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Recordings of our webinars and broadcasts are available at Makara.us

Please note that our webinars and broadcasts are recorded and can be accessed on Makara.us



Invitation to join the Morya Federation

Morya Federation, Esoteric Schools of Meditation, Study and Service


Second invitation letter from Michael Robbins:

Dear Friends of Humanity and Disciples Aspiring Towards the Light of Wisdom,

We soon begin the eighth year of meditation and study within the Morya Federation—a federated group of esoteric schools bridging towards the New and Future Schools of Esotericism which are beginning to appear around the world. Their initial appearance may be anticipated perhaps in decades, and their full appearance perhaps in centuries; nevertheless the bridge must be built.

The Ageless Wisdom is the “pearl of great price”. It has been given to us through the tremendous sacrifice of Masters and high initiates. We must finally come to recognize this. When the opportunity exists to deeply study and meditation  upon the Ageless Wisdom (and to enhance our service to humanity as a result of our meditation and study), the opportunity must be taken, if we are even truly to join the ranks of those who are the Custodians of the Divine Plan.

Please go to the Morya Federation Website (www.moryafederation.com) and press the tab called Applications. There you will find the opportunity to apply for one of three of our educational programs: Meditation Quest, Great Quest or Quest Universal. Please examine the website and learn about the Morya Federation, its programs and its purposes. We look forward to receiving one of your completed Applications shortly, so you can be ready to start your studies at the December Solstice, December 21st, 2015. This is the time when Master DK recommended for beginning the yearly cycle of the new esoteric schools. And if you are a former student of the Federation, we will be pleased to re-welcome you for the continuation of your studies. On the Path of Spirituality leading to liberation, we must never give up!

Light, Love and Power,

Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D., Ph.D.E.

Director: Morya Federation

President: University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute


First invitation letter from Michael Robbins:

Dear Prospective Students of the Morya Federation,

The Morya Federation is an esoteric school bridging towards the Future Preparatory Schools of Meditation about which the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, writes so inspiringly in His book, Letters on Occult Meditation. At the Morya Federation we have embraced as much of the Master’s extensive, proposed esoteric curriculum as is possible for us at this time. We seek to give students who wish to expand their understanding of the Realities of Life a comprehensive and deep exposure to the Ageless Wisdom which, if truth be told, is far older than our planet, Earth.

Every year at this time I begin to write those who may have an interest in going deeper in the understanding of the Great Mysteries which the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet is now urgently presenting to the human race. Ever since the emergence of the great Initiate, Helena P. Blavatsky in the late 19th century (and her monumental words, Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine) the Spiritual Hierarchy has been making a concerted effort to increase the spiritual light, spiritual love and spiritual will of the human race so that the great transformation which is anticipated for humanity may occur according to the Divine Plan. Alice A. Bailey (working with the Tibetan Master) continued this invaluable presentation for another thirty years—from 1919 to 1949. It has not been easy but, in many ways, the presentation has been successful, and we, at the Morya Federation, seek to be of assistance to the Great Ones in Their great task of assisting in the redemption of humanity.

We are beginning our eighth year at the Morya Federation on December 22nd, 2015. I will hold our annual Inaugural Meditation (which will include the exact moment of the December Solstice) on that date for all students (both new students and the veteran students who have been with us for some years or even from the very beginning). I hope your deep thought and meditation brings you to join us as participants in our Educational Program which lasts from one to eight years (or more, according to your will-to-complete and on your background in Trans-Himalayan Esotericism).

When you go to our Morya Federation Website (www.moryafederation.com) you will learn all about our Educational Federation and its programs. Please go there, read about what we offer, take your time to read carefully, and if you feel inspired by the possibilities, go to the Application Section, and choose to fill out one of our three types of Applications for 1) Meditation Quest (our Introduction to Meditation Program); 2) Great Quest (our Introductory Esoteric Psychology Program); or 3) Quest Universal (our Advanced Program in Esoteric Studies).

