The Morya Federation is an international School whose faculty members and students represent more than 25 countries in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Our campus resides on the Internet, where students can access all resources needed for successful learning and a rewarding Spiritual Quest experience.  We offer a variety of programs to suit students at various levels of expertise and time availability.

All individuals who are drawn to spiritual teachings and to a comprehensive program of esoteric , Study and are welcome.

Our goal is to help create soul-illumined servers of humanity—servers inspired by love, spiritual will and spiritual intelligence—who can cooperate in establishing the new culture and civilization of the long-awaited .


Signs of Christ by Nicholas Roerich Master Moya watching the Christ draw images in the sand
“Signs of Christ” by Nicholas Roerich
Master Morya watching the Christ (the Lord Maitreya) explain from the symbols he has drawn in the desert sand, how human evolution must proceed — “By human hands. By human feet”.


Esotericism and occultism deal with the unseen side of all that is tangible, with the world of energies that lie behind the phenomenal world; hence the words esoteric or occult, which refer to that which is hidden. Esotericism and occultism present a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the Universe and of man's place within it.

The means of contacting one’s higher consciousness, which is one's soul, and of eventually becoming at-one with it. It is the act of abstracting oneself from the outer world and centering within.  It is a technique whereby we focus the mind so it becomes the receiver and reflector of higher consciousness.  It enables us to receive spiritual impression and thus to contribute to the welfare and upliftment of mankind.

Service is motivated by consciousness to give of the self to others.  It is an expression of love, given freely to the family, the group, or humanity in general.  Service is the result of soul impulse, is a technique of group development, and shows our ability to understand and cooperate with the Divine Plan.

Astrologically we are currently living the Age of Pisces because the spring equinox occurs right now in the astrological sign Pisces, but gradually our sun at the spring equinox is moving towards the sign Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is truly dawning, and humanity will be subjected to those energies and forces which will break down the barriers of separation and which will blend  and fuse the consciousness of all men.  This unity will be distinctive of a civilization characterized by Brotherhood.