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Celebrate the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers in Finland!

Celebrate the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers

in Finland!

Every seven years the disciples of the world who are students of Master DK celebrate the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers, through meditation, deep study, and attempts to strengthen this indispensable serving group. The days of this celebration for 2019 will be the usual days of December 21st to December 28th.
A fair number of groups will internationally participate in this Esoteric Celebration. Some will participate through broadcasts and webinars and others will gather in person.
Here in Pohjolan Valo (the Northern Light Society) Tuija and I will off both kinds of celebration.
Dear Friends of the Ageless Wisdom,
We are inviting students of the Ageless Wisdom to join us in person for classes, meditations and energy-invocative rituals in our Temple of Silence near Helsinki, and, when possible, we will be broadcasting such events to those who wish to participate more subjectively and who cannot make the trip to Finland.
We are also considering going with the group to the far north, about seven degrees north of the Arctic Circle, to our Little Bear Meditation Center in Kilpisjärvi, Finland, where we will also hold meditations and classes. Our work there, if all works out as we plan, will be offered in two places—in our Little Bear Meditation Center and in the Tunturi Facility nearby, where we have held other classes on special subjects such as the Transits of Venus before the face of the Sun.
At this point in our studies, it is hardly necessary to emphasize the importance of the New Group of World Servers. The compilation on the New Group of World Servers (a service offered by Bill Roche) will reveal this importance if we are not fully informed.
“Behind the scenes” the World Servers are hard at work preparing for humanity’s entry into the Age of Aquarius in just about another hundred years. The World Server’s work is powerful and effective and can be even more so with the help of those who will to support this hierarchically sponsored initiative. According to the work of the New Group of World Servers in many branches of world service, so will be the effectiveness of humanity’s progress towards a new and vibrant spiritual civilization during the Aquarian Age.
This is a huge task which can, finally, only be undertaken by the Christ and His Hierarchy, but the New Group of World Servers and those Men and Women of Goodwill who seek to strengthen the hands of this subjective group of servers are paving the way. If we truly desire to help, we certainly can.
During our seven or eight days together at Rauhanlinna (the Castle of Peace with its Temple of Silence) we will meditate and study in depth as well as perform meditative rituals to invoke the high energies needed by the New Group of World Servers if they are to sustain humanity in its forward movement into the Light, Love and Power of the Divine Plan for this planet.
We anticipate deep discussions and energy-sharing so that we can subjectively play our part in making this year’s Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers as dynamic and helpful to the Great Cause as possible.
The activities in the Temple of Silence and in the far north will be led by Tuija Robbins, Elena Dramchini, and Michael Robbins. Accommodations will be simple and either on the property of Rauhanlinna or close by. The food again will be simple but nourishing and good.
The costs for your stay in Finland for the celebration of the Festival Week will be held to the minimum possible, though naturally flying to Finland (unless you are Finnish) does require some expenditure, but there are also relatively inexpensive tickets if we act soon enough.
So, Friends in the One Work, think deeply and meditate upon whether you would like to join us for an in-person Celebration of the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers. Scandinavia in the winter at Christmas Time (which we will celebrate here) can be very beautiful and if we manage our trip to the far north you will experience the “Kamus”—the bluish sky even in the middle of the day is special and the night sky is very dark revealing the Starry Host of the North and probably the northern lights on some occasions.
A loosely proposed schedule for our activities will be sent out to those who are coming or considering joining us for this special opportunity. We will fill it in with more specifics as we move towards the actual time of the Festival Week. We will also send you study materials so that you can prepare for our time together.
EMAIL ADDRESSES to Express Your Interest:
Michael Robbins: infinitize8@gmail.com
A Yahoogroups Address will also be created for more efficient communication.
Friends, it may seem like a long way to journey, and for some it is, but we think that the results will be very uplifting spiritually and, thus, will be strengthening to us so that we can be strengthening to the New Group of World Servers—in which perhaps we are participating even now.
We look forward to spending the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers with you.
With Love and Many Blessings,
Tuija and Michael Robbins
for the Northern Light Society, the Blue Rose Sisterhood, the Seven Ray Institute, the University of the Seven Rays and the Morya Federation.
THE MORYA FEDERATION | www.moryafederation.org

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