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Aries Events from Michael and Tuija Robbins, 19-24 March 2019

Aries Pre Full Moon Webinar

Tuesday, 19-MARCH 8 PM GMT

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6866270193039464195

Webinar ID: 476-229-099


using this Comprehensive Link


Tuesday, March 19th

Sacred Pentagram Full Moon Approach Day I BROADCAST

Begins at 7 PM GMT

Aries Pre Full Moon WEBINAR

Begins at 8 PM GMT


Wednesday, March 20th


NO Science of Triangles Webinar on Wednesday

Aries Equinox Silent Circle WEBINAR


Webinar ID: 321-624-419

Begins at 7 PM GMT

Sacred Pentagram Full Moon Approach AND

Aries EQUINOX Service Meditation BROADCAST

part of the Aries Equinox Silent Circle Gatherings

Begins at 8:10 PM GMT


9:58 PM GMT


Thursday, March 21st


Sacred Pentagram Full Moon Approach Day III AND

Aries Full Moon Service Meditation BROADCAST

Begins at 0:00 AM GMT

Aries Full Moon 

1:43 AM GMT


Friday, March 22nd

Dissipation of Glamour Webinar


Webinar ID: 284-353-883

Begins at 6 PM GMT

NO Sacred Pentagram Full Moon Approach Day IV BROADCAST


Saturday, March 23rd

ASK Soul of Nations Broadcast

Begins at 6 PM GMT

NO Sacred Pentagram Full Moon Approach Day V BROADCAST 

Aries Solar Festival Circle Sharing


Webinar ID: 248-486-563

part of the Aries Equinox Silent Circle Gatherings

Begins at 7 PM GMT


Sunday, March 24th

NO ASK Attracting Money for Hierarchical Purposes Broadcast

Blue Rose Sisterhood events only

Aries Equinox Silent Circle Gathering on March 20th at 19:00 GMT

Dear Friends of Humanity and the Ageless Wisdom,
We are entering a most potent spiritual season (the Aries Equinox and Easter) during a year in which the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers will again occur, beginning December 21st 2019. Please join us for the coming Aries Equinox meditations and discussions as given in the PDF attachment we are attaching. These meetings will occur under the name, the Aries Equinox Silent Circle Gathering.  The registration links in the PDF are clickable and the Join Link for the Equinox is our regular Morya Federation Comprehensive Broadcast Link.
Light, Love and Power, Tuija and Michael Robbins

University of the Seven Rays 33rd annual conference — April 30-May 12, 2019




Forerunners of the Light:
​Illuminating and Manifesting the Divine Plan


Pre-Conference:  April 30 ~ May 7, 2019
​Main Conference:  May 7 ~ May 12, 2019

In Chandler, Arizona, USA


Dear Friends of Humanity and the Ageless Wisdom,
Only two months remain before the opening of our 33rd International Conference. For thirty-three consecutive years the Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays have sponsored these conferences as celebrations of the great Ageless Wisdom and its salutary effect upon the uplift and redemption of Humanity. This year’s Conference at the San Marcos Resort in Chandler,  I consider it is a very important one.  The focus is a Third Ray Conference:
Forerunners of the Light: Illuminating and Manifesting the Divine Plan
The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet in its cooperation with Humanity works largely through events-through positively oriented gatherings of people who, together, want to see a better more spiritual world emerge from Humanity’s presently confused and glamoured condition. We have always felt that the annual USR-SRI Conferences offer just such an event – opportunities for collaboration with that Great Society of Organized and Illumined Minds-the Masters of the Wisdom, the Hierarchy – and this year’s Conference is no exception.
Why do I think a focus upon the Third Ray of Creative Intelligence (of Abstract Mind and Activity) is so important? Simply because the personality of our Planetary Logos is on the third ray, while His Soul is upon the second. The human personality, generically, expresses the very same rays. So many problems on our planet exist precisely because it is difficult to bring these two rays together in mutual cooperation, and yet the task is urgent. Perhaps a cosmic misalignment (of which we know little) in the Great Bear, or perhaps misalignments far beyond are the ultimate causes of difficulties on Earth, but, at least, we do know there are, indeed, difficulties causing significant problems for Humanity.  Love and Intelligence are not aligning as they should and the integration of the soul and personality nature of our Planetary Logos (and the soul and personality nature of Humanity) is not yet occurring as it should.
We, as students of the Ageless Wisdom, can do something about this and our help is needed. Your help is needed!  
A conference like ours can help bring these two rays into harmonious cooperation in service of the Divine Plan, and we should consider the importance of the opportunity offered to us.
We know that all of us are seeking a deeper connection between the spiritual part of our nature and the more material/personal side. It is not easy, is it? The great Initiate (and now Master) Paul, gave us a testimony to His struggle to do this very thing-bring soul and personality together. This spiritual task takes years to fulfill (perhaps, even lifetimes) once one discovers the lack of their integrity between soul and personality.
Our Conference, especially when it focuses on the Third Ray, gives the opportunity to blend the intelligent pursuits of Humanity with the Love and Wisdom poured forth from Hierarchy-so very necessary on our planet and in the lives of all of us who care about the illumination and manifestation of the Divine Plan. The Divine Plan MUST manifest, and it is up to people like ourselves (many of us quite serious students and practitioners of the Ageless Wisdom) to help!
That is why I would like to see as many of you as can attend the Conference in person, to be there with us-not only the main Conference beginning on May 7th, 2019, but the intensively esoteric Pre-Conference beginning on April 30th with the Ceremonial Workshop, the Esoteric Astrology Seminar and the Advancing Seven Ray Seminar. In these Pre-Conference offerings, we go into many of the deeper aspects of the Teaching for true students of Spiritual Esotericism.
During the Main Conference we synthesize it all making our understanding as widely and practically available as possible. The keynotes of the Pre-Conference and Main Conference have different colorations, but together they produce a beautiful and powerful whole which uplifts all attendees as well as the many we reach over the Internet and through our daily Global Meditations during Conference.
So, Friend, do make every effort to be with us in person. You will benefit; the Conference attendees will benefit from your presence; and the hundreds we can reach through our outreach — streaming, broadcasting and video programs — will also be inspired. Many take the USR/SRI Conference as their point of spiritual/practical inspiration for the year. I understand why they do so. Conferences are inspiring and they stimulate many ideas about how we can serve more effectively in cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Divine Plan.
Please go to www.sevenray.org and register to attend, for either the Main Conference or Pre-Conference, or ideally for both!
My colleagues and I, and your old friends from Conferences past-if you have been with us before-will be most happy to greet you. Or, this may be your first time at one of our Conferences, but whether this is your first Conference or whether you are a veteran of these hierarchical opportunities, we will be delighted to see you and work with you.
Hoping you can join us for what looks like a great opportunity to blend Love and Intelligence.
PS: We are working on a plan to bring Alice Bailey’s grandson to the Conference. He has many things to share which no doubt will be of keen interest to all of us.
PS: We are working on a plan to bring Alice Bailey’s grandson to the Conference. He has many things to share which no doubt will be of keen interest to all of us.
In Light, Love and Power,
Michael Robbins
President: Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays
Director: Morya Federation of Esoteric Schools
For the Board of Directors of the SRI/USR

