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Virgo Full Moon Events


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by Tuija Robbins

The exact time of the Virgo Full Moon is

11:55 PM UT on 20 Sep 2021


Virgo Pre-Full Moon Webinar
Sunday, 19 Sep 2021
Time   6.30pm GMT/UT

Pre-Full Moon Zoom Join Link
Meeting ID: 973 4207 6357, Passcode: 943929


The Virgo Full Moon Service-Meditation Broadcast
and Sacred Pentagram Day III Approach
Monday, 20 Sep 2021
Time   10:10 pm GMT/UT 

Broadcast Link:

YOUTUBE Broadcast
Comprehensive Link:

Francis Donald has shared his Evocative
 Images and Esoteric Teachings for Virgo 
on the Morya Federation website.
LINK for the Virgo Evocative Images by Francis Donald
Links to all Full Moon Event recordings can be found at:
Makara Full Moon Events
 (Scroll down on the index page to locate the appropriate link)

Sacred Pentagram Day I Broadcast on Sat, 18Sep, 7PM GMT
Sacred Pentagram Day II Broadcast on Sun, 19Sep, 5PM GMT
Sacred Pentagram Day IV Broadcast on Tue, 21Sep, 6PM GMT

Equinox Broadcast on Wed, 22Sep, 6:40PM GMT
Includes Sacred Pentagram Day V Broadcast

Broadcast Link for all:

Dear Friends of the Ageless Wisdom, 

Virgo is one of the oldest signs of our zodiac-powerful in the latter part of the previous major solar system, so the Tibetan tells us, and instrumental in this solar system in bringing through the second ray soul of the Solar Logos. On a tiny scale, each of us human beings must cultivate the emergence of the Christ Consciousness – the quality of our soul, reflecting the great Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Humanity is presently the victim of a materialistic consciousness; even the ‘heaven’ of some superficial thinkers (and, unfortunately there are many) is materialistic, even carnal. We need to learn the true nature of Love and understand how to express it through matter/form. The time for this learning is rapidly approaching and we, as mediators, can be instrumental in helping it arrive on schedule – time is short. One of great projects of the New Age will be to “lift matter into heaven”. This means the spiritualization, the etherealization of matter. In this work, Virgo will cooperate strongly with the prevailing Aquarian energies. All is Divine. Even the Great Maha-Maya is Divine. We will soon learn to relate ‘Heaven’ to earth; we must do it both microcosmically and planetarily. Nothing is too little. Nothing should be overlooked. With Virgo we learn “the service of the immediately present”, which leads to humility and that sense of right proportion which develops into harmlessness. 

Please join us in meditation during the coming Pre-Full Moon Webinar and the Exact Moment Broadcast. 


Light, Love and Power, 

Tuija and Michael Robbins


for the Morya Federation, the University of the Seven Rays, the Seven Ray Institute,the Blue Rose Sisterhood and the Northern Light Society