attend to these requirements which call for a right attitude on your part and the use of the first of the ancient formulas which it is my intention to give for deep consideration and eventual experimental use. Before I give this formula, however, I would like to deal with a question which is bound to arise in the minds of those of you who are senior in this group. JC: As we know, the first formula deals with group integration. We will move forwards to cover the formulas. This will refresh and evoke a right orientation in our work.



Teachings on Initiation 2



The question might be voiced thus: “If I am in preparation for the second or the third initiation, I must have been in a group of disciples – presumably the Tibetan’s – for some lives at least. Why then the need for an integrating formula?” Because, my chela, though you have been in a group of disciples prior to this, it was not my group but [246] the group of either the Master M. or the Master K.H. Owing to the fact of world urgency and the immensity of the work to be done by them and owing also to the fact that they are preparing to pass through one of the highest initiations, these two Masters have handed all but a few of their senior disciples to me and to two other of their initiate disciples, themselves Adepts or Masters. JC: World urgency and prep for the sixth Initiation demanded that would-be second and third degree initiates would move to the Tibetans ashram and the ashrams of two other Masters. A question comes to mind as DK told us that these higher initiates were asked to put off their taking of the sixth initiation due to world need and until a later date. They have also retained in their groups of disciples those who have started specific work under their direction in some previous life, and a few disciples who came into incarnation in this world period having the brain and the mind awakened to their relationship to these Masters. These conditions do not exist in this group in relation to me – the Master chosen to lead you forward. Yet (though you remember it not) all of you knew me well when working with the two Chohans, and hence the decision for you to work under my instruction and guidance. It has worked happily and with no delay so far. JC: Past association with DK has proved the key to working in his ashram under his guidance and instruction. We will take a look at the formulas and see what we are dealing with. As the Tibetan tells us, he was ‘chosen to lead us forwards’ under instruction and guidance.

Another reason for the use of this formula of integration by those who have had experience of group work is that there are some in the group who are as yet far from true integration, and the experience of the older chelas can be of inestimable help if they will thus to serve the group and me. Much of what I said in the earlier instructions (Vol. I) on the relation of chelas to their Master could well be applied here and with profit.

Discipleship in the New Age II – Teachings on Initiation – Part I

The Formulas

There are six ancient formulas or symbolic forms which are to be found in the archives for disciples. They concern the six fundamental prerequisites for initiation. JC: We a dealing with the prerequisites for initiation as formulated from the ancient archives. They will have been used for aeons by all initiates and are the pre-requirements that have to be undergone or comprehended as that which will reveal greater truth and life before the major initiations let us note. They are used prior to all the major initiations, and have therefore five significances or meanings which will become apparent only as each of these initiations is undergone. JC: They embody five meanings or significances and that which reveal the higher reality prior to one of the five major initiations. Here DK indicates the five major initiations just so we are clear and this excludes the first minor two initiations of the threshold. Many disciples today will be preparing for the third, fourth and fifth initiations and therefore these teachings are of major significance today. They are in the form sometimes of symbols and sometimes of words, and are amongst the oldest formulas in the world. JC: These ancient formulas are in the forms of symbols and words and it is these that convey the higher reality or seed prior to initiation. They have been used down the ages by all disciples and initiates of the Great White Lodge. They concern what are called “the six [247] relations.” JC: These seed symbols or words are six in number and concern a sixfold seed instruction on relations. There is then a significance to be accounted for in that prior to each major initiation the idea or nature of ‘relations’ is taught relating each step to higher reality or life. Each initiation is related or has relationship to the next higher initiation. Each stage marks expansion into greater life and is preceded by these formulations that make such relationship and expansion possible. Each of these relations must find expression in attitude, in service, and in some deeper expansion of consciousness, to which I may not refer but which must be self-ascertained. JC: We are addressing the finding of five expressions in attitude, service and deeper expansion in consciousness. These are self ascertained. It is essential that the would-be initiate discover for himself the esoteric, inner and subjective value of the formula under his consideration. Just one hint however in this latter connection I may give. JC: The esoteric, subjective and occult “value of the formula” must be discovered.

