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Esoteric Advent — Seven-Day Capricorn Full Moon Process

Jan 6, 2020


Dear Friends Upon the Lighted Way,


Today, January 6, was Epiphany, completing a month-long Esoteric Advent-Christmas process.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, begins the Seven-Day Solar Full Moon process for Capricorn – A Group Approach to Divinity.  This begins the three days of preparation prior to the actual Full Moon on Friday, Jan 10, in the northern hemisphere.


Capricorn brings to Earth the “supernal light” of Venus and the “light of Initiation” for the advancing Disciple. During this Full Moon, a rare stellium of planets meet in Capricorn, and an eclipse occurs, making this a potent time in the heavens for both humanity and the Great Ones.


More significantly, we universally encompass the particulars of all the above when consciously meditating together as a group, thereby availing ourselves of the opportunity to access and receive hierarchical energies that cannot otherwise be accessed.  Thence, we forward move upon the Mountain in Group Approach to Divinity.


To participate, there is no need to register for the monthly Full Moon approaches.  This is a guided, self-disciplined process.  Daily, go to https://www.esotericadvent.org/ and click on the tab titled: “7-Day Full Moon Ritual Approaches”, then on Capricorn 2019.  Further instructions and daily links will be found there.


Please note that the Capricorn web page is still in process of construction, but Day One will be (is) ready.


We stand with you in the Supernal Light of Capricorn,


Halina Bak-Hughes and Sheldon Hughes



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