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Monadic Consciousness 1


“Monadic consciousness, whatever that may be.” RI 439.

JC: Here DK concedes that the term “monadic consciousness” proves difficult for our understanding to conceive of in its true scope. He also states ‘whatever that may be? There are many levels of a Monadic consciousness and He probably has not had direct experience of the higher level of the Chohanic for instance though he can theoretically estimate, study and expound from the achieved stand point of the buddhic and atmic planes.

It is certainly not consciousness as understood by the average human intellect. It is frequently described as `not consciousness’ within the boundaries of human understanding. However, the man is the Monad and in this we are not dealing with average man. The consciousness of the Monad is not the consciousness of “substance in its form-making capacity” i.e. the result of the Soul or of the lower sheaths.

“At the fifth Initiation he ascends with the Heavenly Man on to the fifth plane (from the human standpoint), the atmic, and at the sixth he has dominated the second cosmic ether and has monadic consciousness and continuity of function. At the seventh Initiation he dominates the entire sphere of matter contained in the lowest cosmic plane, escapes from all etheric contact, and functions on the cosmic astral plane.” TCF 121.

“When the adept enters through the “luminous door” he has before him four very peculiar and esoteric IDENTIFICATIONS. This entrance takes place after he has passed the fifth Initiation and has demonstrated his fitness so to do through a long period of service in connection with our planetary evolution. These identifications eventually bring about within the jewel, which is essentially the true spiritual unit, a momentous happening, and are undergone within the monadic consciousness after the transcendence of the atmic sheath.” TCF 1246.

JC: We can see that “a momentous happening” takes place within the monadic consciousness of the Jewel, after the fifth initiation and might be an indication of the sixth initiation when transcended from the atmic to the Monadic plane occurs.

“The Master will have flashes of Monadic consciousness, but he will be working in the Triad.”

“M: Then there really isn’t Monadic consciousness?
AAB: We use the word because we have no other word.” AAB Letters.



Monadic Consciousness 2


“This threefold process under these three constellations produces finally the identification with that which is perceived to be the divine essence, underlying form. This identification with that which, is the subjective and real Self and the consequent withdrawing from that which is the not-Self is the keynote of the fourth initiation.” EA 496.

JC: “Identification” is the noun used by DK to determine a specific point of recognition or direct method of knowing that which is to be known in order for correct recognition of goal and direction to be realised and taken. It is definitive in purpose, resulting in “simultaneous perception and interpretation” with contemporary psychology’s closest description being `affinity’ and that of chemistry’s being “a measure of the likelihood of a chemical reaction taking place between two substances.”

“You get a clue here to the teaching which I have oft given to you, that the higher processes of spiritual unfoldment must consciously give way to a much higher phase of perception, for which we have, as yet, no word. In relation to consciousness, we speak constantly of initiation; in relation to this new process of simultaneous perception and interpretation, we employ the rather vague word “identification:” DINA2 304.

JC: DK tells us that actually we have not yet the correct word for describing “identification” or monadic consciousness. We will have to persist with these that we have though. The work consciousness id employed with Initiation and when the higher phase of those stages are reached “simultaneous perception and interpretation” are considered and thus the word “identification” is employed. Identification is a process of synthetic apprehension. 



Monadic Consciousness 3


“You will note how frequently I am using the word identification in my various instructions. The reason is that it connotes the goal held before all disciples who are being trained for certain major expansions of consciousness. I seek to have your help and this you know. Clarity of definition releases the vision and clarity in word and language is a symbol of this release (from vision) into identification. Ponder on this. It is this clarity, resulting in occult certainty and not in mystical belief, that I seek for you and hence my reference to the glamor of the vision. It (the vision) evokes its own aura and its own atmosphere, and the disciple must penetrate through this to reality.” DINA1 648.

“In relation to consciousness, we speak constantly of initiation; in relation to this new process of simultaneous perception and interpretation, we employ the rather vague word “identification:” DINA2 403.

JPC: “Identification” is a “vague” word but even so DK differentiates between it and consciousness at the stages of Initiation. Initiation is the releasing of the soul and thus the human brain awareness from the not self and uniting consciousness with the divine mind of god. It is entering the state of consciousness [identification, “a higher phase of perception”] of the monad and between these two states, or definitions, lays a distinction in the correct understanding of “consciousness” mystically or occultly understood.

This process of “simultaneous perception and interpretation” involves the faculty of becoming aware of something [divine] and the faculty of correct interpretation of that something within one simultaneous synthetic moment.

We are seeking ‘release from vision into identification’. Release from vision has connotation with the mystical experience. This is far from the experience of the monad for there is no duality of consciousness [from which we seek release] involved between the disciple and the Monad. Spirit and matter are in expression yet the inner experience is increasingly synthesised and ‘identified’ as ONE. DK tags Identification as ‘reality’.

