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Aquarius Full Moon 7-Day Ritual

Dear Friends Upon the Lighted Way,


Tomorrow, or the next day depending on your time zone, we begin the *7-Day solar Full Moon ritual for Aquarius in the last degrees of Capricorn – for renewed opportunity to participate in group invocation and evocation through a “Group Approach to Divinity” in service of unfolding the Humanity.  Together with the Soul Star Group and all Groups inwardly focused for this purpose, we shall work in the “world of Causes” on the inner planes of the Soul and for conscious impression of the Soul in service.


Every FM period brings fresh opportunity to begin a new cycle.  As we “ritually observe” and move in rhythm with the greater planetary and solar cycles, we set aside outward focus and direct our consciousness inward toward the world of the Soul.  As such, we participate in building the foundation for the emerging “new world” religion and its ceremonials.  In Master DK’s words, “Individual approach must be merged into group approach, and the approach of groups will someday be superseded by the organized approach of humanity as a whole.”


The real magic of group work lies in our simultaneous observances through group rituals and practices as we are brought en rapport and in resonance with higher Constellational Existences – great Entities streaming Their Life through the Solar System, our planet and its Centers to Humanity. In Group participation, we create a channel of reception for “energy from on high” that cannot otherwise be harnessed. Standing in the currents of Life, we are imbued collectively and individually with these energies and direct them for a purposeful outworking of the Plan.


May our monthly Group Approaches to Divinity – to the great Centers of Reality be our Songs – our “odes to Life and Love, more abundant”.  As we live, so shall we give, to give and receive again.


Our method remains the same. With conscious intent we the Breath of Life pouring through the Heart of the Sun, sounding the Sacred Word, OM; we make conscious contact with the Angels over-lighting the Soul of Humanity; we come into resonance and conscious rapport with the Christ and His Holy Companions that are the ‘Great Potency of the Inner Groups’ – great reservoirs of Light and Love and Holy Power; together we contemplate eternal Truths of the Ageless Wisdom and emanate these Truths to and through our lives through Diamond Soul Practices; together we mount ascending arcs of lighted love and spiritual power – and when filled full we descend from these mountain heights to share what we have contacted and reveal a fuller measure of the Rising Christ that is the Soul in all.


To Participate, go to www.EsotericAdvent.org; click on “7 Day Full Moon Ritual Approaches”; then click on 2019 Capricorn/Aquarius.  This is a self-disciplined process; rituals are uploaded daily. To participate, there is no need to RSVP (register) in the Full Moon rituals.


In the Joy and Blessings of the One Soul of Humanity,


Halina and Sheldon


* Day 1 is determined by counting three days before the actual Full Moon Day in your time zone.