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2019 Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers


2019 Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers


We have honour to invite you to our Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers Celebration which occurs once every seven years, from December 21st to December 28th 2019. At the occurrence of this Festival Week (every seven years) there is a downpouring of a particular Light entering our planet via the Planet of Opportunity, Saturn, and passing through the constellation Capricorn from a still greater constellation.  Please, see the beautiful video “2019 World Servers Festival Week”, LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRCbSxSsZOk.


The Festival Week Celebrations represent a huge opportunity to work in unison with all the esoteric World-Serving-Groups. These Festival Weeks can be thought of as beginning in 1935 and continuing every seven years since that time. Our immediately earlier such event was held in 2012, and this celebration will be the “last” during the Era of the Forerunner (1965-2025). In 2012 we went very deeply into the nature of the New Group of World Servers, considering how to be a member of such a group and how to strengthen the hands of this subjective body of servers; now we will go even deeper.


We will reflect on our own responsibilities as members or prospective members of this group.  How, really, do we know if we belong to this Group of Servers? What can we do to ensure that we do, indeed, belong?


The program (see attached brochure) is very full and, we trust, inspiring. As well, we will be broadcasting and webinaring every day, which programs many, worldwide, will receive, but there is, we think, something special about being present in person in the Darkness of the North and under the energies of the Capricornian country, Finland (which was the only country with a Capricorn Rising-sign, among the many countries listed by Master DK according to their zodiacal signs.)


The NGWS Festival Week is happening during and surrounding the days of Christmas, and that fact will bring in the very special energies of the Holy Spirit.  Also, we will celebrate a traditional Finnish Christmas with all its sacred observances. Working so intensively together and, as well, internationally, no doubt we will be offering a significant service on behalf of the Divine Plan—serving Humanity in the sight of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.


In Light, Love and Power,

Michael and Tuija Robbins


Please use the following link to access the complete invitation and all the details

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