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Dissipation of Glamour Webinars

Dissipation of Glamour Webinars


“Helping to Dissipate the World Glamour of Hate and Separativeness”

Dear Friends,

You are invited to join the Initiative to Dissipate Individual and World Glamour, an on-line initiative of the Morya Federation of Esoteric Schools with participants from all over the world.  Weekly on-line webinars are held on Fridays using the Master Djwhal Khul’s esoteric formulas for dissipating glamour.  Working to dissipate one’s Individual Glamours is a preparation and requirement for group service work in helping to dissipate World Glamour. The World Glamour Initiative is currently focused on Dissipating the Glamour of Hate and Separativeness.

To participate, Click the JOIN US button. Each week you will automatically be sent your Glamour Initiative webinar link.  You also will have access to all the recordings of past Glamour webinars and teachings. We warmly invite you and your groups to join us in this group service work to benefit all humanity and the world. Your help is greatly needed at this time.

Light, Love and Power,
Michael and Tuija Robbins and Olivia Hansen




The Nature of Glamour and Methods of Dissipation

For more information about the nature of Glamour and the methods for its dissipation, see Master DK’s teachings in the Alice Bailey book, Glamour, A World Problem, available from Lucis Trust, www.LucisTrust.org.  The book can be purchased and is also available on the Bailey CDRom of AAB books, or if can be read free on-line: https://www.lucistrust.org/online_books/welcome_obooks_website

This is not easy work. The individual must work on his or her own Individual Glamours before he or she can be trusted and trained to work harmlessly in a wider field with group and World Glamours.  Individual Glamour work is a preparation and requirement for group service work in helping to dissipate World Glamour. It must be remembered that some in Master DK’s Group of Nine which was eventually to work widely in the field of world glamour became subject to glamours in their own lives as a result of their intensive participation in this Seed Group. So watchfulness is ever necessary and real self-understanding. Then one can become, eventually, a true member of the Trained Observers the Name of the Second Seed Group.

In our earlier webinars, we have discussed glamour in general and have used Master DK’s Formula for the Dissipation of Individual Glamour.  We need to begin with ourselves as Individuals. If you will go to the book Glamour: A World Problem, pages 120-123, you will see a list of common Individual Glamours, according to Ray.

Note: They are listed for you below so you can think about the Glamour you would like to work on, Individually.

Excerpts from Master DK’s teachings on Glamour related to the Seven Rays types:



The glamour of physical strength.
The glamour of personal magnetism.
The glamour of self-centredness and personal potency.
The glamour of “the one at the centre.”
The glamour of selfish personal ambition.
The glamour of rulership, of dictatorship and of wide control.
The glamour of the Messiah complex in the field of politics.
The glamour of selfish destiny, of the divine right of kings personally exacted.
The glamour of destruction.
The glamour of isolation, of aloneness, of aloofness.
The glamour of the superimposed will-upon others and upon groups.


The glamour of the love of being loved.
The glamour of popularity.
The glamour of personal wisdom.
The glamour of selfish responsibility.
The glamour of too complete an understanding, which negates right action.
The glamour of self-pity, a basic glamour of this ray.
The glamour of the Messiah complex, in the world of religion and world need.
The glamour of fear, based on undue sensitivity.
The glamour of self-sacrifice.
The glamour of selfish unselfishness.
The glamour of self-satisfaction.
The glamour of selfish service.


The glamour of being busy.
The glamour of cooperation with the Plan in an individual and not a group way.
The glamour of active scheming.
The glamour of creative work-without true motive.
The glamour of good intentions, which are basically selfish.
The glamour of “the spider at the centre.”
The glamour of “God in the machine.”
The glamour of devious and continuous manipulation.
The glamour of self-importance, from the standpoint of knowing, of efficiency.


The glamour of harmony, aiming at personal comfort and satisfaction.
The glamour of war.
The glamour of conflict, with the objective of imposing righteousness and peace.
The glamour of vague artistic perception.
The glamour of psychic perception instead of intuition.
The glamour of musical perception.
The glamour of the pairs of opposites, in the higher sense.


The glamour of materiality, or over-emphasis of form.
The glamour of the intellect.
The glamour of knowledge and of definition.
The glamour of assurance, based on a narrow point of view.
The glamour of the form which hides reality.
The glamour of organisation.
The glamour of the outer, which hides the inner.


The glamour of devotion.
The glamour of adherence to forms and persons.
The glamour of idealism.
The glamour of loyalties, of creeds.
The glamour of emotional response.
The glamour of sentimentality.
The glamour of interference.
The glamour of the lower pairs of opposites.
The glamour of World Saviours and Teachers.
The glamour of the narrow vision.
The glamour of fanaticism.


The glamour of magical work.
The glamour of the relation of the opposites.
The glamour of the subterranean powers.
The glamour of that which brings together.
The glamour of the physical body.
The glamour of the mysterious and the secret.
The glamour of sex magic.
The glamour of the emerging manifested forces.

[Master DK: ] “I have here enumerated many glamours. But their names are legion, and I have by no means covered the possibilities or the field of glamour.”

Think about your Individual Glamours and choose one to focus on.  You can look at some of the earlier Glamour Webinars available on-line at Dissipation of Glamour Initiative Events (scroll to bottom of that page) where the focus was on Individual Glamours. 

As you feel some understanding in Individual Glamour work, then join us in the current webinars of group service work helping to dissipate World Glamour, the Glamour of Hate and Separativeness. 

During the webinars, there is opportunity for teachings, and questions and discussion as well as the service work helping to dissipate world glamour.  We welcome your participation.