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New Webinar Series: Seeds of the Infinite — Identify as BEING

Michael Robbins

Seeds of the Infinite

Identify as BEING


Seeds of the Infinite
Identify as BEING
Series 3, Webinar 3
The Webinar, Identify As BEING, Series 3, Program 3–Infusception and the Beginning of Studying Infinity has been posted to Makara at http://www.makara.us/portal/?page_id=651




Dear Participant,
I am sending you Order 2-3 on Infusception and later higher Orders on associated concepts. This subject, highly necessary, should give us some relief from the ABSOLUTE, to WHICH we will always return, as “WHAT ELSE IS THERE?”
Remember we are working on the Curriculum of Being. As for the Curriculum of Relativity, you have many points of entry–the Morya Federation, the Arcane School, the School for Esoteric Studies, etc. Not so for the Curriculum of Being. At a certain point of evolution (perhaps it is the stage of building the Antahkarana), one can sustain both simultaneously.
Our minds are little, but they can expand, especially as we reach towards the abstract mind and, consequently, the mental permanent atom.
Remember, Seeds of the Infinite is an ongoing work in progress, which I am sharing with you in various stages. It will become easier to read as we go on (and those with more organizing ability come to my aid–I have asked one already) and you will get used to the language I am attempting to use.
If you get dizzy contemplating Being, return for a while to Relativity and then return. This will be a long process, but then, all definite segments of time are absolute temporal infinitesimals, so no Time has ever REALLY elapsed and in the Actuality of Maha-Maya, Infinite Time has forever elapsed.
If we do not get improvement in the power of abstract thought from this Curriculum, I will be surprised.
The point is, in all this, we finally discover WHO we REALLY ARE.
Attachments link here:
AND posted on makara.us
http://www.makara.us/portal/?page_id=651 scroll down following Introduction.
Light, Love and Power,


Seeds of the Infinite

Identity as BEING



Dear Participants,
You are helping me put finishing touches on my last and perhaps most important (i.e. in the long run) book and, hopefully, I am in the position to assist you to develop forms of perception to which you may have paid a lot of attention in the past. We will necessarily come back to the ABSOLUTE, to the ABSOLUTE DEITY, to ABSOLUTE INFINITY, to Philosophical and Mathematical Infinity, and to the endless series of Universes. They seem like remote subjects and will perhaps, be better approached after a little “hands-on” meditation. Right now our subject is Infusception and related concepts: Infusceive, Infusceiving, Infusceivable, Infusceptual, Infusceptualism, Infusceptualistic, Infusceptional, etc.
I will do my best to persist with these subjects. They seem beyond our reach and, in a way, are, however they will lift us into the abstract mind and even more importantly (occasionally) in the intuition. So the persistence will be worth it.
We all have our different ways ‘in’ because, after all, we ARE That into which we wish to re-enter or with which we wish to re-identify.
Right Identification is the Key to Liberation and makes of us the Servers I’m sure we all hope to become.
Two curricula are running simultaneously–the Curriculum of Relativity and the Curriculum of Being. They should be mutually complementary. It is easier to deal with the Curriculum of Relativity and in the Morya Federation, I hope (as we borrow the Tibetan’s eventual New Esoteric Schools Curriculum for the Preparatory Schools/Universities) that we are moving in the correct direction.
But the Curriculum of Being is subtle in the extreme. Words can help and words can get in the way. To ENTER it will take a kind of contemplative meditation we have rarely if ever used–but we will inevitably become more skillful.
Here are some attachments posted on makara
http://www.makara.us/portal/?page_id=651 . The attachments are also linked here: ATTACHMENTS SOTI Order 1 and SOTI Order 14 for you to download.
We have done some work on the ABSOLUTE and RELATED CONCEPTS. Such subjects can seem excessively remote. We will return. The new columns are for Infusception and Related states and concepts (Infusceive, Infusceiving, Infusceivable, Infusceptual, Infusceptualism, Infusceptualistic, Infusceptional, etc.)
I am just beginning to list justifications and explanations and hints and will send them to you progressively under SOTI, Order 1, 2, 3…etc. Subject Heading will change so you will be able to tell one such document from another.
The end result will be a dawning realization that “Naught IS but ME.” This will not be just theoretical and intellectual but realized as a fact in consciousness.
I know all this is a ‘trip’ but it is not so very far from the Jesuit Practice of Practicing the Presence of God.
If you have not signed up for IdentifyAsBEING@yahoogroups.com and would like to do so, please go to Yahoogroups and send me a request which Yahoo will provide. Or alternatively write to me, infinitize8@gmail.com and be very specific about your wish to join. I will send you an invitation from Yahoogroups.
Let’s see what we can accomplish with our Dual Curricula of Being and Relativity.
http://www.makara.us/portal/?page_id=352 for LINKS to the webinars.
Light, Love and Power,




Initial announcement, dated June 25, 2019


While it is impossible to accurately define THE ABSOLUTE in human terms, or, really in any terms, the attempt to do so will develop abstract capacities in the mind.


