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QU — Description

Course content is formally presented during the six months of the LHY (Light Half of the Year, from the January solstice to the June solstice). Students work upon what they have absorbed during the four and a half months of the DHY (Dark Half of the Year).  There is a six week-vacation. Only the courses in Meditation continue to present new content throughout the entire academic year.

Accompanying all meditation and study will be a continuing emphasis upon practical service, expressed according to the nature, inclinations and abilities of each student and the need to be met.

Quest Universal Overview (English)

Quest Universal Requirements (English)

We offer some Quest Universal programs in Vietnamese, but students enter this program by first taking Meditation Quest and Great Quest.


Here is a list and summary of the courses in the five levels of Quest Universal:


Shooting Red Star -- by Duane Carpenter
Duane Carpenter

Level 1

Meditation Group One

The first year’s study will focus principally on concentration, mind control and meditation proper — especially meditation with seed. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will be used as a guide. An attitude of mindfulness will be cultivated.

Survey of Fundamentals (1st two months)

This course is designed to give a broad, brief overview of the basic tenets of the system of esoteric philosophy known as the Ageless Wisdom. It includes the underlying structure of spiritually occult teaching for the present era and with those vast cosmic processes reproduced through all areas of life from universe to atom. Also included is a compact outline of a scheme of cosmology, philosophy and psychology.

The History of Humanity (2nd two months)

This course is intended to increase our perspective concerning the antiquity of the human race and its relation to the development of the other kingdoms of nature and of the planet.

Science and Occultism (3rd two months)

This course presents a generalist history of major scientific achievements, and the relevance of science to Aspirants on the Path.  It emphasizes the use of analogy and correspondence as interpretive tools, and provides the fundamentals of the scientific method.

Treading the Probationary Path

This course surveys the nature of the Path of Spiritual Evolution, and offers distinctions between mystical and occult approaches, as well as the role of maya and glamour as obstacles to the aspirant’s progress.. The requirements and qualifications for the Probationary Path are examined, and the laws of personality integration are studied in conjunction with the subtle energies expressed by the seven rays and the zodiacal signs and the planets (as understood in esoteric astrology). Meditative approaches appropriate to the Probationary Path are explained and practiced.

The Language of Energy

This course covers the basics of the Sciences of Rayology, Esoteric Astrology and the Energy Centers or Chakras. These three esoteric sciences are branches of the Science of Esoteric Psychology, which focuses upon the individual’s potential for spiritual progress. Students will come to understand that human beings are part of a living universal whole in which they can and must participate consciously, and will obtain a basic understanding of some cosmic, systemic, and planetary energies in relation to human development.  (This course is similar to, but more in depth than the Great Quest course.)

Service and Solutions for Humanity

The main purpose of this course is to facilitate the identification of individual and group fields of service, and to support students to become conscious participants in the worldwide group of men and women working in goodwill for the spiritual upliftment of humanity.

You should not be daunted by the fact that a number of these courses are offered simultaneously (four courses simultaneously, plus the work in meditation). This is how things are done in any good college or university. Further, students of the Masters must learn to handle many streams of energy at the same time.



Level 2

Meditation Group Two

This course will continue the study of our mental nature in relation to developing proficiency in the Science of Meditation. Students will continue to consult the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for guidance in this process. One objective will be to achieve an understanding of meditative methods for inducing mental illumination and soul infusion.

Glamour and the Astral Plane (1st two months)

This course is intended to give a broad understanding of the astral plane and the glamour thereon created as it hinders the spiritual development of the aspirant and disciple. The Tibetan Master has said that the fog of glamour is of a more substantial nature than thought forms, though less defined.

Manas and the Fifth Principle (2nd two months)

This course is designed to give the student an introductory understanding of Mind and the Fifth Principle. It is a course that is foundational to any occult education, for the understanding, development and spiritual utilization of Mind is central to all progress in the field occultism. Upon completion of this course, the student will have developed a strong conceptual understanding of “Manas”, from a microcosmic and macrocosmic perspective. Most importantly, students will gain a deeper understanding of the nature and function of their own mental faculties, and how such faculties are instrumental in the perception and expression of Divine Thought.

Science and Kingdoms of Nature (3rd two months)

Among the subjects included in this course are:  the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, occult chemistry, radioactivity, Darwin and materialism, geo-chronology, geology and Theosophy, and individualization.

Path of Discipleship

The Path of Discipleship refers to the process of Soul/Personality fusion and to the cultivation of the mind aspect – both facilitated through the demonstration of a life of increasing service to humanity. The objective of this course is to describe the New Discipleship as an experiment in group work, and to provide methods to help students understand and fulfill this most necessary of requirements.