The disciple, when he becomes an accepted disciple (and this through the Lodge’s recognition of his pledge to his own soul), arrives at a definite and factual recognition of the Hierarchy. JC: We are considering DK’ ‘hint in this connection’… thus we have the hint as to group integration of hierarchy via the disciples pledge to his soul. His suppositions, his desires, his aspirational wish-life, his theories, or whatever you may choose to call his reaching out and up towards divinity, give place to clear knowledge of the liberated group of souls. This happens not through the occurrence of convincing phenomena, but through an inflow of the intuition. JC: We are also speaking of the development of the intuition as the faculty of verification and of clear knowledge and recognition of hierarchy. It is the developed intuition that gives accurate and direct knowledge. He undergoes, therefore, an expansion of consciousness which may or may not be registered in the brain. Every step of the way from that point of recognition onward has to be consciously achieved and must involve a conscious recognition of a series of expansions. JC: Although not necessarily registered in the physical brain every step and expansion must be consciously achieved. These expansions are not initiation. Have that clearly in your mind. The initiation lying immediately ahead is simply the effect of the recognition. JC: The event of initiation is not that of the intermediate expansions of consciousness as it is the effect and the application of the rod that intensifies the seven head centres at the first major initiation. They might be called “stabilizing points of crisis,” in which the “occasional becomes the constant and the intended becomes the intentional.” Ponder on these words. JC: The formulas result in “stabilising points of crisis” which are not initiation. They are recognitions of integration [inclusiveness] into ever expanding stages of consciousness, they are recognitions of spiritual facts. The Hierarchy is now a fact in your life and your awareness. What is the next fact or point of integration or consciously achieved inclusiveness? A study of the formulas and their correct use will reveal this to you. JC: This study will reveal to the disciple the spiritual facts that await us and which we must integrate into our consciousness irrespective of the disciples ray make-up. I have laid the emphasis upon visualization and given you some hints connected both with initiation and the creative work of the imagination, because these teachings and the development of these faculties will require calling into play your understanding, if the formulas connected with initiation are to be given. These six formulas are therefore formulas of integration, and one or two hints may here be imparted. DINA2. JC: The emphasis is on the development and use of the creative imagination, visualisation and the hints as to the formulas that are related to initiation and we are asked to give these our understanding. These letters are purposefully and rigidly close to the word of the Tibetan with good reason.


Teachings on Initiation 3



Formula One concerns, as I have told you, integration into a Master’s group, and it has two uses – if I might so [248] express it from your particular point of view. One produces a group inclusiveness, which integrates you with your group brothers into my group and brings a revelation of the hidden side of a chela’s life. When I say this I refer to his new astral conditioning. This is given the name of the Revelation of Group Feeling. This subject is vaster in its implications than you might surmise, for it concerns united group sensitivity or response, outwards to the world of men, inwards to the Hierarchy, and upwards to the Monad. JC: We are here considering the integration into the group of Master DK and the ‘revelation of group feeling’ concerning ‘united group sensitivity’ involving as it does response to the outer world of men, inwards towards the hierarchy and upwards direction towards the Monad. It does not concern the sumtotal of the petty moods and feelings of the personalities of the group members. Its second use is to bring about contact with the Master of your group – in this case myself, the Master D.K. This is a process which I have already done my best to help you to achieve through my instructions re the Full Moon contact – something you have most inadequately understood and attempted. Perhaps now you will work harder at the production of “contact relationship” as it is esoterically called. It is with Formula One that you must now work. JC: This formula deals with ‘contact relationship’. and we might refer back to the six formulas that “concern what are called the six relations.” Here we consider the first relation between the initiate and his group of brothers.

Formula Two deals with alignment; not alignment as it is understood in the very necessary preparatory work of the Arcane School. That form of alignment is the production of effective and direct contact with the soul. The alignment to which this formula refers is connected with the antahkarana. This will be our next consideration when Formula One has brought about certain changes in consciousness. I shall not consider these formulas at present. I will only point out their major implications which will be seldom what you think, conditioned as you are by the terms and interpretations of the lower mind. JC: Formula two concerns the ‘relation of the disciple to the antahkarana’.

Formula Three is related to certain changes in the egoic lotus. These changes might be inadequately expressed in the terms of the Old Commentary:

“There is that which transmutes knowledge into wisdom within a flash of time;

there is that which changes sensitivity into love within an area of space;

there is [249] that which alters sacrifice into bliss where neither time nor space exists.” JC: Formula three deals with ‘the relation between knowledge and wisdom’ between ‘sensitivity and love’ and the relation between ‘sacrifice and bliss’. They concern time, space the eternal now and the bliss of the Monad rather than the joy of the soul. The egoic lotus undergoes a fundamental shift in its expression of energy. Of note is the distinction between a “flash of time” and the eternal now.

