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Taurus – Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings

Francis DonaldThe images and texts published in these posts were created by Francis Donald.  His wonderfully evocative images and inspiring writings help us to more fully understand the nature of astrological signs, and the esoteric concepts underlying their meaning and power.

We are grateful to Francis for this most significant contribution.

Francis Donald can be contacted at oeahoo@yahoo.com



Taurus Discussion

by Francis Donald


Buddha at Wesak by Francis Donald

Buddha at Wesak
by Francis Donald


This month’s image puts us high above a Himalayan valley at the time of the great Taurian Wesak Festival. Below, we can just make out members of the Hierarchy as they solemnly weave Their geometrical patterns ‘with measured pace,’ and chant Their mantram in preparation for the great event. As the moment of the full moon approaches, the Buddha appears at the upper end of the valley and moves to a place above them. He is here shown drawing cosmic energy down through His aura into the vortex that links Him to humanity. Master Djwhal Khul tells us: “[During the] Wesak festival, kept so universally in India to this day, the Hierarchy forms itself into a channel for the transmission of power and blessing from the levels on which the Buddha may be found. He acts as a focal point for that power, and— passing it through His Aura—pours it out over mankind by means of the channel provided by the assembled Lords, Masters, graded initiates and disciples. This channel is formed by the use of sound and rhythm simultaneously employed. By the chanting of a certain mantram by means of the slow, measured movements that accompany that chanting, the funnel is formed that reaches upwards to the desired locality. The geometrical figures formed in the matter of the plane higher than the physical (which are the result of the geometrical movement of the concourse gathered in that Himalayan centre) form themselves into wonderful avenues of approach to the centre of blessing for the inhabitants, deva or otherwise, from any particular plane. For those who can clairvoyantly view the scene, the beauty of the geometrical forms is unbelievable, and that beauty is enhanced by the radiant auras of the Great Ones Who are gathered there.” Letters on Occult Meditation, p. 198

* * * * *

“At the time of this Wesak Festival, I would call your attention to the fact that the annual return of the Buddha to bless His people everywhere and to convey the message of wisdom, light and love to humanity—coming as He does from the very Heart of Deity Itself—is the outer evidence and guarantee of inner divine guidance and revelation in this present world cycle of 2500 years. Year by year He returns. For a brief minute He reminds us that God exists and ever loves; that He is not unmindful of His people; that the heart of the universe is unalterable compassion, and that man is not alone. To bring this recognition about and to make this appearance possible, a living Triangle of Energy is created and focused through three great spiritual Individuals, Who evoke recognition both in the East and in the West. They are known to believers of every faith and all nationalities. These Three are:

  1. The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, the planetary Logos,Melchizedek, He to Whom Christ referred when He said, “I and My Father are One.”
  2. The Buddha, the Illumined One, the Revealer of the light and the wisdom which come to us from sources far greater than our planetary Life, a Messenger of the Gods.
  3. The Christ, the Son of the Father, the World Saviour, the Redeemer. He Who has remained with us and Who is gathering His sheep into His fold, the Lord of Love.

In these Three, Whose nature is radiant love and light, humanity can grasp in some measure the nature of divinity. They are greater than is known or realized; human intelligence and aspiration can only sense Their essential nature; Their spiritual potency has to be stepped down if mankind is to bear the pressure of the impact of the energy They wield and seek to transmit. It is this stepping down process which takes place at the time of the May Full Moon, and it is brought to a “focus of transmission” by the massed intent of the Hierarchy and the massed demand of the world aspirants and disciples— itself drawn forth by the massed need of the people of all lands. Here, my brothers, is a simple statement of the facts which must be grasped by all of you who seek to participate intelligently in the Wesak Festival and who are anxious to act as transmitters of the spiritual energy which will, at that time, be poured out to suffering humanity.” The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 286- 288

* * * * *

“Once a year, at the Vaisakha or Wesak Festival, the Lord Buddha, sanctioned by the Lord of the World, carries to the assembled humanity a dual stream of force, that emanating from the Silent Watcher, supplemented by the more focalized energy of the Lord of the World. This dual energy He pours out in blessing over the people gathered at the ceremony in the Himalayas, and from them in turn it flows out to all peoples and tongues and races.” Initiation Human and Solar, p. 105


The Wesak Festival by Francis Donald

The Wesak Festival by Francis Donald


Based on Alice Bailey’s description in her Unfinished Autobiography, there is a possibility that the Himalayan valley depicted in this month’s image is the actual setting of the Wesak Festival– therefore visualizing this locale at the time of the Wesak full moon may help you psychically link to that great event. (Note about the image: I have exaggerated the size of the water receptacle and all the figures– otherwise, from this distant perspective, they would appear as mere dots. In fact, this piece is a kind of ‘faux realism’, for the true festival would have many more participants in various dress from all over the world, and the geometric figures would be much more varied, complex and esoteric. This image is designed merely to evoke some feel for the true event.)

Alice Bailey describes a large group of disciples, initiates, and Masters pacing the outlines of various sacred symbols, such as the cross, and the circle with the point at its center– in accordance with his or her point in spiritual evolution. At the head of this gathering, and at the foot of a large table rock in the eastern end of the valley, stand three figures, of which one is the Christ. On that natural stone table is a large receptacle filled with water. At the moment of the full moon these three figures raise their arms, and the Buddha reveals himself.

“The Buddha, when He achieved illumination, ‘let in’ a flood of light upon life and upon

our world problems, and this intelligent understanding of the causes of world distress He

endeavored to formulate into the Four Noble Truths. These are:

  1. That existence in the phenomenal universe is inseparable from suffering and from sorrow.
  2. That the cause of suffering is desire for existence in the world of phenomena.
  3. That cessation of suffering is brought about by eradicating all desire for existence in this universe of phenomena.
  4. That the way to the cessation of suffering is by treading the noble Eightfold Path, wherein are expressed right belief, right intentions, right speech, right actions, right living, right endeavor, right-mindedness and right concentration.

Through the message, therefore, of the Buddha, man can, for the first time, grasp the cause of his eternal discontent, of his constant distaste and dissatisfaction, and of his endless nostalgia. From the Buddha he can learn that the way of release is to be found in detachment, dispassion and discrimination. These are the first steps on the road to Christ.’ From Bethlehem to Calvary, p. 14-156

* * * * *

The Buddha embodies the Principle of Light, which has the power to irradiate the minds of men– ‘in that light we shall see Light’– thus He is known as the ‘Illumined One’. He and the Christ, who together form a triangle with Sanat Kumara, have been, since the Wesak Festival of 1900, impressing the theme of the new world religion upon humanity: the united potency of light and love– a perfected whole which these two great avatars embody.

Geometry plays a potent role in the Wesak Festival, for through the pacing of the interrelated geometric forms by those at the festival– an act of white magic sanctioned by Sanat Kumara Himself– the united blessing of the Great Ones is grounded on the physical plane, thus impressing humanity with the impulse to establish right human relations.


Thank you for sharing this work with me!

Light, Love, and Power,



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Taurus – Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings