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Pentecost Week and Ascension Sunday

Very Dear Friends Upon the Lighted Way,

We recently returned from the USR / SRI annual International Conference titled: The Buddha and the Christ: Radiant Wisdom, All Pervading Love, during which time the second of the three high point Festivals occurred – Wesak or the Taurus Full Moon. All the inspiring meditations, presentations and lighted Beings served to build a powerful field of Lighted Love and higher Will, filling the group chalice to overflowing for later distribution to Humanity.  All who participated in the 7-Day Full Moon ritual Observance were part of the building and distribution of these sacred hierarchical energies and blessings.
We shall now continue building the energy with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Christ through the Gemini Full Moon by observing (participating in) Pentecost week beginning with Ascension Sunday (May 13) and flowing through to Pentecost Sunday (May 20) and the three days that follow.  Because this letter is arriving late for some participants, we will stay with the same Diamond Soul Contemplations and Practices for Ascension Sunday for a few days time before going on to something new.  We rise together and move together irrespective of calendarical time zones.
As has been our mode of working together, this is a guided but self-directed process.  Let us go to the Esoteric Advent website and click on the tab, Pentecost Week, to work with what is there.  More will unfold and be presented throughout the week. www.EsotericAdvent.org
With Love and Blessings to all as we continue on the Radiant Way of Wisdom and All Pervading Love with the Buddha and the Christ,

​Halina and Sheldon​