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Aquarius — Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings

Francis DonaldThe images and texts published in these posts were created by Francis Donald.  His wonderfully evocative images and inspiring writings help us to more fully understand the nature of astrological signs, and the esoteric concepts underlying their meaning and power.

We are grateful to Francis for this most significant contribution.

Francis Donald can be contacted at oeahoo@yahoo.com




Aquarius Discussion

by Francis Donald
The Water Carrier by Francis Donald
The Water Carrier by Francis Donald


Depicted here is the great Aquarian archetype, the ultimate water-carrier. Everyone alive today is touched by her hand; for the ‘vessel’ she carries is now well within the influence of this great sign. It is a soul-awakening influence: “The water-carrier (another name for the world server) is… found in every land and in every great city. They work on all the different rays; they express many points of view; their field of service is widely differing… They all carry the pitcher containing the water of life and they all emit the light in some degree throughout their environment… To you, who live and work in this interim period and in this cycle of transition, with all its resultant outer chaos and upheaval, is given the task of expressing steadfastness, service and sacrifice.” Destiny of Nations, p. 146.

* * * * *

Jupiter: The particular head center that corresponds to the heart center of the cosmic being here depicted radiates the energy of Jupiter, Aquarius’ esoteric ruler, which draws into expression the Heart of the Sun, thus awakening the soul aspect in all humanity.

“The sun used to be called the `eye of Jupiter.’” Secret Doctrine III, p. 278

“Ray 2 [transmits] Love-Wisdom, via Jupiter and the Sun. These are the most powerful.” Destiny of Nations p. 74 

The Heart of the Sun: “[This meditation will result in] the realization of the true significance of Light and the revelation of the meaning of what has been called in esoteric books, “the heart of the Sun”, which is the inner point of life in all manifested forms.  Illumination of the mind will be seen to be direct and infallible… Esoteric Psychology Volume II, p. 396

Aquarius: “It will (through the effect of its potent force) stimulate the astral bodies of men into a new coherency, into a brotherhood of humanity which will ignore all racial and national differences and will carry the life of men forward into synthesis and unity. This means a tide of unifying life of such power that one cannot now vision it, but which—in a thousand years—will have welded all mankind into a perfect brotherhood. Its emotional effect will be to “purify” the astral bodies of men so that the material world ceases to hold such potent allure, and may in its later stages bring about a state of exaggeration as potent in the line of sentiency as that which we have undergone in the line of materiality!” A Treatise on White Magic, p. 313

* * * * *

‘From the Heart of the Master’: “In Aquarius, the man awakens to the beauty of group

life, to group interest, and to his individual responsibility towards the group– and thus begins to live his life and to spend himself in the service of humanity.” Esoteric Astrology, p. 145

Imagine a group of people sitting around a central figure. Their various facial expressions, physical types, ages, and clothing, each give us insight into their personalities. Now imagine that we can lift our vision from the denser subplanes and visualize the etheric realm. The scene shifts dramatically; the physical vehicles of our group grow dark, for here the light comes from a different source. Glowing energetic matrices, vibrant with the color and quality of the group, overlay the dense physical forms.

With our inner eye now opened, we see a Master sitting at the center of His group of disciples. Those on the outer periphery are only faintly aware of His Presence, but the initiates who sit in the circle immediately around the Master know Him well, for they have worked for incarnations to attune to His aura. This alignment (known as being ‘close to the Master’s heart’) enables these initiates to consciously direct the energy of love-wisdom that flows through their Master from the Master of Masters, the Christ.


From the Heart of a Master by Francis Donald
From the Heart of a Master by Francis Donald


* * * * *

‘A Pythian Vessel’: “Discover the serpent of illusion by the help of the serpent of

wisdom and then will the sleeping serpent mount upwards to the place of meeting.” Treatise on White Magic, p. 208

The companion piece is a design for a water vessel, an Aquarian symbol. It depicts seven ‘serpents of wisdom’ united as one (thus its number is 17*) that they may together dispense the waters of life. The bottom view of this vessel reveals the sevenfold energy that forms the bond between these seven great nagas.

* “The energy of Path IV reaches us from Sirius via the Sun. The hierarchies concerned with this specific type of cosmic force hide themselves under the numbers fourteen and seventeen.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1259-60


A Pythian Vessel by Francis Donald
A Pythian Vessel by Francis Donald


A Pythian Vessel by Francis Donald
A Pythian Vessel by Francis Donald 


* * * * *

Geometry: Whereas the Leonian knows himself as the point in the center, and the Sagittarian directs his focused attention along the radius of the circle, the enlightened Aquarian knows that, though he is only one point within the circle, he is also the circle itself– a circle steadily growing through the ever-expanding inclusivity of love-wisdom.

The 2nd Ray of Love-wisdom, the ray of the esoteric planetary ruler of Aquarius, expresses itself through a breathtaking line of ascent (some of which are depicted in ‘From the Heart of the Master’) described thus by the Tibetan:

  1. The disciple’s heart centre.
  2. The heart centre in the head.
  3. The egoic lotus, which (until the fourth initiation) is the heart centre of the monadic life.
  4. The Master at the centre of His group.
  5. The Christ, the heart centre of the Hierarchy.
  6. The life of the Monad which begins to make itself felt at the third initiation.
  7. The Lord of Life Himself, the heart centre of Shamballa.

 The line of relationship then extends from these onward and outward, and upward (spherically considered) to the Life at the very centre of our Earth’s “alter ego,” the planet Venus, to Jupiter [esoteric ruler of Aquarius]and thence to the solar Lord Himself and on to a point in the Sun, Sirius.” Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, p. 767-8

Jupiter– the esoteric ruler of Aquarius: “The Lord of Love-Wisdom… instills into all forms the quality of love, which is the life-demonstration of pure Being. This Lord of Love is the most potent of the seven rays, because He is on the same cosmic ray as the solar Deity. He expresses Himself primarily through the planet Jupiter, which is His body of manifestation.” Esoteric Psychology, Volume 1, p. 23

“Jupiter transmits divine energies from Virgo and Aquarius. Aquarius is the coming expression of the group consciousness which is the first and immediate revelation of the ever present Christ consciousness on a large scale in humanity.” Esoteric Healing, p. 155

Sirius“The energies coming from the sun, Sirius, are related to the love-wisdom aspect of the solar Logos, to the soul of that Great Being. This cosmic soul energy is related to the Hierarchy. You have been told that the great White Lodge on Sirius finds its reflection and a mode of spiritual service and outlet in the great White Lodge of our planet, the Hierarchy.” Esoteric Astrology, p. 416


Thank you for sharing this work with me!

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