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What is Service?

Please download the ServiceBooklet

The Evolutionary Effects of incoming Aquarian Influences [EP II, p123]

The idea of service is, at this time, the major idea to be grasped for (in grasping it) we open ourselves wide to the new incoming influences.  The Law of Service is the expression of the energy of a great Life, who, in cooperation with Him “in Whom we live and move and have our being” is subjecting the human family to certain influences and streams of energy which will eventually do three things:—

  1. Awaken the heart center in all aspirants and disciples.
  2. Enable emotionally polarized humanity to focus intelligently in the mind.
  3. Transfer the energy of the solar plexus into the heart.

This unfolding of what we might call “the consciousness of the heart” or the development of true feeling is the first step towards group awareness.  This group awareness and this identification with the feeling aspect of all groups is the quality which leads to service—a service to be rendered as the Masters render it, and as the Christ demonstrated it for us in Galilee.

The Challenge of Service [EP II, p120]

Service is usually interpreted as exceedingly desirable and it is seldom realized how very difficult service essentially is.  It involves so much sacrifice of time and of interest and of one’s own ideas, it requires exceedingly hard work, because it necessitates deliberate effort, conscious wisdom, and the ability to work without attachment.  These qualities are not easy of attainment by the average aspirant, and yet today the tendency to serve is an attitude which is true of a vast majority of the people in the world.  Such has been the success of the evolutionary process.

What is Service? [EP II, p125]

Service is the outstanding characteristic of the soul, just as desire is the outstanding characteristic of the lower nature.   

Service is a life demonstration, not an activity requiring strenuous endeavor. 

Service is the outstanding characteristic of the soul, just as desire is the outstanding characteristic of the lower nature. 

Service is group desire, just as in the lower nature it is personality desire. 

Service is the urge to group good.  It is simply the first real effect, evidenced upon the physical plane, of the fact that the soul is beginning to express itself in outer manifestation.

Why Do We Serve?

Motive to Serve [EP II, p121] – Service is frequently regarded as an endeavor to bring people around to the point of view of the one who serves, because what the would-be server has found to be good and true and useful, must necessarily be good and true and useful for all.  Service is viewed as something we render to the poor, the afflicted, the diseased and the unhappy, because we think we want to help them, little realizing that primarily this help is offered because we ourselves are made uncomfortable by distressing conditions and must therefore endeavor to ameliorate those conditions in order ourselves to be comfortable again.  The act of thus helping releases us from our misery, even if we fail to release or relieve the sufferers.

Awakening to the Realization [DINA II, p59] – You will all awaken someday to the realization that the Science of Service is of greater importance than the Science of Meditation, because it is the effort and the strenuous activity of the serving disciple which evokes the soul powers, makes meditation an essential requirement, and is the mode—ahead of all others—which invokes the Spiritual Triad, brings about the intensification of the spiritual life, forces the building of the Antahkarana, and leads in a graded series of renunciations to the Great Renunciation, which sets the disciple free for all eternity.

DK to GSS [DINA I, p408] – Your service must be one of potent loving contact. Your method should be that of a deep interest in them, more than an interest in what you may have to give them of an occult and intellectual nature. Their need is the thing that is of importance. The effort to understand these people (with their reticences and silences, their weaknesses and strengths, their aspirations and their failures, their devotions and their customs) and to enter into their consciousnesses will give you the training which you need and will enable you later to be a server whom we, the teachers on the inner side, can more fully use.

DK to SRD [DINA I, p562] – Take your eyes off yourself, take them off the personalities of your co-disciples, and take them away even from me, your friend and teacher of several lives, and forget everything but the need of those you daily meet. Then serve . . . . with a tender heart of love and pity, serve all you meet, knowing that “each heart hides its own bitterness.” Serve with a joyous heart and equilibrium.

Qualities of the Server [EP II, p131]

  1. He will be distinguished, as might be expected, by the quality of harmlessness, and by an active refraining from those acts and that speech which might hurt or cause any misunderstanding. By no word, suggestion, implication, innuendo or voiced dissatisfaction will he hurt his group.
  2. The second characteristic is a willingness to let others serve as seems best to them, knowing that the life flowing through the individual server must find its own channels and outlets. Others must learn to “stand in spiritual being”, as he himself is learning to do so, and then to do so together and with the group.
  3. The third characteristic of the new server is joyfulness. This takes the place of criticism. Joy isthe silence that sounds.

In the centre of all Love I stand
From that centre I , the soul, will outward move
From that centre I, the one who serves, will work
May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad
in my heart, through my group
and throughout the world.

Download Other Mantrams of Service

“In the present world upheaval and with its steady approach to the western hemisphere, it is not easy for world disciples—with their unusual sensitivity—to detach themselves from the general psychic condition. Yet the aim of each pledged and obligated disciple must be to hold a subjective attitude of detached contact and at the same time to carry forward the life of active service upon the physical plane.” DINA II, p492

“The initiate has always to express, in each sign of the zodiac, the consummation and spiritual fruit of earlier life experience, world experiment and soul achievement. Selfishness has ever to be translated into living active service, and desire has to demonstrate its transmutation in the purity of spiritual aspiration for identification with the will of God.” EA, p62.


Participating in Triangles:
Participating in Triangles Booklet

 Compilation on Service: Service and Ability to Serve

Lucis Trust, dedicated to the establishment of a new and better way of life for everyone based on the fulfillment of the divine plan for Humanity
Triangles – A planetary network of Light and Goodwill: https://www.lucistrust.org/triangles
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The Personal Identity Profile Version 3 (PIP III) is Here!


PIP III: Personal Identity Profile Version 3

To get the new PIPIII, visit:


Friends, this introduces a video for interpreting the PIP III. It should help you see how you can apply it to your own incarnation. I hope to be in a position to help you do that with webinars that can be offered over the Internet. Meanwhile, maybe my ray ‘autobiography’ using PIP III will help you.

Light, Love and Power, Michael

 Interpretation of the PIP III Results by Michael Robbins 1,577 MB .wmv file, 3hrs

 PIP III Example Report, Michael Robbins Report .8 MB .pdf file

 PIP III Example Report, Large Print, Michael Robbins Report .5 MB .pdf file

 PIP II Manual (older version, but much still applies) 1.25 MB .pdf file

Soul-Personality Ray Combinations 52 KB .doc file



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