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Aries — Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings


Francis DonaldThe images and texts published in these posts were created by Francis Donald.  His wonderfully evocative images and inspiring writings help us to more fully understand the nature of astrological signs, and the esoteric concepts underlying their meaning and power.

We are grateful to Francis for this most significant contribution.

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Aries Discussion

Francis Donald

A Word goes forth from out the central point of the Cardinal Cross. That word takes the form of a winged cosmic sphere– the rarefied embodiment of a monad expressing the will to incarnate. The soul, mirroring that noumenal form, projects its own mental substance into phenomenal appearance. This is the highest aspect of the threefold outer form– created so that the soul might once again enter the realm of time and space– and thereby continue its journey on the Path of Return. “Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesized by life which pervades them all.” Secret Doctrine I. p. 80


Incarnation Francis Donald


 Incarnation by Francis Donald

But there is another way to read this image: After aeons of incarnations the soul-infused personality has built its antahkarana– and now stands free of the three worlds of human endeavor. The soul responds and prepares to draw its shadow back into itself. “The ‘divine intermediary’ is no longer required. The ‘Son of God Who is the Son of Mind’ dies; the ‘veil of the temple is rent in twain from the top to the bottom’; the fourth initiation is passed, and there then comes the revelation of the Father.”


The Soul, from Incarnation by Francis Donald


The Soul, from Incarnation, by Francis Donald


* * * * *

Geometry: This month continues a new section in these notes that describes the geometry underlying these full moon images. Here the soul uses the Fibonacci spiral, a function of the golden ratio, as a tool to open a passage into the realm of time and space. You can see here a man’s mental sheath being created– a web of spirals emanates from the aura of the soul and finds resonance in its reflection below.

The Great Bear “Aries is, as might be expected, closely connected with the Great Bear but peculiarly so with one of the stars called The Pointers; these point to the Pole star which is at this time a major “star of direction.” Direction, will, purpose and plan are all connected with the solar Logos and with His evolutionary undertakings in connection with the many lives manifesting in the vehicle of expression which we call the solar system. All these respond to the influences of the first ray, which is the energy of divine embodied will, esoterically described as “unavoidable directed purpose.”  Esoteric Astrology p. 195

The Cardinal Cross: “Aries is one of the constellations of the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. This is the cross of God, the Father, and, therefore, of the incarnating monad. It is the expression of will or power as it expresses itself through the great creative process.”  Esoteric Astrology p. 91

Aries: “The keynotes of the sign Aries are four in number, all conveying the same idea. They can be expressed in the following four injunctions which are given, symbolically, to the incarnating soul:

  1. Express the will to be and do.
  2. Unfold the power to manifest.
  3. Enter into battle for the Lord.
  4. Arrive at unity through effort.

Creation—Being—Activity—Strife—Synthesis, these are the nature of the Lord of the first constellation and enable Him to influence our planet to these results.” Esoteric Astrology 93

Keywords:      For man– “Let form again be sought.”

For the Initiate– I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule.”

* * * * *

“Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesized by life which pervades them all.”  Secret Doctrine I. p.80


The Hierophant by Francis Donald


The Hierophant, by Francis Donald

Through the one-pointed efforts of the soul, the struggling jiva is inexorably drawn towards its true Self until finally, after æons of focused endeavor, the disciple’s mental, emotional, and physical vehicles are brought into alignment. ‘The Hierophant’ depicts this moment– when the soul Presence penetrates the disciple’s brain and thus confirms the fact of the soul’s existence. “This knowledge renders the hitherto assumed reality of the three worlds futile to attract and hold, and is the first step, out of the fourth, into the fifth kingdom.” Treatise on White Magic p. 55

* * * * *

Aries: This ‘first step’ is the province of Aries– the sign of beginnings– the ‘birthplace of divine ideas’. Though passage into the physical realm comes through Cancer, it was in Aries that the originating idea of each human being’s first incarnation was sent forth (a concept depicted in the image ‘Incarnation’). Aeons later, it is again through Aries that the 2nd great impulse is sent forth– this time opening the Way onto the Path of Return.

Aries rules the head, and it is through the ‘lesser fire of mind’ that the “jungles of experience are set on fire and dissolve in flames” Esoteric Astrology p. 95

Note the path of lightning in this month’s piece– from its origins in the mind of the Hierophant, whose outstretched arms define the arc of the disciple’s initiatory experience, down into the head, heart, and solar plexus of the jiva. This electric fire is the particular province of Uranus, which rules the occult Way. Note also that the eyes of the soul, representing soul consciousness, intersect this experiential arc, for Uranus “… symbolizes the effect of the soul upon the personality.”  Esoteric Astrology p. 300

The Geometry of Aries is the initiating point– the “point of Light within the Mind of God.” The ability to apprehend this point is described in ‘A Treatise On White Magic’:

“Through the gradually growing synthesis of the meditation process carried on by the soul on its own plane and that of the aspirant, the man manifests (in the physical brain) a point of light which has been occultly lighted on the plane of the mind.”  Treatise on White Magic p. 93

Uranus, the Hierarchical ruler of Aries, “… rules the occult Way and is, in an esoteric sense, connected with the Hierophant of the Mysteries of Initiation.” The following quote sheds much light on how Uranus and Mercury together rule in Aries: “Uranus embodies the energy of the seventh ray and its work is analogous to that of Mercury, for the seventh ray is the ray which relates spirit and matter and brings together electric fire and fire by friction, thus producing manifestation. Uranus leads the soul to the burning ground during the final stages of the Path, when the fire of Aries and the fires engendered through the potency of Uranus produce the flaming heat of the final burning ground.” Esoteric Astrology p. 100.

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Aries – Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings