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MQ — Requirements






As a student of Meditation Quest you will be expected to complete one written assignment per month, to be posted three days after the Full Moon. This assignment consists of a meditation report plus answers to study questions.

Proficiency in the English language is a requirement for the main course because mentors communicate with students in English and our learning materials are written in English. We do recognize the importance of offering study programs in languages other than English and to that effect, translations of the Morya Federation Curriculum into other languages are currently in process.  At this time we also offer Meditation Quest in both Vietnamese and Portuguese languages, and translations are on-going for French, Spanish, and Italian.


How Much Time?

In total, you can expect to spend about half an hour a day in meditation, plus one to two hours per month writing your meditation and study reports.

A few documents relative to the meditations you will be performing are provided each month as preparatory reading material to enhance your understanding of the meditation.  They shouldn’t take more than an hour once a month to read. Meditation reports typically should not exceed one page; responses to each study question should be full, but brief. Students can choose to exceed these guidelines, but this would be beyond our expectations.


Your Mentor

You will be assigned a mentor who will support you throughout the program and who will comment on your meditation and study reports.  Your mentor is your first contact with the Morya Federation.  The student-mentor relationship is intended to be ‘impersonally-personal’ or ‘personally-impersonal,’ to quote the idea of Alice Bailey. Your mentor will be closely involved with your general spiritual progress and will serve you as a source of spiritual guidance in your quest for enlightenment.


Application in Daily Life

The Meditation Quest Program is also very much oriented towards application – application of esoteric learnings and new spiritual practices to every day life as you live your spiritual values among your family, friends, and community.  You will increasingly radiate the love of your soul and benefit the lives of those whom you encounter.  This is one way to understand the meaning of the word “service.”


Rhythm and Flexibility

One important requirement is a steady rhythm of work.  You will get the most benefit and advancement in your spiritual life if you fulfill your monthly obligations with consistency and timeliness.   We understand that in the course of study with us, there may be times when other life responsibilities may affect your meditation and study schedule.  When such circumstances occur, we do make allowances and offer flexible options.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this course, or about the Morya Federation itself.   An administrator or faculty member will respond to you.  It is also possible to have Skype conversations if you prefer.

If you feel drawn or ‘called’ to become a student in The Meditation Quest Program, please download and complete The Meditation Quest Application.  Once you have submitted your application, the Admissions Committee will carefully consider it; you will receive notification concerning your admission about two weeks after your Application has been received.

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