Advanced Esoteric Psychology I

This study of esoteric psychology is as profound in its psychological depth as it is practical and applicable. If pursued as a process of integration rather than simply the acquisition of information relating to the soul and its mechanism, significant spiritual benefits will be acquired.  Through meditation, study and application, students will contribute not only to their own spiritual progress, but to the manifestation of the Kingdom of Souls.

The Deva Hierarchy

This courses provides students with an overview of the deva kingdom and the true nature of devas and angels.  Whenever we talk about devas, we are touching upon the mysteries of the Builders and their role in manifesting the Plan of God.  Humans and devas cooperate in this great endeavour and foster the evolution and eventual union of these two great kingdoms. When humans become true white magicians—soul infused and committed in heart and mind to the manifestation of the Divine Plan — only then will it be safe to ‘handle’ the subtle devic energies and forces.

Service and Solutions for Humanity

The main purpose of this and all subsequent courses in the Service Stream is to facilitate the identification of individual and group fields of service, and to support students in becoming conscious participants in the worldwide group of men and women working for the spiritual upliftment of humanity.  This year we will focus on the tasks of the Ten Seed Groups from the angle of dissipating glamour and seeing through illusion. The relation of these Seed Groups to the outworking of the Divine Plan and their place within the Divine Purpose will also be considered.


Francis Donald

Level 3 

Meditation Group Three

In Level 3 we focus on study and meditations that pertain to the following subjects:  formulas for the fusion of soul and personality, rules for applicants on the path of initiation, the building and use of the rainbow bridge (the antahkarana), the reappearance of the Christ, and the dispelling of illusion.

The Nature of Illusion (1st two months)

Last year point of focus holds us back from true initiation, beginning at the third degree. If we can learn to understand it and see it for ourselves, then we can make more rapid progress toward that goal.

The Solar Angel and the Egoic Lotus (2nd two months)

The Solar Angel is, from one important perspective, the Soul, the great Life that, infusing monadic expression upon the higher mental plane with its own presence and faculties, constitutes an essential component of our Higher Self. With our Monad, it is a divine part of our constitution that seeks to unite with our lower self, the personality, and redeem it.  This course begins our study of the Solar Angel and its vehicle of expression, the egoic lotus or the causal body.  We study both the Angel and its vehicle—the nature and construction of that vehicle, the unfoldment of its “petals”, the abstract mind, the antahkarana which is the bridge of light that links the lower mind to the egoic lotus, and its relation to the chakras.

Science and Spiritual Ecology (3rd two months)

Spiritual Ecology can be defined as the interrelationship between the seven kingdoms of nature (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, the Kingdom of Souls, the Kingdom of Planetary Lives, and the Kingdom of Solar Lives).  Our perspective is that of humanity as the transmitter and weaver in mental matter of that energetic interrelationship.  Humanity’s responsibility is to co-create greater harmony and coherence with all aspects and expressions of life.

Path of Initiation

The Path of Initiation is the Path of Unification leading to the realized Oneness of God and Man—the Path leading to true knowledge of the One Life ensuring that man may become a conscious, loving agent serving the Will of that One Life—in our case, the Planetary Logos, but later, greater and greater Lives. The spiritual paths preceding the Path of Initiation are the Path of Probation and the Path of Discipleship. The Path of Initiation is characterized by intense effort and sacrifice because initiation is profoundly difficult of attainment, calling for the strenuous discipline of the entire lower nature and a life of self-forgetfulness, self-sacrifice devotion and service to humanity. We will be considering the requirements of the Path of Initiation and looking in greater detail at the three initiations facing the disciple as he seeks to enter the Ashram. We will also deal with the nature of the initiate and the meaning and objectives of initiation.

Advanced Esoteric Psychology II

Here we continue our study of esoteric psychology and will consider the following topics:  the three techniques of fusion between soul and personality; these three methods related to the Three Rays of Aspect are applicable to the fusion process for all seven rays types;  the role of the esoteric counselor and introduction to spiritual counseling; the psychological problems of cleavage, integration and stimulation; problems of mystics and disciples; and problems caused by the awakening of the chakras.

White Magic Rules for the Mental Plane

This course is designed to give the student an introduction to the principles of White Magic, as presented by Alice A. Bailey. It is a course that is foundational to occult development, for all would-be occultists are striving to become white magicians. This is the first of three courses dedicated to this subject, and it focuses on the Rules of White Magic for the mental plane (Rules 1-6). Upon completion, students will have developed a strong conceptual understanding of these Rules, and will know in part what is required in order to fulfill them.

