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Full Moon Meditations



IMG_1686During the five-day period, around the full moon, extraordinary spiritual energies are available. This is the time to get a clearer sense of the Plan for the evolution of humanity, to recognize the part of this great Plan for human evolution and to discover where each of us can make a difference.
The full moon meditations offered through the Morya Federation are an invitation to meditate for humanity. They are usually 90 minutes long.  These meditations are not connected with any religion or dogma. These meditations are done on-line and together as a group. There is a short explanation of some of the energies of the particular sign and then we meditate together. They are led by Michael Robbins.
As a group, we link with extra-planetary energies that are available at these times. Each full moon has the potential to produce needed changes in consciousness. It offers specific energies that are helpful to the soul, to all human Souls.
These meditations vitalize the key qualities that each of the twelve constellations embodies. These energies are greatly magnified by focused group energy. Our group meditations also provide an opportunity to “seed” these new concepts within the minds of humanity. By focusing on the qualities that are pouring into the planet during each full moon, the impact that these energies can have upon humanity and on you, is greatly increased.
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A.S.K. Programs

**New for 2021**  The A.S.K. programs have been expanded, new programs alternating with old programs, both offered using this link:  https://www.youtube.com/c/MoryaFederationEsotericEducation/live

Dates and Times: A.S.K. programs alternate with other broadcasts. For an updated schedule of all weekly events, please see:  Weekly Morya Federation Events

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Dates and Times: A.S.K. programs alternate with other broadcasts. For an updated schedule of all weekly events, please see:  Weekly Morya Federation Events