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Identify As BEING — a new Yahoo Group

Dear Fellow Students of the Ageless Wisdom,

It struck me that I should find a new way to share the seed thoughts I have been generating about IDENTITY and BEING, and the practical philosophy within them and behind them.

With this objective in mind, I have created a new Yahoo Group: IdentifyAsBEING@yahoogroups.com

The purpose of this group is to facilitate the entry into the State of IDENTIFICATION, from which vantage point one can recognize oneself as BEING, PRESENCE, SUBSTANCE, ABSOLUTE INFINITUDE, ALL-INCLUSIVE UNALTERABLE REALITY. Aspects of the AGELESS WISDOM that lead in this direction will also be studied and pondered.

I will be sending the group one seed thought per day. It is possible to ponder this seed thought and if you wish to say something about it, you may write to the group.

I am inviting those who may be interested to request participation in this group. Simply send a BLANK EMAIL to:



Alternately, go to:


Click JOIN

And provide a short reason for joining in the comment box.

If you follow this option you will need to have a yahoogroups.com account, which is simple and easy to create.

I will receive notification and allow you to enter.


Love and Many Blessings in your Search for What You ARE–REALITY ITSELF.


Michael (Robbins)

President: University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute

Director: Morya Federation