Service and Solutions for Humanity

To begin this year’s study in the series of courses on Service and Solutions, we have elected to study Sir Francis Bacon’s “Idols Which Beset the Man’s Mind”.  The Seed Groups upon which we will focus, and the two problems of humanity taken into consideration, are those which involve particularly two aspects:  a) the mentality of the human being and its correct cultivation and application, and b) those methods of service that require an acute intellect that is subjected to the light of higher mind as it is influenced by the intuition.

Duane Carpenter

Level 4 

Meditation Group Four

Meditations for group four follow the pattern of meditation study and practice offered for group three.  The meditations are progressively more complex and occult, sourced to a large extent from the meditations given to us by Master Djwhal Khul in Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II.   Emphasized are meditations on the antahkarana, and on the Rules for Disciples and Initiates from The Rays and Initiations.

Macrocosmic Centers and Rounds (1st two months)

In this course you will learn about the various “greater Lives” within which we exist. You will learn about the macrocosmic Lives and their various centers or chakras. You will learn about planetary “rounds” and how they affect human evolution. Consideration of these Lives provides us with greater insight into our own destiny, assists in awakening the abstract mind, and leads to an identification with the larger Whole.

The Buddhic Plane (2nd two months)

This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the sixth principle in the constitution of the human being — buddhi, its nature and functions. Buddhi is a prime factor in one of the dominant three fires (Fire-by-friction, Solar Fire and Electric Fire).  Buddhi pertains to solar fire, that category of activity which is the particular goal of the second solar system, i.e. our own solar system. In terms of the Three Divine Aspects which are the three dominant features of manifestation (Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma), buddhi pertains to Vishnu, the love-wisdom Aspect.

Lower and Higher Psychism (3rd two months)

This course will involve investigation into the area of psychism as well as the cultivation of astral and buddhic sensitiveness.  Students will cultivate a high degree of mental objectivity and a discriminative perspective toward all phenomena.  The subject of psychism will be approached from the perspective of the transition (now in process) from the Atlantean (astral) to the Aryan (mental) racial consciousness.  This course is intended both to de-glamorize our attitude toward psychic perceptions as well as prove that they are useful sensitivities whereby human beings can deepen their perception of the subtle dimensions of reality.

Group Initiation

The process of group formation and integration as a pathway towards group initiation is unique to the Tibetan Master’s teachings, as He was responsible for laying the foundations for further understanding of the type of discipleship training suited to the current period of evolutionary development within the emerging cycle of the Age of Aquarius. The methods and procedures of group development are pivotal in shaping or influencing the life of aspirants and disciples as they proceed towards entry into ashramic life.  In this fourth year of study we will develop an understanding of the nature of group consciousness and the peculiar qualities and requirements that are a prerequisite to group initiation.

Esoteric Healing I

We are entering a new era in the art of healing.  As a parallel to scientists who have learned to release (in partial measure) the energy of the atom, the healer similarly endeavours to release the energy of the soul into the life of the ‘dis-eased’ vehicles of the personality.  In this course you will begin to master the science of contact with your own soul, with the patient’s soul, with that one of his energy centres which requirements corrective attention.  You will learn to act as a transmitting agent capable with due training of sending healing energy into specific chakras in the body of the patient. Consequently a deep knowledge of the Constitution of Man as a spiritual being and of the nature of his three inner bodies is paramount. Healers in the New Age need to have a comprehensive understanding of the basic causes of disease arising in man’s subtle bodies, and of even more occult causes emanating from the group life of humanity as well as from the karmic liabilities of mankind.

White Magic Rules for the Astral Plane

This is the second of three courses dedicated to White Magic.  This particular course will focus on the Rules of White Magic that pertain primarily to the astral plane (Rules 7-11). Upon completion, students will have developed a strong conceptual and practical understanding of these Rules, and will know in part what is required of them in order for these Rules to be fulfilled.

Service and Solutions for Humanity

The fourth course for this subject has for its focus the Sixth Seed Group, which is concerned with the New World Religion.  Master Djwhal Khul has given us a definition of religion as “the name given the invocative appeal of humanity and the evocative response of the greater Life to that cry” (Reappearance of the Christ, p. 157).  Inherent in this definition is the movement from an emotional/feeling based religious attitude to a more scientific religious culture that fuses the concrete, abstract and transcendental aspects of mind. Thus the new religious science of invocation and evocation will eventually replace the present use of prayer and worship.




Level 5

Doctor of Philosophy in Esotericism

Quest Universal students who complete level 5 have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy in Esotericism certificate.  Reprinted below is a letter of explanation from Michael Robbins:

Dear Fellow Students of the Ageless Wisdom,

Welcome to Level Five of Quest Universal. I want to congratulate you on your persistence and diligence in reporting on your meditation, study, and service! Your regular reporting has vitalized the student body and demonstrated great qualities of discipline — which of course are fundamental to the life of the disciple.