Formula Four has a specific effect upon the “jewel in the lotus,” awakening it to life; this it does (through effects produced) upon the three planes of the three worlds, this bringing about changes in the seven wheels (centers) so that the “dynamic point at the center of each wheel obliterates the lesser points of force, and thus the wheel begins to turn upon itself.” JC: Formula four concerns the relation between the seven centres, the jewel within each of the seven, and the jewel in the lotus “awakening it to life”. The master loses or does away with the seven centers of energy which are superseded by the “dynamic point at the center of each wheel”.

Formula Five awakens the Will, but any interpretation of this awakening would prove meaningless to you until the previous four formulas have established an effect upon you and the needed interior changes have taken place. JC: We can hypothesize that the relation of the will of the disciple is related to the awakening of the Will of the Monad. This intimates the awakening to “life more abundantly” when the “very heart of this experience enters into the heart of the initiate”.

Formula Six is sometimes called “the word of death.” It negates the destructive effect of the death process which is going on all the time within the mechanism of the disciple or initiate. JC: The destructive effect of the death process is an ongoing one within the disciple and early initiate and of course within any human being or animal etc. It relates to the ageing process, the “death-producing energy” and the gradual deterioration of the cellular renewal and vitality. The death proceeds with its needed work, but it is not destructive in effect. This formula has never been given out before to disciples, but can now be known because the Piscean Age is one in which at last the power of physical death is definitely broken and the signature of the Resurrection is revealed. JC: Humanity sought to be liberated from the bonds of matter and the fear of death “the last power” and destruction the Black Lodge held over them subconsciously. In this esoteric negation of death are the deeply hidden and impressive causes of the two stages of the world war (1914-1945), and in this formula lies the significance lying behind the “fight for freedom” of the peoples of the world. It is sometimes called “the formula of liberation.” JC: In large part this “esoteric negation” was accomplished and enabled humanity to liberate themselves from the death hold in its destructive sense that the Black lodge held. “Operation Overlord” was successful and the positive significance of the resurrection and of eternal life rose above the negative aspect of eternal death. This formula holds before the initiate the fact and occult meaning of Life. Though the physical death process “the pull of the powerful life of the planet” and the gradual ageing and “tendency to die” proceeds the initiate always remains the life within and withdraws consciously only when the time to serve elsewhere has come.

If you were a disciple who had access to the archives wherein instructions for disciples are contained, you would be confronted (in relation to the six formulas referred to above) by six large sheets of some unknown metal. These look as if made of silver and are in reality composed of that metal which is the allotrope of silver and which is therefore to silver what the diamond is to carbon. Upon these sheets are words, symbols, and symbolic forms. These, when related to each other, contain the formulas which the disciple has to interpret and integrate into his waking consciousness. This must be done through the medium of living processes. [250] JC: Access to the archives are required in order to see one or other of the six large sheets of real though ‘unknown metal’ unknown [to humanity], being an allotrope [“one of two or more existing forms of an element”] of silver as the diamond is to carbon. Upon them are “words, symbols and symbolic forms”. Again we note the phrase “related to each other” and that the formulas concern what are called “the six relations” that must be integrated and interpreted from his inner cognition, within the archives, into outer waking consciousness and living processes which requirethe finding of five expressions in attitude, service and deeper expansion in consciousness, self ascertained.

As I cannot show you these formulas upon the physical plane, the best that I can do is to describe them to you, and in this Instruction I will seek to describe Formula One. The comprehension of the words and symbols produces two reactions in the consciousness of the disciple – and when a group of disciples are working with the same formula (as is the case in this group) this is intensified and of still greater value. DINA 2. JC: These formulas upon allotropic silver are found in the archives of the Masters ashrams and therefore are “found on the buddhic plane” and not on the physical plane. Metals unknown to humanity and which are truly allotropic and composing of qualities of conductivity and communication again unknown to humanity are found on the higher planes. They have the capacity to convey or produce “comprehension” and “reactions” within the disciples or groups consciousness. In group comprehension comes intensified comprehension and reaction to words and symbols.