Our first inquiry (in this third series of SOTI—Seeds of the Infinite—Programs) will be into the NATURE of the ABSOLUTE. In that process we will have to review or consider a number of associated thoughts, clarifying much that THE ABSOLUTE is NOT and hinting at what IT may BE. We cannot really determine what IT IS!


The language used is largely invented, with the purpose of giving insight into a subject which ordinary language cannot penetrate or represent. Of course, this is an impossible quest, but much can be gained in the process.


This inquiry precedes along the abstract, third ray line, which can be useful to those upon any ray, as they attempt to grapple with the nature of the abstract mind. One of the major purposes of this generation of Seed Thoughts is to help students of Spiritual Occultism learn to think abstractly.


Seeds of the Infinite is, as must be obvious, forever a Work in Progress, and there will be additions and subtractions as we proceed.


I would be insincere if I claimed to fully understand all that I am drawn to write about. I trust that increasing understanding will come for both you and me as we proceed with our process.


Our method of procedure can be thought of one method of building and developing the Antahkarana—not exactly the method given by Master DK, but a method which bridges the ‘distance-in-consciousness’ between the higher mind (on mental subplanes two and three) and the abstract mind (on mental sub-plane one) and converges, eventually, upon the intuition. As well there may be occasional penetrations of the atmic plane with the goal of receiving a little of the universal impression of the Monad.


I well realize that this method of procedure will not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, but all that will be established as we go. These studies are what I might all Transcendental Studies” and have very little to do with the definitely necessary equipping the disciple with abilities of character and the development of the familiar psychic powers (both of which are eventually necessary)—though some of these may emerge as we work in relation to triadal levels.


The plan is to work mostly from week to week (when possible) as I continue to work on Seeds of the Infinite, refining it as I go. At least it will not be a long wait for students for the book to emerge and will give me the kind of feedback I may need to produce a better book.


I do not expect the discussion group to be big, and I suspect that some may find the process burdensome, as they may not have exercised their abstract mind in the way this study demands, but I do expect that all who stick with it will improve. Master M.: “Burden me still more as I enter the beautiful garden.”


This is my third book on the subject of the Monad.

1. Infinitization of Selfhood

2. On the Monad

3. Seeds of the Infinite

The first book, Infinitization of Selfhood, was wide-ranging and highly speculative. There was little attempt to adhere to the language of esotericism as we have come to know itI decided to write it on the basis of ‘what I knew within’ (or thought I knew!). Also, I concentrated more upon what occurs “in-Universe”, so to speak, than beyond it. There were also many practical considerations undertaken which could help an individual live a better life.


The second book, On the Monad, an E-book (like Infinitization, presently on the Makara Website for free downloading), was written largely in the language of esotericism as we have received that language from Master DK. I sought to adhere to the presentation offered by the Master, and, speculatively, to clarify and expand His offering, following out His hints where appropriate. My ideas have since evolved in some important particulars, and so an addendum will have to be offered in relation to certain subjects in this book—such as the Dual Rays of the Monad.


The third book, Seeds of the Infinite, is for me a “no holds barred” effort applied to my speculative attempt to understand the NATURE of INFINITY, not so much from the mathematical perspective, but from the perspective of Universal Creation and PREPARATION for that Creation. I have let go of any constraints concerning “what can be actually be achieved now”, and ventured into what, for me, are the broadest and deepest possible speculations. The writing of this book is a search into the experience of Understanding Reality within our Universe, and REALITY as ABSOLUTE INFINITUDE and the ABSOLUTENESS of THE ABSOLUTE. (Again, impossible, I realize.) I deal with many subjects which I cannot possibly verify, but at least I reason my way towards my conclusions or towards the speculations I presently entertain as Truth. It will take much patience to work with this book, but it may open doors of infusception hitherto closed.


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June 16, 2019 10:00 PM GMT



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Let’s see what we can learn together.


Light, Love and Power, Michael