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Webinar course: Discipleship in the New Age 27 Jan 2018

Song of Shamballa by Nicholas Roerich

Song of Shamballa by Nicholas Roerich

Elena Dramchini continues her comprehensive analysis of disciple C.D.P.  The focal point of this webinar will be a discussion of C.D.P.’s rays and their presence in her astrological chart.  Recommended reading is the instruction for Jul 1937 in DINA I, page 520.

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Recordings of past DINA webinars can be found at:   http://makara.us/04mdr/webinars/dina-disciples.html

Webinar: The Secret Doctrine, February 18th, 2018

Please Join Us for the Secret Doctrine Webinar

Episode 5: The Proem, Part 4

The ‘Spirit of Fire’

Sunday, February 18th, 2018, 8:00 to 9:45 pm GMT

Presented by Francis Donald 

Join us for Episode 5 of an ongoing series of webinars on the occult masterwork, The Secret Doctrine, by H.P. Blavatsky.  After looking in on HPB’s life in India, we’ll continue with the Proem of The Secret Doctrine – exploring the ‘spirit of fire’ – the essence of the life principle. 

During subsequent webinars, we will continue our journey through volume one of The Secret Doctrine, which is a translation of– and commentary on– one of the greatest source teachings ever given to humanity, the Book of Dzyan. These ancient writings, unavailable until publication of the SD, describe the passage from the formless realms of pure Being to the manifested universe in all its diversity.

The webinars are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month and will include charts, photographs, and other graphics. Attendees will be encouraged to participate in an open discussion style of presentation. Hope to see you there! 

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Webinar: Awakening the Higher Mind

Announcing a New Webinar Series

 Awakening the Higher Mind

Presented by Duane Carpenter


Saturday, 17 February 2018, 1:00 – 2:30 am GMT

The primary objective of this series of webinars is to awaken the higher mind and the intuition and not necessarily to impart large volumes of information however important as a foundational base. Information is only useful if it eventually leads the student to an expansion of consciousness or changes in the inner sheaths or bodies. We must see the occult path and all of its allied information as a synthesis and how the isolated parts can be brought together into a more organic whole. Some of the images and animations that will be shared can be seen or experienced as short meditations.

The first Webinar will be an exploratory one in which a number of topics will be briefly reviewed to see where the majority of interest lies. Here are several different subjects seen below that we will briefly explore.

  1. Laya Yoga is the science of the centers and was indicated by DK to be a secondary science of Esoteric Astrology. Also the science of Triangles underlies the entire field of esoteric astrology.

  2. All planetary and solar triangles have their counterpart in the human constitution or chakra system

  3. The Vortex and vacuum.

  4. Circular ray charts outlying the 6-fold energy qualities the students must become aware of and use in their meditations and service. These charts are based on DK’s own ray charts given in his teachings and expanded to show the different rays of the student more spherically or in 3-D. Walter Pullin’s work with his spherical triple sun astrological charts found at his website are a prime example of where much of the newer presentation are moving. The charts, tabulations and graphs given in the works of HPB and DK are representations of processes and unfolding powers.

  5. The Science of Electricity.

DK has indicated throughout all of his works that the science of astrology is the oldest and greatest of the esoteric sciences; it is not well known that DK has also stated that the science of electricity “is the greatest spiritual science of divine knowledge in the world the fringes of which have only just been touched”. (ROC 124)

From the above passage and quote we can see two entirely different sciences considered by the Tibetan to be the greatest, one of which is ancient and the other one which is just emerging. Let us compare and explore these two areas of recognition and find their common goals and similarities.

All of the above areas of research and exploration are of course intimately linked and connected when the big picture is seen.  To aid in this work I will be using many images, tabulations and animations. Feel free to email me with any questions at monad_monad_monad@yahoo.com.  (If you have questions about signing up for the webinar, or access to archives, please address them to BL Allison at blallison@cfl.rr.com.)

Peace and Blessings,

Duane Carpenter


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2018 USR Conference — April 24 to May 6




The Buddha and the Christ: Radiant Wisdom, All-Pervading Love

April 24 – May 6, 2018


Hello Friends,

First of all, thank you(!), all of you who have helped, and continue to help, make our annual Conferences occasions of spiritual camaraderie and joy.

Please go to sevenray.org to learn about the conference and to register.

We look forward to seeing you in 2018 — the last week of April, the first week of May.

Conference Organizing Committee