Thus all else is unreal and glamour, and DK here indicates this ‘vision’ as evoking its own peculiar aura and atmosphere that must be penetrated through and beyond. “Clarity of definition” is a method by which we are enabled to release ourselves from glamour and the mystical vision into monadic identification. Also, a seemingly important statement from the Tibetan is “clarity in word and language is a symbol of this release (from vision) into identification”.

It might be thought or suggested that the study of DK’ words and teaching on this subject [and others] greatly enables our progression towards “the goal” more than any other just insofar as we keep to his words, their meaning and clarity of definition.



Real Love and the Lessening of the Personality


Where, however, real love exists, it will produce the lessening of the personality will, the evocation of the sacrificial egoic will, and a constantly growing capacity to identify the group with the will or purpose of the Monad. The progress of the group is, therefore, from one burning ground to another – each burning ground being colder and clearer than the preceding one but producing sequentially the burning fire, the clear cold lighted fire, and the consuming divine fire” RI 33.

Some questions we ask ourselves are, what is our group, what did the burning ground mean to us, what do we perceive as the clear cold light if at all, What do we understand as the group heat and energetic moving out into the cold and new tension?

Further to this consideration of love and pure reason DK discusses this as presupposing ‘purpose and action’ as love is the underlying motive for creation. That which underlies at some stage and it is this stage that DK here discusses is preliminary in “the group-life task of the incarnating Monad there comes a time when motive (heart and soul) becomes spiritually obsolete”. What is spiritually obsolete and why? In the life of the Monad this is necessary in the unfoldment of the higher monadic Will which overlies or is the higher purpose that the group is revealing or developing. It is the new tension and way to life more abundantly.

DK discusses “not specifically through the soul” he also discusses the group individuality or individual group will of humanity as an entity being burned up and that it is this that will disappear in subordination to the higher Will of the Monadic Purpose. At some stage it is soul that will be burned up as in the fourth Initiation and the human entity will also due to the spiritual Will of the group Monad have its soul which is hierarchy bypassed, and the Will of shamballa will flow unimpeded, by hierarchy, directly into humanity as a world group. Thus the love or soul centre is “not specifically” utilized and it is the group antahkarana that becomes a Direct channel from the Monad to the lower personality.

At the stage prior to the causal destruction the love aspect of the soul is that of sacrifice to the higher will of the Monad demonstrated in the personality as did Jesus Christ in his journey through Initiations and of the destruction of the personality self Will. Thus relating the personality to the higher sacrificial petals of the soul and of these to the Buddhic aspect of the spiritual triad and all to the Spiritual Will of the Monad in its three aspects of Will/Purpose.

The closed door of Initiation sequentially opens and closes through the revelation of each Initiation into the higher way of spiritual evolution. It is this higher way, in contrast to the lower way of human evolution, that the Initiate is treading. A ‘spiritual tension’ is being spoken of that in no way has any bearing to human physical tension. It is good that we are gaining much from these studies as they evoke our higher attention and directs us away from the lower personality identifications. Our continued study of these teachings will enable our steadfast progress and grounding for all future work. No time is lost as we avail ourselves of this stupendous work. 8/7/13. JPC.



Specific Gravity and Size of the Causal Body‏


Another series of files in the records give – under a different formula – information as to what is esoterically called “the heat content” of any unit, “the radiating light” of any form, and the “magnetic force” of every life. It is through this knowledge that the Lipikas control the bringing in, and the passing out, of every Life, divine, superhuman, solar and human, and it is through a consideration of that formula which is the basic formula for a solar system that the physical plane appearance of a solar Logos is controlled, and the length of a cosmic pralaya settled. We must not forget that the Lipika Lords of the solar system have Their cosmic prototypes, and that These have Their feeble and groping human reflections in the great astronomical scientists who endeavor to ascertain facts anent the heavenly bodies, being subconsciously aware of the existence of these cosmic formulas conveying information as to the specific gravity, constitution, radiation, magnetic pull, heat and light of any sun, solar system, or constellation. Many of them in future and remote ages will pass to a full comprehension, and will have the formulas committed to their care, thus joining the ranks of the Lipikas. It is a peculiar line, requiring cycles of careful training in divine mathematics. TCF 1142.

Occult meditation and the definite commencement of the work of liberating the individual from the periphery of the causal body can only be begun when a certain point in evolution has been attained, and when (through its content) the causal body is of a certain specific gravity, and when the circumference of that body measures up to certain requirements. The whole process is one of Law and not, as is so oft considered, one purely of aspiration and lofty desire. Consider wisely this sentence I have just written upon the karmic condition of the threefold man and his place on the ladder of evolution. What have I specified? Three factors for your consideration: [23]
* The point in evolution.
* The specific gravity of the causal body.
* The size and circumference of the causal body.
LOM 22/3.

