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Cancer Full Moon Events


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by Tuija Robbins

The exact time of the Cancer Full Moon is

4:44:16 PM UT on 5 Jul 2020


Cancer Pre-Full Moon Webinar

SATURDAY, 4 Jul 2020

Time   8.00pm GMT/UT

Registration URL:


Webinar ID: 940-530-203

The Cancer Full Moon Service-Meditation Broadcast

and Sacred Pentagram Approach

SUNDAY, 5 Jul 2019

Time   3:00 am GMT/UT 

Broadcast Link:


Comprehensive Link:


Francis Donald has shared his Evocative
 Images and Esoteric Teachings for Cancer 
on the Morya Federation website.
LINK for the Cancer Evocative Images by Francis Donald

Sacred Pentagram Day One Broadcast on Fri, 3 Jul, 7 PM GMT.

Sacred Pentagram Day Two Broadcast on Sat, 4 Jul, 6 PM GMT.

Sacred Pentagram Day Four Broadcast on Mon, 6 Jul, 6 PM GMT.

Sacred Pentagram Day Five Broadcast on Tue, 7 Jul, 6 PM GMT.

Broadcast Link for all:

Dear Friends of the Ageless Wisdom, 

The sign Cancer can represent the One Humanity as an harmonious and integrated kingdom-the fourth kingdom and the fourth sign of the zodiac. Humanity is meant to be a vessel for planetary light, but we are still very far from that possibility. We need to develop the necessary loving-understanding which will bring us together as an integrated personality transfused by soul energy. There is insufficient expression of compassion in the world. The Wholeness of humanity and of the planetary life is simply not understood by many leaders of nations, thinkers and by the masses. 

We can do something about this if we speak up for the perspective advanced by the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. When we meditate upon the mantram for Cancer, “I build a lighted house, and therein dwell”, we must of course think of the degree of integration and illumination which characterizes us as individuals, but, even more importantly, we must think of the billions of human beings and how their present relations however discordant can be redeemed and aligned under the Law of Right Human Relations. 

We need light to pour through the personality of humanity and soul light to descend into that personality from the One Soul of Humanity. At this time of world discord within the human race, let us work towards creating the One Humanity here on Earth-even as the Soul of Humanity is One on the higher mental plane. 

Please join us in meditation during the coming Webinar and coming Broadcasts.

Light, Love and Power,
Michael and Tuija Robbins

for the Morya Federation, the University of the Seven Rays, the Seven Ray Institute,the Blue Rose Sisterhood and the Northern Light Society