When one carefully examines the condition of humanity’s psyche, one easily sees the maya, glamor and illusion which excessively influence human thought and action. The unfortunate state of consciousness of so many in the Family of Humanity simply must change if we are to emerge as we should into the Age of Aquarius. The Ageless Wisdom holds the key to a far deeper understanding of the nature and destiny of the Human Family and of the aspiring individual within that family. Compared with the distorted and, even, childish visions which animate so many hundreds of millions, a true understanding of the Ageless Wisdom is seen as absolutely essential to humanity’s successful development. Bringing the Ageless Wisdom to humanity will require many intelligent men and women of goodwill, many servers, who are well-versed in its lore—students and teachers who understand it in depth. This potential for acquiring in-depth understanding (and the application in service of what is understood) is what we offer at the Morya Federation, the programs of which cover the wide range of esoteric thought—from the fundamentals all the way to the deeper and more abstruse levels of esotericism.

Please do go to our Morya Federation Website and take a good look at what we offer. If you wish to serve your fellow human beings by going deeply into the art and science of meditation and into esoteric studies (and inspiring others with what you have learned), then choose to fill out one of the three types of Applications and join us in the quest for true enlightenment – which will inevitably be followed by deeper service to your fellow human beings.

If you are already a member of the Morya Federation (either as a student or Faculty) please share this letter with those you know who may be interested in and may benefit from our educational programs. Many students illumined by the Ageless Wisdom are needed to help humanity make the great transition which lies before it—a transition into the fifth kingdom of nature, the Kingdom of Souls. This will signify the First Initiation of Humanity. We can hasten the arrival of this great unfoldment of consciousness if our will to meditation, study and service is of adequate strength!

Light, Love and Power:

Michael D. Robbins: Ph.D., Ph.D.E.: Director, Morya Federation; President, University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute

Gemini — Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings

Francis DonaldThe images and texts published in these posts were created by Francis Donald.  His wonderfully evocative images and inspiring writings help us to more fully understand the nature of astrological signs, and the esoteric concepts underlying their meaning and power.

We are grateful to Francis for this most significant contribution.

Francis Donald can be contacted at oeahoo@yahoo.com



Gemini Discussion

by Francis Donald


Castor and Pullux by Francis Donald

Castor and Pullux by Francis Donald


This month’s image, entitled ‘Castor and Pollux’ (the archetypal Geminian twins) is

simpler in concept than usual, and almost seems as though it might be a detail of a larger piece (it’s not). From a Treatise on White Magic: “The Solar Angel [Pollux] collects himself, scatters not his force, but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection. When the shadow [Castor] hath responded, in meditation deep the work proceedeth. The lower light is thrown upward; the greater light illuminates the three [the threefold personality], and the work of the four proceedeth.” 

The Secret Doctrine tells us: “The legend of Castor and Pollux is concerned with the mortal half of man, the personality, and the immortal part, the ego or spiritual individual… This is Pollux, while Castor represents the personal, mortal man– an animal of not even a superior kind, when unlinked from the divine Individuality.” The Secret Doctrine, Volume II, p. 130.

* * * * *

This month’s Full Moon is called the “Festival of the Christ,” the third and last of this year’s three great full moon festivals. Master Djwhal Khul (DK) writes: “The first things which the Christ will do, beginning with this full Moon of June, will be:

  1. The reorganization of the world religions so that their out-of-date theologies… may be offset, in order that the churches may eventually be the recipients of spiritual inspiration.
  2. Preparation for a revelation which will inaugurate the new era and set the note for the new world religion.



Freedom of the Two by Francis Donald

Freedom of the Two by Francis Donald


Gemini rules the hands, thus the spiritual hand gestures called mudras are especially relevant to this sign. Gemini also rules the etheric or vital body, making the ‘Pran Mudra’– used to promote the circulation of prana in the etheric body– a quintessentially Geminian gesture. This is borne out by the form of this mudra: The raised first and second fingers indicate duality and proclaim the symbol of Gemini, while the three remaining fingers describe a circle suggesting circulation.

In this month’s image, ‘The Freedom of the Two’, the soul is seen stimulating the primary triangle of centers in the mind and brain of its personality reflection by means of this mudra. With regard to this triangle the Tibetan tells us, “The pineal, pituitary, and carotid glands are objective correspondences of the three energy centres through which the soul controls his physical vehicle. Where the relation is close between the three glands—as is increasingly the case where disciples are concerned—a triangle of circulating energies is always established.” Rays and Initiations, p. 431

The presence of the monad, indicated by the triangularly enclosed eye, reminds us that the soul is the vehicle (the triangle) for the monad (the eye), and that in Gemini, this energy can be channeled through the hands.

* * * * *

Number and Geometry: the six-pointed star. In this third sign– ‘the major sign of duality’– any speculation concerning the relevant geometry must include a consideration of the inter-relationship of the numbers two and three. For example, the Tibetan tells us, “Gemini forms with each of the pairs of opposites in the Zodiac a third factor, powerfully influencing the other two constellations, and thus forms, with them, certain great zodiacal triangles.”

When we consider these six zodiacal axes as six synthesized potencies, we can visualize Gemini– the agent of this fluid synthesis– standing at the center of a six-pointed star. The Tibetan tells us, “The opposites eternally remain from the point of view of human reason, but to the initiate whose intuition is functioning they constitute but six great potencies, because he has achieved ‘the freedom of the two,’ as it is sometimes called.” Esoteric Astrology, p. 348

DK describes another demonstration of the six-pointed star: “Six forces [rays 1-6] meet in Gemini and, for this reason, the double triangle is one of the subjective symbols of this sign, indicating again the essential dualism of this sign.” Finally, this star symbolizes the triangle of the soul– which is the vehicle for the threefold expression of the monad (atma, buddhi, manas)– overlaying the triangle of the threefold personality. This represents the essential Geminian duality.

The Three Glands: Stimulation of the glands is an effect of the activation of the etheric head centers, which are ruled by Gemini.

The ‘Eye of the Father’ representing the will aspect and monadic consciousness, is associated with the 1000-petaled lotus, and through it, the pineal gland (upper left in this month’s image). DK tells us, “The downflow of egoic energy (the result of the awakening of the centres through meditation and spirituality of life), impinges upon the pineal gland and in the course of years gradually increases its secretion, enlarges its form, and starts it into a new cycle of activity.” This downflow is depicted in ‘The Freedom of the Two.’

The pituitary gland (upper right in the image) associated with the ajna center, is related to the right eye, the ‘eye of the Son’ and corresponds to the love wisdom aspect, buddhi, and the Hierarchy. When both the pineal and the pituitary gland become active, a radiant magnetic field, which DK calls the ‘light of the inner sun’, becomes ‘the directing agents for all the activities of the man upon the physical plane.’

 Finally, the carotid gland (lower point in the image) is associated with the alta major center, and is related to the left eye, the ‘eye of the Mother’, and corresponds to the 3rd aspect of intelligent activity. DK tells us, “energy from the spirit aspect, the first or Father aspect, pours down through the head centre [associated with the pineal gland] to the ajna center [associated with the pituitary gland], combining personality energy and soul energy. Then, by an act of the will, it is projected down the spinal column, via the alta major centre, which conditions the carotid gland.” This willful projecting of the energy down into the alta major center must bridge a gulf– a gulf associated with that found between the plane of the Ego and the lowest point of the Triad– which must be bridged by the building of the antahkarana. DK says, ‘When the manasic centre is vibrating forcefully, then the alta major centre and the head center via the throat centre can be united.’