Group Initiation



“Group initiation has been forced upon the Hierarchy by the rapid unfoldment of the spiritual consciousness in humanity, an unfoldment which demonstrates – no matter what the ray – as goodwill. This goodwill is not to be interpreted as the sentimental sixth or second ray untrained aspirant is prone to interpret it. It can take many forms: it can show itself as sacrifice on the part of science and a dedication of the fruits of scientific research to human welfare; it may take shape in the third ray aptitude to dedicate great wealth to philanthropic or educational enterprises. In neither of these cases is the disciple apparently distinguished by a so-called loving nature. Yet the results of their application to science or their accumulation of the crystallized prana of the financial world are turned to the helping of mankind. This will be a hard saying for some of you who rate an irritable remark by a co-disciple as something disgraceful and belittle the efforts of the money-maker, and do both with a sense of self-righteous congratulation…

…Before the end of this century, thousands will stand before the Initiator and take initiation in group form; they will pass through the door of initiation together and together take their vows. This statement applies to the second and the third initiations. The higher initiations will still be taken individually or in groups of three, but not more.” DINA2 337.

“For years we have talked about group initiation, and it remains as yet, for you, an unsolved problem. The phrase, “group initiation” is only used by the Members of the Hierarchy in reference to the first two initiations – initiations of the threshold, from the angle of the Lodge on Sirius. After these two preparatory events, the initiate – at and after the third initiation – reaches the point wherein he “undergoes initiation” in his own right (as the phrase runs).” DINA2 406.

“as far as the masses of men are concerned and the first two initiations are likewise involved, there is today and will increasingly be need for group initiation. It must be remembered that if these two earliest initiations are to be administered upon the physical plane by the Christ in his function as Initiator, that then the time factor must necessarily be involved, and that it will not be possible, therefore, to admit disciples one by one to initiation.” DINA2 410.

JC: As previously discussed, goodwill is service or love in action. It is a demonstration of the need of humanity in some form or other requiring a response in some form or other. It is a recognition of a department of service, one of the seven, be it financial, education, religion, politics, science or human welfare. Some field of service will be available to the disciple and they will offer as they may their quota of the energy of goodwill. Many disciples working in these fields of activity will not necessarily display a ‘loving nature’ as this is a complete misnomer and often misunderstood by esotericists. Therefore, there will be many and numerous servers today that are completely unrecognised for their nature might be far from a sentimental loving disposition. They may appear hard, aloof, uncompromising, or even disagreeable. Yet their direction is towards the welfare of humanity entailing often great personal sacrifice. This is one of the Tibetans’ “hard sayings”, of which there are many.

We are assured that prior to the commencement of the twenty first century ‘thousands’ will have taken their respective Initiation in ‘group form’ standing before their Initiator be it the Christ or Sanat kumara. When DK tells us that the second and third Initiations will be taken in group form taking their vows together we might note this to be an error in editing as twice later he informs us that it is the first and second Initiations of the threshold that may do so and that also this applies to exoteric Initiation by the Christ entailing physical approach with the time element entering in therefore making it impossible for the threshold Initiations to be taken individually or in small groups. The Initiations higher and inclusive of the third will be taken singly or in small groups of three. Perhaps this is what DK meant as some groups to compose of those taking the second and third Initiations in preparation, preparation is the key though as for these two Initiations are administered by the Christ and Sanat kumara respectively. This is due to the smaller number of arhats and adepts taking Initiation compared to the much greater number taking the first and second and Initiations. We are left with the paradox that whilst these Initiations are taken in group form they are still taken, within the consciousness, Individually and alone.

This gives us some perspective of the numerical factors and frequency. We might note though, that the numbers of arhats and adepts will increase due to the comparative flood of disciples taking the lesser initiations. There will be exceptions when the third and fourth Initiations are taken on the same lifetime. DK goes on to say that the prevision attained at each Initiation serves to equip the Initiate for the momentous decision at the sixth Initiation as to which of the seven paths will be taken. That decision is the synthesis and result of all earlier previsions attained or shared at respective Initiations. Each serves to assist the Initiate of the sixth degree to choose his path aright. Earlier their field of earth service was ascertained and latterly this may still be a chosen path though the field of service will be vastly comparable to such service on a particular ray. The sixth degree Chohan will choose one of seven paths being related to a ray.

“Disciples ever take initiations alone, even when preparing for and taking group initiation. This is one of the paradoxes of the occult teaching which is not at all easily understood. It sounds entirely contradictory but is not so at all.” DINA2 522.