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QU – Overview



Students who complete Quest Universal will have made significant progress on the Spiritual Path.  This comprehensive curriculum covers the most important esoteric subjects and provides opportunities for application and service expression in one’s daily life.  Students of Quest Universal grow spiritually through practicing occult meditation, developing an in-depth understanding of the Ageless Wisdom, and equipping themselves for service to humanity.  The three great principles of esoteric education are represented:  Meditation, Study and Service.

The Quest Universal Curriculum, was developed for the student who already has some exposure to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. The meditation and study program is intensive and a mentor, who is the student’s first contact and spiritual guide, provides spiritual and psychological support.

The curriculum is divided into five levels, and each level normally takes one year to complete (although alternate pacing options are available).

Each course consists of study materials and requires the answering of study questions during the first half of the year (the academic half), while the second half of the year has a creative focus and consists of the writing of papers (or the creation of other final projects) which demonstrate what the student has learned and assimilated during the academic half of the year. Meditations are prescribed for the entire year.

Adhering to the monthly study work of Quest Universal will engender a profound understanding of the ancient wisdom teachings. Nevertheless, Quest Universal is an intensive program which will take a significant amount of time each month if the required meditations, study, and written reports are to be properly completed.  For some students (who, for instance, have full-time jobs and extensive family commitments) participation in Quest Universal may seem too demanding.  Therefore, options exist for students to reduce their course load, thus taking two or more years to complete each level.

Please see the sections Course Description and Course Requirements for additional information on course content, responsibilities, and expectations.

Quest Universal students who complete Level 5 have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy in Esotericism certificate.  Further information about this certificate is available in the Quest Universal Requirements web page.

We believe that your participation in Quest Universal (or preliminarily in the Great Quest Program) can be a most significant spiritual experience and can speed you safely and securely along a Path which will make it possible for you to transform your personality into an effective instrument for soul expression and thereby enabling you to become a true server of humanity.

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We offer some Quest Universal programs in Vietnamese, but students enter this program by first taking Meditation Quest and Great Quest.


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