 Venus: Gemini’s esoteric ruler: Woven into the fabric of the robe in this image is a pattern that represents the cyclic movement of Venus as seen from the Earth, Gemini’s hierarchical ruler (zoom in for a closer look). This pattern represents the link between these planets and thus indicates something of the nature of the relationship between soul and personality. DK tells us, “Venus is the Earth’s alter ego, and its true supplementary and complementary planet. You have thus established a double dual relationship: that of Gemini itself, the two brothers, and that of the Earth and Venus.”

 Gemini: “Gemini is related to the etheric body; it is the custodian of conditioning energy and the intermediary between soul and body. These are the two allied brothers.” Esoteric Astrology, p. 352

I’ll close with DK’s final observation in his section on Gemini in Esoteric Astrology: “Fluidity, recognition of duality, soul control! These are the keynotes of this sign, and should be the keynote of your life, for whether you are in this sign in this life, it has at some time and many times conditioned your experience, and the results are marked in the life of the advanced disciple.”


Thank you for sharing this work with me!

Highest Regards,



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Gemini – Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings


Cancer — Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings

Francis DonaldThe images and texts published in these posts were created by Francis Donald.  His wonderfully evocative images and inspiring writings help us to more fully understand the nature of astrological signs, and the esoteric concepts underlying their meaning and power.

We are grateful to Francis for this most significant contribution.

Francis Donald can be contacted at oeahoo@yahoo.com




Cancer Discussion

by Francis Donald

In an age long past, a being emerged from the ocean of life, passed through the wide Cancerian gate, and thus entered the temple known as humanity. For aeons the Moon shone through that gate, strengthening its threefold form. After an endless tide of lives, the Moon began to wane– revealing a truer source shining through its dissipating veils. Thus Neptune waxed in strength; the astral trials began, and the scarab, symbol of the soul immersed in form, unfurled its wings, and began its upward migration. Now seeing the gate that leads into the spiritual kingdom, our disciple chants aloud, “I build a lighted house, and therein dwell.”

A Lighted House by Francis Donald

A Lighted House by Francis Donald

The Temple as a whole represents incarnation into physical form.

The six indigo pillars stand for the 6th ray energy of Neptune; their gold bases and capitals represent the 4th ray of harmony through conflict, which rules Cancer through the Moon during the aeons-long form-building stage.

The three steps stand for the physical, astral, and mental bodies. The disciple, sitting at the level of the lower mental, focuses on that which comes through…

The altar, which represents the higher mind, the seat of the soul. Having passed through the astral trials, its mirrored surface reflects and focuses the buddhic plane down into the now calm waters of the astral body.

The spaces between the pillars, or ‘gates,’ grant passage into this temple of water and earth along three axes. The Taurus-Scorpio axis has rotated counterclockwise. The wide gate into incarnation through Cancer stands behind the disciple, who gazes towards us through the Capricornian gate. The Moon, now as esoteric ruler, illuminates the coming phase: the axis that begins in Virgo and leads to the ultimate victory of the watery triad in Pisces. Master Djwhal Khul (DK) tells us: “This relationship is brought about by the esoteric linking of Cancer- Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces. In the future horoscopes of disciples, this significant interplay of forces will be recognized as dominating the chart at a particular and peculiar stage of discipleship.”

Through the upper dome, the Pleiades, called the “eye of the Mother,” illuminates the point around which our universe revolves. These ‘seven sisters’ hold the unfathomable key to the mystery of form.

“The word scarab means ‘only begotten’; it stands, therefore, for birth into incarnation, or, in relation to the aspirant, for the new birth.”– The Cancer section of the Labors of Hercules p. 86

In ancient Egypt the scarab was considered to be an embodiment of the power of transformation. Here it is depicted in flight, passing up from the solar plexus to the heart. Having achieved this repolarization through the threefold influence of Neptune, it takes the shape of the trident, which, if you look carefully, you can just see guiding its upward path.

