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Pisces Full Moon Events


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by Tuija Robbins

The exact time of the Pisces Full Moon is

8:16 AM UT on 27 February 2021


Pisces Pre-Full Moon Webinar

FRIDAY, 26 Feb 2021

Time   8:15pm GMT/UT

Join Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 973 4207 6357, Passcode: 943929

The Pisces Full Moon Service-Meditation Broadcast

and Sacred Pentagram Day Three Approach

SATURDAY, 27 Feb 2021

Time   6:40 am GMT/UT 

Broadcast Link:


YOUTUBE Broadcast
Comprehensive Link:

Francis Donald has shared his Evocative
 Images and Esoteric Teachings for Pisces 
on the Morya Federation website.
LINK for the Pisces Evocative Images by Francis Donald
Links to all Full Moon Event recordings can be found at:
Makara Full Moon Events
 (Scroll down on the index page to locate the appropriate link)

Please also join us for the Sacred Pentagram Events

Broadcast Link to Join All Sacred Pentagram Events:

Sacred Pentagram Day One Approach, Thu, 25 Feb, 7:00 pm GMT/UT
Sacred Pentagram Day Two Approach, Fri, 26 Feb, 6:45 pm GMT/UT
Sacred Pentagram Day Four Approach Sun, 28 Feb, 7:00 pm GMT/UT
Sacred Pentagram Day Five Approach Mon, 1 Mar, 7:00 pm GMT/UT 

Dear Friends of the Ageless Wisdom, 

Piscean influences intimately relate to the Christ Consciousness, and it is these we must emphasize at a time when the Piscean Civilization is undergoing a transitional pralaya into the Age of Aquarius. Deep, pervasive wisdom resides in this sign of redemptive love. Humanity is in great need of these energies which can solve and dissolve old problems of separativeness and misunderstanding.

Let us gather and as conduits for the Piscean Energies do all we can to support the liberation of humanity’s consciousness. It is up to all disciples to “toil in Pisces.” Meditating at the time of the Pisces Full Moon is part of that toil to lift and to save.

We look forward to working in solidarity with you during our meditative events focused upon the sign Pisces – this webinar and our Exact Full Moon Service Meditation and Sacred Pentagram broadcasts.

We look forward to working with you.


Light, Love and Power, 

Tuija and Michael Robbins


for the Morya Federation, the University of the Seven Rays, the Seven Ray Institute,the Blue Rose Sisterhood and the Northern Light Society