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Aries Blue Moon – 3-Day Ritual Group Approach to Divinity

Dear Friends Upon the Lighted Way,
This Friday, April 19 at 11:12 UTC (4:12 AM PT, 7:12 AM ET), we shall experience the second solar full moon of Aries this month, called a Blue Moon.
Instead of a full 7-Day ritual process, a 3-Day process for participation will be prepared beginning the day before the Full Moon (FM) and continuing one Day after the Full Moon (for those not participating in Easter Holy Week). We are engaging in an abbreviated Aries FM process at this time because a month ago we already had a full 7-Day Solar FM of Aries group approach to divinity. Secondly, the Sun will be moving into Taurus on the next day after the Aries Blue Full Moon, so to continue with an Aries focus beyond FM Day would not be appropriate to the existent energies.
Third, some among us have been participating in an Esoteric Lent / Esoteric Easter process for over 40 days now. We are now in Easter Holy Week focusing on the episodes of the Christ from an esoteric perspective. If you have not been participating but want to join in, go to the website and click on Esoteric Easter:  https://www.esotericadvent.org/
Fourth, just as Pisces and Lent go together emphasizing discipline, purification and synthesis, Easter and Aries go together emphasizing the Rising, Risen Christ – in man, in Hierarchy and in “God”.  An overlap between spiritual/religious and astrological themes are a natural occurrence, so by doing one you are doing the other.
Do realize that the most important element in all of these ritual processes are the daily group meditations done together (relatively simultaneously) in the field of the Christ and spiritual Hierarchy-Elders of the Race. We are a Group – the Soul Star Group inclusive of other Groups. The Contemplations and Diamond Soul practices deepen, augment and help build and unfold the Christ nature. However, if you are called but have time for only one thing, then let it be the meditations.
These can be found by going to the tab titled the 7-Day FM Group Approaches, or click here: https://www.esotericadvent.org/aries-2019
We look forward to “being with you in the Christ field”,
Halina and Sheldon

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