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Michael Robbins — Webinars/Commentaries

Webinars and Commentaries by Michael Robbins, providing an in-depth study of Master DK’s teachings, as found in the Alice A. Bailey’s blue books 

The Blue Books
Michael Robbins has produced an extensive list of commentaries for an in-depth study of the books by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, and of the Ageless Wisdom in general.

These are to be found at the following links:

Egoic Lotus Webinar Commentaries

Adventures in Identification

Angel of the Presence Commentaries

Blessed Ones Webinar Commentaries

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Classes

Cosmic Fire Webinar Commentaries

Esoteric Astrology Adventures

Old Commentary Commentaries

Techniques of Fusion and Duality Webinar Commentaries

Techniques of Integration Webinar Commentaries

Laws of the Soul Webinar Commentaries

Seeds of the Infinite