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Triangles Study Webinar Series

Dear Students of the Ageless Wisdom,


We are continuing the Triangles Study webinar series, SATURDAY, January 13th, at 5:00 AM GMT. You do NOT need to register again if you had participated in 2017. You should receive a reminder with your unique link for this continuing series if you had been attending last year.

If you had not registered, please join us. You can register by clicking:

Webinar ID 869-512-203 Continuing Triangles Series

The Triangles Webinars are essentially different from the usual Triangles Presentation in the ASK series of programs. The emphasis is more academic with quite a bit of esoteric astrology and rayology, and the description of the nature and purpose of many different types of triangles. The text we are using begins on p. 407 of Esoteric Astrology and goes on for about one hundred pages. The academic work will be quite deep. When it is concluded we will gather other referencesrelating to the triangles within our planet, solar system and local cosmos.

The Triangles Webinar is not the same as the Triangles Meditation each Wednesday on ASK. So please do not substitute one for the other. The Wednesday ASK Meditation offer deeply subjective work and is a Broadcast. The Triangles Webinar is more focused on the plane of mind and will given you an opportunity to make comments and ask questions.

Light, Love and Power,

Michael and Tuija Robbins
For the Morya Federation, The Blue Rose Sisterhood, The SRI/USR