* * * * *

We stand before the ancient Cancerian portal that leads into human incarnation– a kingdom we first entered in an age long past. On the far side of the temple, the portal of Capricorn opens into the realm of the 5th kingdom, its dual apex of Hierarchy and Shamballa just hidden from view (you can make out part of their auras in the mountains behind the temple pillars). The soul stands at the center. By emulating its open-handed gesture, the personality, depicted in the foreground, has begun to take on the quality of that with which it has aligned itself, and thus glows with soul light.

Temple of Light by Francis Donald

Temple of Light by Francis Donald









The Temple is made up of twelve columns and twelve lintels forming twelve portals; the lintels are embossed with the symbols of the esoteric rulers of the twelve astrological signs. It stands under the dome of stars that represent the manifested universe. The ‘six potencies’ (astrological axes) that make up the temple’s interior space represent the field of incarnated human experience. This temple is of ancient design, for it originated at the time of individualization– when the substance out of which it was then fashioned began recording humankind’s gradual awakening to soul contact. Now, after æons of struggle to integrate the personality and align with the soul, its opaque stonework has begun to gain the color and transparency of the soul that stands at its center.

You’ll notice that the ‘Temple of Light’ is oriented along the Cancer-Capricorn axis. We stand before the first great gate– the gate into human incarnation– looking towards the second– the gate of initiation.

The Geometry of Cancer is the cube, symbol of the realm of form. It stands for the ‘house’ that must eventually be lit through the discovery of, and orientation towards its hidden central point. The Tibetan tells us, “The lines become allied, and cubes are formed, shielding the inner fire. The altar is prepared, and four square stands.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 839

Cancer is the 4th sign; this ‘four square’ represents the lower quaternary, the realm of the lunar lords, described as the ‘imprisoning cubes’, and exemplified by the exoteric rulership of the moon in this sign.

The following quote gives further insight into why Cancer is so particularly associated with realm of form: “In Cancer this living substance [the threefold figure in the image] assumes a triple differentiated relationship to which we give the names of Life (Aries) [represented by the tiny innermost figure] of Consciousness (Taurus,) [the central figure] and manifested duality (Gemini,) [the outer figure] and these three, blended together, come into outer manifestation… to be consciously directed and controlled in Cancer, thus leading to the great liberation which takes place in the polar opposite to Cancer, Capricorn…” Esoteric Astrology, p. 314 and 389

Neptune: “the Fish God (Christ) introduces the water of life into the ocean of substance and thus brings light to the world. Thus does Neptune work.” Esoteric Astrology, p. 220

This is one of a few evocative passages form the Tibetan’s works that connect Neptune, the Christ and the ‘water of life’. Both Neptune and the Christ, we are told, preside over the second initiation, and it is inferred that ‘the baptism’– the name given to the second initiation– draws its potency from the ‘water of life’, which when poured into the ‘ocean of substance’the receptive initiate– ‘brings light to the world’– or in other words, anchors the influence of the soul on the physical plane by means of the consciousness of the purified initiate. But a shift has occurred since Atlantean times– the Master DK tells us that the purification that now comes through the 2nd initiation is by fire, not by water. In this regard it’s interesting to note that in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Neptune is described as ‘the repository of solar flames.’

Perhaps this fact gives us a clue as to Neptune’s esoteric nature– ‘the unveiled Neptune’– which is capable of releasing the initiate from the thrall of astral glamor: “The unveiled Neptune relates Cancer to no other constellation or sign, for when a man is an initiate, he does not react to ordinary feeling, sentiment or to personality relations as they express themselves in pleasure or pain. All these are surmounted and eventually the watery life of emotional reaction is superseded by the life of true and of inclusive love… the Mother gives birth to the Son and that individual spiritual entity then stands free.” Esoteric Astrology, p. 322


Thank you for sharing this work with me!

Highest Regards,



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Cancer – Evocative Images and Esoteric Teachings