JPC: DK references to the ‘specific gravity and size’ and even circumference of a human causal body or soul. This is reference to its density and relative weight as measured against another reference substance. I posit that a reference substance would or could be a certain gas. Human science uses air, a composition of Oxygen, Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, Argon and a number of other gases. It could be identified as a compound or composition of gases of the planet. The specific gravity or density of other gases are measured by the SG or air.

The SG of the causal body could be measured relative to air, a composite gas, or the SG of the ether, the etheric plane which must have a specific gravity of its own as must the astral, mental planes/vehicles. The size/circumference of the etheric body is given by DK as of a few inches encompassing the physical body in average man and around twelve inches of the Initiate.

DK is considering here the size of the causal body which is a different matter entirely. Simply put, the specific gravity of the causal body would be much lighter than that of gas/air or of ether and would float or rise “I will arise and go to my Father” accordingly due to its lesser density and relative weight to that of its relative reference substance. We recall that the causal body is of substance and form accordingly to the higher planes.

DK speaks of the lessening grip of the lower self or personality and the growing and expanding of the egoic lotus [“liberating the individual from the periphery of the causal body”] thus the specific gravity of the lotus relative to the hold and gravity of the etheric, astral and mental man must be considered. At a certain point, according to Law and refinement of the causal body, it will rise in full display, content and radiation at the third Initiation because the reduced karmic gravity or specific gravity and weight of the individual karmic mass and attractive pull of the three permanent atoms no longer holds the specific gravity of the causal body [theoretically speaking]  within the aura of the man. When speaking of the individual we here speak of the three permanent atoms. 27-28/4/2014

“The permanent atoms are enclosed within the periphery of the causal body, yet that relatively permanent body is built and enlarged, expanded and wrought into a central receiving and transmitting station (using inadequate words to convey an occult idea) by the direct action of the centers, and of the centers above all. Just as it was spiritual force, or the will aspect, that built the solar system, so it is the same force in the man that builds the causal body.” TCF 179.



Mind / Consciousness / The Angel


The Lords of the flame employed three methods outlined below. according to AAB/DK. The mental unit developed pre solar angels via instinct, aspiration and a gathering momentum to strive for betterment. It was thus a germ to be vivified and stimulated by the angels over much time. They also ‘fostered’ the latent germ of mind until it flowered forth itself. Each solar angel is responsible for one human unit building and unfolding their egoic lotus.

Each human also has a guardian angel we must recall. Between incarnations the lower persona ceases to exist and the solar angel is engaged with its own work elsewhere. Supervision of a lower man is then redundant. However it will continue to be responsible for the egoic lotus. There are three egoic groups of course, first, second and third ray units. Below DK tells us that they came in from various sources but that speculation is not needed or verifiable. “three major monadic types came into being, either from the moon chain or during the Lemurian stage of individualization and that these three determine much that is transpiring today”… “from earlier cycles and from other planetary systems”.

We should note though that the three ray types come into the three main solar systems third rays first SS second second SS with retardant third ray egos and the next first ray system will be first ray egos however there were a few first ray egos in the first or slightly after and some now with most next system. The three waves in that respect might be seen but is not absolute. DK also speaks of three waves of units of inertia, sattva and mobility or ray types but says it is wise to “refrain from dogmatic assertion”. JPC.

The mental is not a septenary permanent atom, but only responds to four types of force, and not to the entire range of vibrations. Herein lies a reason for tolerance. Until a man is coming consciously under the control of the Ego and is beginning to sense the vibration of the manasic permanent atom, it is useless to expect him to respond to certain ideals, or to grasp certain aspects of truth. The mental unit suffices for his need, and no bridge exists between it and the manasic permanent atom. TCF 530.

Thence to the mental unit, which has appeared upon the fourth subplane through innate instinct approximating mentality. TCF 509.

By the gradual stimulation of the mental faculty in animal man, and the steady vitalization of the latent germ of mind until it flowered forth as manifested mind. TWM 378.


* A third factor differentiating the groups of human units who reached self-consciousness on our planet is hidden in the methods employed by the Lords of the Flame at that time. They, we are told, employed three methods.

* First, They themselves took bodies and thus energized certain of the higher forms of the animal kingdom, so that they appeared as man, and thus initiated a particular group. Their descendants can be seen in the highest specimens of the earth humanity now on earth. They are not even now, however, as far advanced as the groups of units from the moon chain who came in in Atlantean days. Their heredity is peculiar.
* They implanted a germ of mind in the secondary group of animal-men who were ready for individualization. This group, for a long time, was unable to express itself, and was most carefully nurtured by the Lords of Flame, nearly proving a failure. By the time, however, that the last subrace of the Lemurian root race was at its height it suddenly came into the forefront of the then civilization, and justified hierarchical effort.
* Thirdly, They fostered the germ of instinct in certain groups of animal-men until it flowered into mind. It must never be forgotten that men have within themselves (apart from any extraneous fostering) the ability to arrive, and to achieve full self-consciousness.