Learn more about the conference and register here:






Webinar: The Secret Doctrine, April 28th, 2019

Please Join Us for the Secret Doctrine Webinar

Episode 18: Stanza 2, Verses 1 & 2

from the Stanzas of Dzyan

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

7:00 to 8:45 pm GMT

Presented by Francis Donald 

Please join us for Episode 18 of an ongoing series of webinars on the occult masterwork, The Secret Doctrine, by H.P. Blavatsky. After catching up on HPB’s travels in India, we’ll continue our study of the final verse from Stanza II from the Stanzas of Dzyan, which form the foundation of the Secret Doctrine

For some months to come we will be focusing on volume one of The Secret Doctrine, which is a translation of– and commentary on– one of the greatest source teachings ever given to humanity, the Book of Dzyan. These ancient writings, unavailable until publication of the SD, describe the passage from the formless realms of pure Being to the manifested universe in all its diversity.

Though the webinars are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, this one will be on the 4th Sunday and will include charts, photographs, and other graphics. Attendees will be encouraged to participate in an open discussion style of presentation. Hope to see you there! 

Click here to access archived Secret Doctrine webinars

To receive an invitation for all of our webinars, please use the “Sign Up” button on the side panel and we’ll send you an email as other webinars are announced.

Webinar: Awakening the Higher Mind, March 23, 2019

 Awakening the Higher Mind and the Intuition

Through the Use of Symbols

Presented by Duane Carpenter

Saturday, 23 March 2019, 11:59 pm – 2:30 am GMT

Saturday, 23 March 2019, 4:59 pm – 6:30 pm PST


The primary objective of this series of webinars is to awaken the higher mind and the intuition and not necessarily to impart large volumes of information however important as a foundational base. Information is only useful if it eventually leads the student to an expansion of consciousness or changes in the inner sheaths or bodies. We must see the occult path and all of its allied information as a synthesis and how the isolated parts can be brought together into a more organic whole. Some of the images and animations that will be shared can be seen or experienced as short meditations.

This webinar series continues to explore a number of topics briefly such as:

  1. Laya Yoga is the science of the centers and was indicated by DK to be a secondary science of Esoteric Astrology. Also the science of Triangles underlies the entire field of esoteric astrology.

  2. All planetary and solar triangles have their counterpart in the human constitution or chakra system

  3. The Vortex and vacuum.

  4. Circular ray charts outlying the 6-fold energy qualities the students must become aware of and use in their meditations and service. These charts are based on DK’s own ray charts given in his teachings and expanded to show the different rays of the student more spherically or in 3-D. Walter Pullin’s work with his spherical triple sun astrological charts found at his website are a prime example of where much of the newer presentation are moving. The charts, tabulations and graphs given in the works of HPB and DK are representations of processes and unfolding powers.

  5. The Science of Electricity.

DK has indicated throughout all of his works that the science of astrology is the oldest and greatest of the esoteric sciences; it is not well known that DK has also stated that the science of electricity “is the greatest spiritual science of divine knowledge in the world the fringes of which have only just been touched”. (ROC 124)

From the above passage and quote we can see two entirely different sciences considered by the Tibetan to be the greatest, one of which is ancient and the other one which is just emerging. Let us compare and explore these two areas of recognition and find their common goals and similarities.

All of the above areas of research and exploration are of course intimately linked and connected when the big picture is seen.  To aid in this work I will be using many images, tabulations and animations. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments at our new Facebook group on Awakening the Higher Mind and Intuition through Symbols at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2167738123497445/.   This group is designed to share experiences that create a bridge between webinars.

You can also contact me by email at monad_monad_monad@yahoo.com, or visit my Light-Weaver website at http://light-weaver.com/.

Recordings of previous webinars in the Awakening the Higher Mind series can be downloaded at: http://makara.us/04mdr/webinars/awakening-mind.html.  (If you have questions about signing up for the webinar, or access to archives, please address them to BL Allison at blallison@cfl.rr.com.)

Peace and Blessings,

Duane Carpenter


To receive an invitation for all of our webinars, please use the “Sign Up” button on the side panel and we’ll send you an email as this or other webinars are announced.