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Student On-Line Study

The Morya Federation Campus

The Morya Federation is an international Esoteric School whose faculty members and students represent more than 25 countries in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  Our campus resides on the Internet, where students can access all resources needed for successful learning and a rewarding Spiritual Quest experience.  We offer a variety of programs to suit students at various levels of expertise and time availability.

All individuals who are drawn to spiritual teachings and to a comprehensive program of esoteric Meditation, Study, and Service are welcome.  Our study programs focus on the books of Alice A. Bailey.

The Blue Books

Our campus has three streams of education:

Meditation Quest, for beginners:  https://www.moryafederation.com/programs/meditation-quest/ 

Great Quest, our intermediate program:  https://www.moryafederation.com/programs/the-great-quest/

Quest Universal, the most advanced program:  https://www.moryafederation.com/programs/quest-universal/ 


Or if you would rather not enroll in our on-line school, you might want to start off by watching some of the Student Webinars at the Morya Federation Student Webinars.

Some webinars are for beginning students like the following:

Journey of the Soul (David Hopper)

Discover the Self: Through the 7 Rays Webinar (Eva Smith)

Great Quest Student Webinars (Leoni Hodgson, BL Allison)

Seven Rays Webinars and Esoteric Astrology Webinars (Eva Smith)

Other webinars are more advanced and get deeper into esotericism, like:

Awakening the Higher Mind with Duane Carpenter

Sacred Geometry Webinars (Francis Donald)

Secret Doctrine Webinars (Francis Donald)

Secret Teachings of All Ages Webinars (Francis Donald)


As you can see, we at the Morya Federation offer a wide assortment of student programs as well as the repository of webinars and information compiled on the Morya Federation You Tube Channel and our Makara.us archives of the Ageless Wisdom.  Michael Robbins’ webinars and commentaries on all the Alice Bailey books are also favorites for new students as well as seasoned esotericists:

MDR Commentaries

Tapestry of the Gods