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Seven Ray Institute / University of the Seven Rays


The Seven Ray Institute was founded on September 9, 1985 to inform the public about a subject that had been virtually unheard of until the late 1800’s when H. P. Blavatsky hinted at the “rays” in The Secret Doctrine. About thirty years later, Alice Bailey reintroduced the subject with much more than a hint. She expanded their name to the Seven Rays, made mention of them in all twenty-four of her books, and wrote five of those books (A Treatise on the Seven Rays) with the express purpose of making them better understood and useful. In one volume of this Treatise, she writes, “I wonder sometimes if … you realize the … importance of the teaching … (about) the seven rays as manifesting energies” (Esoteric Healing, p.583). This was the impetus behind the founding of the Seven Ray Institute as an organization dedicated to learning about, teaching, and using the seven rays in everyday living.

The programs and aids available for learning about the seven rays, teaching and applying them include:

  • The annual international Conference, sponsored by the Seven Ray Institute in unison with the University of the Seven Rays, held each spring in the state of Arizona, USA
  • A team which will travel to your location and teach an introductory, two day Seven Ray Seminar to twenty or more interested students. The teaching style is interactive, fast-paced, and hands-on. At the close of our Seven Ray Seminars, people frequently express their surprise at how much they learned in so short a time. Phone (201)798.7777 for more information and to discuss.
  • The Personal Identity Profile (PIP), designed as a psychological inventory to help a person arrive at an idea of how the seven rays work out in their individual make-up. Click here to access the PIP.
  • Astrology consultations, Rayological readings, or a combination of them both. Esoteric astrology is a path, a way of life which, when combined with the seven rays, leads to self-knowledge. Our consultants view astrology as a healing journey while at the same time it is a calling to serve others. Consultations are by appointment over the internet or by phone and are recorded at your request. We will need your contact and birth information (date, time, location); please supply this in the comment field when you check out, or email us at sevenray@sevenray.com. A consultation is $100 for an hour.
  • A Store on this site offering posters depicting and explaining each of the seven rays, posters for each of the astrological signs, and reference posters derived from information in the books by Alice Bailey. In the Store you will also find books about the seven rays and other esoteric topics. We offer a set of twelve CDs introducing the astrology signs. We are working on making the presentations given at our Conferences into an immediately downloadable format.

A selection of articles by thinkers and doers past and present. We also include articles and information from and about the United Nations because we believe it to be one of the best vehicles we have for the realization of a better world for all people throughout the world.


The University of the Seven Rays was founded on August 13, 1987 with the purpose of expanding and deepening the work of the Seven Ray Institute which had been founded just two years earlier on September 9, 1985. The founders and subsequent faculty members of the University of the Seven Rays have taken as their directive the responsibility of teaching and spreading the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever they could find response.

Over the course of many years the University of the Seven Rays has taught internationally a number of courses in Trans-Himalayan Esotericism—mainly Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Healing: in the United States, Demark, Germany, Finland, Australia and New Zealand. Students living in many locations in North and South America, in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe have been served through the establishment of in-person classes lasting from two to three years and, in the case of the Ph.D.E. Program in Synthetic Esotericism, five to six years. The Seven Ray Seminars and Esoteric Astrology Workshops sponsored by the Seven Ray Institute have additionally been taught in many more countries than those in which University of the Seven Rays classes have taken root and have served even more interested inquirers.

Hundreds of students have passed through the University of the Seven Rays Educational Programs working towards the M.S.E. (Master of Science in Esotericism with emphasis in several possible esoteric subjects) and the Ph.D.E. (Doctor of Philosophy in Esotericism), symbolic degrees. Many of the University of the Seven Rays’s students have gone on to establish schools and teaching careers of their own, thus contributing to the spread of the Ageless Wisdom.

In 2008 the Morya Federation (www.moryafederation.com) was established, bringing a still more expanded University of the Seven Rays Program to the Internet, and (by means of its seven-year curriculum) making comprehensive esoteric education (based upon the Tibetan’s New Esoteric Schools Curriculum from Letters on Occult Meditation) accessible to many more students all of the world—students who otherwise would not be able to travel to in-person classes far from their native country.  To this end, the University of the Seven Rays/Morya Federation works in close collaboration with the Northern Light Society established in Finland to bring many Service-Meditation Broadcasts and Webinars to students of esotericism and the interested public.

The University of the Seven Rays also works in close affiliation with the Makara Website (www.makara.us) where a great wealth of writings by noted authors in the field of esotericism can be found. The writings, educational webinars and musical compositions (Solar Fire Rituals) of Michael Robbins (the co-founder and President of the USR and SRI) can be accessed there.

Today, the University of the Seven Rays and the Morya Federation are interdependent entities, with the main educational work undertaken in the Federation. The University of the Seven Rays is the legal, 501(c)(3), tax exempt educational corporation, and the Morya Federation (its Internet extension) undertakes a very expansive program of esoteric education.

Over the years, the University of the Seven Rays has joined forces with the Seven Ray Institute to sponsor a once-yearly International Conference in the United States. These conferences are now well known to esotericists all over the world and representatives from many different countries travel every year to participate in-person in the Pre-Conference and Main Conference process, lasting some two weeks. In the Pre-Conference there is a strong emphasis upon esoteric astrology, rayology and ceremonial work (with occasional Pre-Conference emphasis upon esoteric healing). At the Main Conference, noted esotericists and members of the New Group of World Servers from all over the world are in attendance. These annual conferences have become a high point of spiritual inspiration for all who attend and now the main events of the conferences are broadcast via Internet all over the world, making possible the participation of those who otherwise could not attend.

The Seven Ray Institute is the major sponsor of the annual international conferences, and home of the Personal Identity Profile (a soul/personality psychological inventory designed in 1984, and ongoingly improved, by Michael Robbins and Rick Good) in the attempt to help people understand their rays more clearly.

The three organizations—the University of the Seven Rays, the Morya Federation, and Seven Ray Institute—work in the closest cooperation to propagate the Ageless Wisdom and bring its Light, Love and Power more pervasively into the consciousness of humanity. These organizations are in the nature of bridges towards a future in which the true, new esoteric schools will be established. Humanity must come to understand the Divine Plan as the Ageless Wisdom presents it. Thus, will humanity be guided aright and the way prepared for the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ –the two most important imminent spiritual Events upon our planet. The University of the Seven Rays, the Morya Federation, and Seven Ray Institute seek to do their utmost to help “prepare the way” for humanity’s ever-closer approach to the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet to the end that the Kingdom of Souls may at last manifest upon the Earth.


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