These three methods bring us to the fourth factor which must be remembered, that of the three modes of motion which powerfully affect the incarnating jivas.

The Sons of Mind are distinguished by the three qualities of matter as has been earlier brought out, and they have been generically called:

1. The Sons of sattvic rhythm,
2. The Sons of mobility,
3. The Sons of inertia.

These qualities are the characteristics of the three major Rays, and of the three Persons of the Godhead; they are the qualities of consciousness – material, intelligent, and divine. They are the predominating characteristics of the chains of which our earth is one. TCF 1147.

Distinguish between the three main streams of energy – the units of inertia, mobility and rhythm – and note the key of each unit, and its place in the great group of transitional points. These latter units are those who are on the crest of one of the three waves, and ready, therefore, to be transferred into a wave of a higher vibratory capacity. TCF 1145.

Certain statements have been made in occult books as to the length of time varying between incarnations. Such statements are in the main inaccurate, for they make no allowance for Ray difference, and permit of no calculations as to whether the human unit involved is a unit of inertia, a sattvic point, or a rajasic entity. No hard and fast rule can be laid down at this time for the general public, though such rules exist, and are governed by seven different formulas for the three main types. Within this sevenfold differentiation, exist many lesser, and the wise student refrains from dogmatic assertion on this most peculiar and difficult subject. The fringe of the matter has but been touched upon here. It should be remembered that in the earlier stages of incarnation, the unit is governed mainly by group appearance, and comes into incarnation with his group. TCF 1148.

Just how and why egos come into our planetary evolution from earlier cycles and from other planetary systems is a subject of the greatest interest, but it is of no real importance to the students of this Treatise. We shall not therefore consider it or deal with it. It is of a speculative nature and utterly past their possible corroboration or capacity to check. There is no standard of comparison nor can they judge by inference what is important. All that can be said is that the three major monadic types came into being, either from the moon chain or during the Lemurian stage of individualization and that these three determine much that is transpiring today. All that it is here possible to do is to give some information which may throw a light on the subject, and color our general thought, but which it is impossible either to check or accept except as being inferential or possible. All this can later be determined by the student when his knowledge and powers are greater than they are at present and adequate for that purpose. EP2 211.



All Souls are Identical with the Oversoul


Friends of the ageless wisdom. Here are some pertinent references indicating why ‘all souls are identical with the Oversoul’. Their study and contemplation has much to reveal to us all. Key basic points are, Brotherhood, nature, quality, key and note or tonal vibration, energetic resonance and astrology. Study of these will greatly elucidate our understanding of both ‘The Secret Doctrine’ and ‘A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’. Course 110.

“The occult student has to realize that forms are diverse and many, but that all souls are identical with the Oversoul. The complete knowledge of the nature, quality, key and note of one soul (whether of a chemical atom, a rose, a pearl, a man or an angel) would reveal all souls upon the ladder of evolution. And the process is the same for all: Recognition, the use of the sense organs, including the sixth sense, the mind, in appreciation of the form and its constituents; Concentration, an act of the will whereby the form is negated by the senses and the knower passes behind it to that which vibrates in tune with his own soul. Thus knowledge is arrived at, – knowledge of that which the form (or field of knowledge) is seeking to express, – its soul, key or quality.” LOS 92.


“A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Introductory Postulates 

III. All souls are identical with the Oversoul.

1.  The Logos of the solar system is the Macrocosm. Man is the Microcosm.
2.  Soul is an aspect of every form of life from a Logos to an atom.
3.  This relationship between all souls and the Oversoul constitutes the basis for the scientific belief in Brotherhood. Brotherhood is a fact in nature, not an ideal.
4.  The Law of Correspondences will explain the details of this relationship. This Law of Correspondences or of Analogy is the interpretive law of the system, and explains God to man.
5.  Just as God is the Macrocosm for all the kingdoms in Nature, so man is the Macrocosm for all the subhuman kingdoms.
6.  The goal for the evolution of the atom is self-consciousness as exemplified in the human kingdom.
The goal for the evolution of man is group consciousness, as exemplified by a planetary Logos.
The goal for the planetary Logos is God consciousness, as exemplified by the solar Logos.
7.  The solar Logos is the sumtotal of all the states of consciousness within the solar system.” TCF 9.

“The total lack of a wider consciousness than the individual and the personal, acts as a bar to the true comprehension of things macrocosmic, but if the occult method is adhered to, if the Law of Correspondences is studied, and if we ever reason upward from the microcosm to the greater Whole, then glimpses will be caught of vast realms of realization and vistas of spiritual unfoldment will open up before us, undreamed of hitherto.” TCF contents.