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ASK Broadcasts

Project – ASKing Help for Humanity
Ask and it shall be given you,
Seek and ye shall find,
Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”



Dear Friends who watch our USR/Morya Federation Webinars and Broadcasts,

Our usual ASK Schedue will be suspended starting on December 2nd. Meanwhile we will have occasional Broadcasts and Webinars such as the Full Moon Pre-Webinar and Broadcast on December 11th and 12th and St. Cecilia’s Day Broadcast on the 13th.
Then we head into the celebration of the New Group of World Servers Festival Week for seven days starting on December 21st, during which there will be many Broadcasts and Webinars. We will be sending you the LINKS so you can attend if you wish.
This is an intense time politically, religiously and above all spiritually. We have to do our best from the inner side to help guide those whose consciousness is still far too veiled.