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34th USR-SRI Conference

Dear Friends of Humanity and the Ageless Wisdom,

Our world is in a predictable crisis. The Tibetan warned that Sanat Kumara had been thinking at various junctures of engineering a great epidemic–probably to help humanity realign with the Good.

This pandemic has immediate impact upon millions if not billions. Naturally, those who seek to advance the Ageless Wisdom are among them.

For the safety of our usual attendees, many of them/us rather elderly, we have transformed our annual conference into a fully streamed conference, seeking to deliver to you a program of quality which is evident in the yearly live event. We will keep you informed, naturally. The days will be the same, the offerings pretty much the same and the timing similar (Arizona time) with some adaptations.

Behind the scenes we must play our part and we will. We hope for your attentive attendance and participation as we use computer technology to move inward seeking contact through the ethers.

Please understand the conference is most definitely not cancelled, but rather transformed. Humanity now has a true trial before it. Let us hope we can emerge properly. We esotericists in training can definitely help.

Let us all cooperate together to ride through this global health crisis successfully, Let us count on each other. We can prevail over the difficulties presented.

With Love and Many Blessings,
Michael and the Boards of the SRI and the USR/Morya Federation

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