Upon completion of all work in Level Five you will receive a Morya Federation Diploma which will be your certificate of completion of Quest Universal within the Morya Federation. As you embark upon this final year, please accept all of our appreciation for your contributions to expanding the understanding of the Ageless Wisdom within your own consciousness and, inevitably, within the consciousness of others.

In the tradition of The University of the Seven Rays we further offer you the opportunity to receive the Ph.D.E. (Doctor of Philosophy in Esotericism) upon completion of a graduate-level, final synthesizing thesis,  dissertation or project in a particular area of esoteric study which inspires you and in which you feel you may make a valuable contribution. When you are ready to apply for the Ph.D.E, please consult with your mentor and any faculty advisers who may be able to help you refine your proposal. To this end, a Final Project Adviser will be assigned to you, though you may have more than one adviser on your Final Project Committee. I also will be part of the review and hope to consult with you and your advisers upon this final synthetic project.

Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D., Ph.D.E.,
President, University of the Seven Rays
Director, Morya Federation  

Level 5 courses

Meditation Group Five

Meditations for Level 5 continue the pattern of meditation, study and practice previously established. The meditations are more complex and occult, sourced to a large extent from the meditations given to us by Master Djwhal Khul in Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II.   Emphasized are meditations on the antahkarana, The Great Invocation, supernormal powers, and on the Rules for Disciples and Initiates from The Rays and Initiations.

Shamballa and the Externalization of the Hierarchy (1st two months)

This course focuses on Shamballa, the spiritual centre of our world, and on the externalisation of the Hierarchy of Masters who seek to influence humanity on the evolutionary path. The course deals with the will, its relation to synthesis and the divine Plan. Since the Lord of the World is centred in Shamballa, a study of His nature, too, must receive careful attention. The relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa and to the Lord of the World must not be overlooked for when the Christ returns, the Masters will take up various forms of closer relationships to humanity and the three lower kingdoms in the external physical world.

Occult Law (2nd two months)

The course deals with the three basic laws of the universe and their seven subsidiary laws. Its aim is to bring a deeper understanding of the laws that govern the cosmos, a solar system and a human being. The three major laws are:  the Law of Economy which governs the instinctual nature of man; the Law of Attraction, which governs the soul aspect in man and in all forms of life, from an atom to a solar system; and the Law of Synthesis, which will govern man when he has arrived at the Path of Initiation.

Occult Cosmogony and Creative Hierarchies (3rd two months)

The purpose of this course is to study the nature and functions of the twelve Creative Hierarchies, and their relation to solar systemic processes upon the cosmic mental, cosmic astral and cosmic physical planes. We will touch upon occult cosmogony and emanation theory, and then view the relation of the Hierarchies to solar-systemic processes upon the cosmic mental, cosmic astral, and cosmic physical planes.

Group Initiation II

We begin our consideration of atma, and five of the seven sub-planes conditioning the spiritual will.  The study format continues through the final Seven Rules of the Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation. By contemplating verses of symbolic language, the analytical mind is being trained to hold a posture of poise, the mind held steady in the light, in order to function as an interpreter of subtle impressions and to allow the intuition to have greater influence on the mind.

Esoteric Healing II

In this second phase, the practical implications and requirements faced by the practicing esoteric healer will be carefully examined. A practical understanding of the soul as it comes to grips with the personality, and of the difficulties encountered by the personality during the process of soul infusion will be considered. Upon completion of this course, the student will have a greater understanding of the dynamics of the soul and personality interaction preceding their fusion, will have developed a functional sense of esoteric group life, and will have gained some expertise in the management and redeeming of form. Special attention will be given to the pitfalls encountered upon the Path of Discipleship, and the role of the egoic lotus in healing. The relationship between the healer and the white magician, the dynamics of the processes of life and death, and the importance of group action in healing will be thoroughly studied and, put into practice where possible.

White Magic Rules for the Etheric Plane

In this third segment in our study of White Magic we focus on the four Rules pertaining to the etheric planes.  This is the last phase of precipitation prior to physical manifestation.  These Rules is the most demanding of the series, and require much preparation on the part of the magician.  The waters of the astral plane have not hurt the white creator but now there is danger from fire and flame.  The white magician must now call on the solar Angel to assist with the completion of the magical process of externalizing a soul-inspired thought or idea.

Service and Solutions for Humanity

Emphasis in this fifth level concerning the Political Organizers will deal with establishing an international consciousness along the line of power or will. With the growth of an international consciousness will come a freer distribution of resources guided by the principle of sharing among nations – a sharing based upon a desire to express right human relations through goodwill and the Will-to-Good, and upon cooperative interplay (rather than competition) between the various sectors of human society.


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