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Taurus 7-Day Full Moon Ritual – A group approach to Divinity

Very Dear Friends – Participating Souls Upon the Lighted Way,

Greetings to one and all as we enter more fully into the nearing solar Full Moon energies of Taurus.  The Seven-Day Ritual process begins today as part of the three days before and three days after Full Moon day.  An apology for this ‘on the cusp of beginnings’ invitation is due.  Having been away for an annual two week conference for the Seven Ray Institute/University of the Seven Rays, we arrived home only today.  The majority who are reading this letter know the rhythm and have likely anticipated it with preparation.  Day One is now up on the website.  Remaining days will follow, including the website page for Taurus (which takes nearly a full day to construct and upload).

To participate with the Soul Star Group, please go to the Esoteric Advent website: https://www.esotericadvent.org/  and click on the tab titled “7-Day Full Moon Ritual Approaches”- Taurus.

There is a stronger sense of the Soul Star group, growing in lighted love and potency as we inwardly and rhythmically gather in our conscious Group Approaches to Divinity.  Beginning with the Aries Easter Festival, this Full Moon will be the Second of Three extremely potent esoteric Festivals of an extra-planetary nature that highlight the spiritual year.  Tuning in, one can sense the growing assembly of Lights – a Sphere of great potency on the inner planes participating in bringing forth the desired future held in the Heart and Mind of God.


The Taurus Festival of Wesak is a gift from the Buddha as He descends into our spheres of living for a period of 8 minutes, pouring Light directly onto the physical etheric plane at the time of the FM.  This results in a heightening stimulation and an enhancement of Vision, for those who’ve made the conscious effort to attune and participate.


And so, once again dear friends, let us turn our eyes inward – true north – and stay there – energetically attuning to the high Note of the Soul, Who in turn is attuned to the Taurean Eye of Vision and the Spiritual Hierarchy within which all Souls reside.


Let us therefore be together in and as the Soul Star Group, as a greater Love and greater Light and Silent spiritual Will and Power flow to and through all sanctioned, sanctified Groups, blessing one and all.


In the deepening fires of Gratitude,


Halina and Sheldon


Christ “made the life of every day a divine sphere of spiritual livingness, thus emphasising the teaching of the Buddha, through desiring nothing for the separated self. Thus the Christ taught, loved, and lived, carrying forward the great continuity of revelation and of hierarchical teaching;”  (ROC, 108)