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Post-Election Daily Vigil Meditations


Guarding the American Election Process 

Meditations for Sustaining the Law During the Election Process

Post-Election Daily Vigil Meditations



Dear Fellow Students of Spiritual Esotericism,
Because we have entered the post-election period, which may be even more dangerous for democracy than the period leading up to the election, we will hold a daily Vigil-Meditation of about 20 – 25 minutes. Its usual time will be 8:00 pm GMT except on weekends when it will be 10:00 pm GMT. Let us continue in Full Strength.
The work will continue into January towards Inauguration Day, and perhaps up to Inauguration Day. It will continue at least until the Jupiter-Indigo candidates (Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris) are officially confirmed as president elect and vice-president elect.
Zoom Link for Daily Vigil Meditations (8pm GMT Mon-Fri; 10pm GMT Sat-Sun):
Recordings for webinars in this series are on Makara:


Love and Many Blessings from Tuija, Michael

and the Morya Federation Communications Group